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  1. Well, even if they don't pass us and we finish 4th we'll have to face them anyway Edit: moving to State of the Habs
  2. 73% in the circle and picked up a assist. Hopefully he can build off that.
  3. It's nice to say, but he's been been pretty terrible through this stretch.
  4. My condolences...erm, I mean congrats!
  5. Even if he isn't, the fact that it's even possible means he's almost certainly in the lineup before the playoffs. That's huge.
  6. It can't be Gionta, he is terrible!!! Second on the team in goals through toughest match-ups + strong defensively = buyout candidate.
  7. Probably regressing a little. He has been in a cold streak lately though. His production is tied pretty tightly to Patches. When Max isn't scoring his production takes a noze dive as well. And the main reason Patches isn't scoring is still mostly bad luck IMHO; he's still getting nice shot volume from good areas. Even in his current 'bad year' he's still on pace for 50 points which is probably at worst close to fair value for his contract. I don't think it will become an albatross, even though I see him quite probably losing his place on the team before it's done.
  8. Great job Jet, thanks for all the hard work. Don't worry; civilian life isn't so bad
  9. Bias towards Swedish defensemen? Average icetime?
  10. Probably still a ways away but definitely a positive sign.
  11. Apparently Suter got injured last game. CBC pregame saying if he's out for any length of time there's really no one to challenge Subban for the Norris.
  12. Anyone hear anything lately? Still skating on his own I presume?
  13. Pac is beyond due for a goal. His shooting percentage over the last handful of games is unsustainably low. I think he gets one tonight (knocks on wood).
  14. Subban - lock for a nomination, good chance to win. Main competition in my mind is Suter. Gallagher - I think he'll be nominated. I think he can win if he's hot down the stretch, but it's Huberdeau's award to lose at the moment IMO Therrien - If we win the division, excellent chance he's nominated. McLean probably wins if Ottawa doesn't falter too much down the stretch, but a 15th to 2nd place finish puts him right in the mix. Markov - Will be nominated, will lose to Crosby. Price - Will not be nominated, and really shouldn't be this year. (Not a knock, he's simply not been one of the top 3 goalies in the league this year).
  15. Can't wait for this one tonight! Working all day but plan to be on the couch with leftover Chinese and a cold beer when the puck drops.
  16. Team chemistry, being good in the locker room etc. gets a little overblown sometimes. I think when it comes to a back-up goalie, there is actually some value there though. The fact he has such a good working relationship with Carey and Groux is a big plus. He's really perfect for Montreal: he's good enough that I have full confidence he can pick up the slack if Carey gets injured or struggles for a bit, but at the same time he isn't a former star or up and commer who will give us goalie controversy head aches in the media. (We'll, there will always be some in Montreal, but less than there could be )
  17. It also assumes if it's not Chicago or Anaheim, it's another team that knocked them out got very hot at the right time (ala LA last year). Anyway, this was a bit of tongue and cheek prediction, I kind of pulled those numbers from my rear end
  18. IMO we have about a 9.6% chance of winning the cup. 80% chance of winning the first round x 60% chance of winning the second round x 50% change of winning a conference final x 40% of winnin the cup final.
  19. Anyone know who has the call on CBC tonight? Really hoping for Hughson/Simpson, one of my favourite combos on any network.
  20. Theoretically, this should be the best/deepest group of forwards we've iced all year. Just in time for the playoffs
  21. Works for me! (Buffalo game and extension)
  22. Lucky break for us. It didn't even look like he hit Gio in the replay, the thing seemed to snap in half as it grazed him. But that broken stick is usually automatic and I'll take it
  23. Interesting to see who they pick then. I can't see them not taking us and the Leafs. Unless we happen to be scheduled on the same nights or something. For years it always seemed like you always knew the Canadian teams would be on CBC but this could be the first time in years we have 3 in one conference (could even be four if Winnipeg goes on a run).
  24. With the exception of his knee surgery though, he's quite the iron man. I worry too but so far he takes a lickin and keeps on tickin.
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