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  1. I'd probably offer 2 years at a premium (say $5M/year) and hope he bites. It may be enough to make him think about it if he's confident he can get another contract after that one is up.
  2. That's why I think it depends pretty heavily on how Diaz progresses over the next 7-10 days. Meanwhile, we see how Beaulieu does as well. I think if we plan on playing Kabs in the playoff, we'd want him in at least the last 3-4 games of the regular season or so.
  3. Yup, he was excellent last night and I expect more of the same from he and Subban.
  4. Probably not. As long as Diaz doesn't have a set back I think we'll ride it out with Beaulieu or Tinordi until he's ready to go.
  5. I can seem to remember both our series and Ottawa coverage in the past. I have no idea how it works, but it kind of seems like CBC has first rights to Canadian teams.
  6. I don't think they'd be the hardest to beat or anything, but of any team, I don't think I could stomach a loss to the Leafs so I'd hate to risk it. Could be a great series though.
  7. Ya I voted Jets, Rangers would be my next choice.
  8. Still managed his minutes (under 18 minutes I believe) even being down 5 D most of the game. It's a positive sign IMO that MT hopefully understands Bouillon's capabilities despite the man crush he has on him.
  9. The PK was already getting better before he got here, but it's been outstanding since Halpern joined. Like around 95% I believe. Not saying he made that much of an impact but he sure hasn't hurt.
  10. It wouldn't surprise me either. Then again, if we're going to bring in a similar player via trade or free agency, it kind of begs the question why not just re-sign the bird in the hand? Not saying we should re-sign him, it's just a very interesting/tricky situation. I can see pros and cons of retaining him or letting him walk. I think my ideal scenario sees us bring him back on a 2 year deal and I can potentially live with a 3 year deal depending on the $$, but it's hard to imagine him not wanting to test free agency. Clarkson should be pretty heavily overpaid, and there's really nothing after that I'd want over Ryder. It's going to be interesting to see how it all plays out. Seeing if Bourque can pick up where he left off may also influence the decision.
  11. That would be my preference as well. Hard to know if either option will even be on the table though. A lot will depend on if Ryder decides he is willing to take less to stay here. Realistically, we're talking about a guy who scored 35 goals last year and is playing at a 35 goal place this year. The free agent market is pretty barren, he should be able to write his ticket and I wouldn't blame him in the slightest if he took a nice long-term deal from the highest bidder.
  12. I agree. Although when I look at Ryder's body of work and the skill set he relies on to produce, I find it likely he'll be able to keep scoring for at least the next 2-3 years and beyond. What I mean by skill set: is he scores most of his goals by having a great shot, good hand eye for deflections and a knack for finding dead ice and sweet spots around the net. He doesn't rely on speed or amazing skating, physicality, power etc. The physical attributes he relies on to score are a lot less likely to deteriorate IMO. I'd like to see him back either on a 2 year term with fair value dollars (which means a raise), or a 3 year term with discounted dollars. Anything more is getting a little risky for my taste and anything less is a pipe dream IMHO.
  13. He's even after last night . Anyawy, he's spent a lot of time on Pleks line facing the other team's best players so -1 isn't really indicative of anything negative IMHO. He won't be getting a Selke nomination any time soon, but he's much more well rounded than he used to be.
  14. I think you have to at least consider it.
  15. If he scores that, there's your highlight of the night on Sportscenter tomorrow morning.
  16. The Budaj vs Boston Mojo has been fun, but I want to see Carey get that game. It's the last time we play them I believe, and if we meet in the playoffs, it won't be Budaj facing the Bruins.
  17. Philly has been garbage 5 on 5 but this should be a nice challenge for our special teams. They have the #1 PP in the league and are right up there in PK as well.
  18. Has resumed skating Could be the right handed puck moving defenseman we were looking for
  19. IMO he's just depth and a non-rookie placeholder in the hopes that Diaz gets back in some time during the playoffs. Hopefully he can be useful. Even if he ends up as nothing more than insurance, that's what the price we acquired him for reflects anyway. We may see him platoon with Kaberle depending on what team we're facing/what our team needs are during a game/series.
  20. Solid game. The only time I noticed the rookie jitters was shortly after we scored our second goal. He made a nice rush up the ice but the pass was ahead of Patches and resulted in an icing. This was right after they were annoucing the goal and he registerred his first NHL point though, so his adrenaline must have been going through the roof.
  21. It's definitely a new dynamic to consider. I'd be interested in Pominville depending on what the asking price is. We'd have him for all of next year and he's probably better than anything available in the free agent market. (Bonus marks for getting a French player ;-))
  22. You and me both, especially seeing what these guys have gone for.
  23. Apparently McBain's name has surfaced as someone who might be available. He'd be interesting... young, 6'2, right handed shot.
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