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  1. Any chance Stamkos comes back for the Finals?
  2. This is an awful deal, IMO. Has Bergevin learned nothing from his Alzner mistake? My only hope is that he's unloading Alzner (somehow) and Chiarot. Since neither of these things are likely to happen... I guess I will just be disappointed.
  3. Kulak Benn Chiarot Edmundson Emelin
  4. Sorry, I don't mean that Edmundson is junk. I mean that any move Bergevin makes which doesn't bring us closer to being competitive is junk. And this is another one of those moves. Every off-season, my father and I talk about the chance we make the play-offs in the upcoming season. He always believes we'll make it and I always say, "No dad, we won't." I refuse to pretend that this qualifying round/COVID situation is anything to be happy about. In my mind we've missed the play-offs four times in the past five seasons. And a first round exit to the Rangers in 2016-17 isn't anything to be happy about either. Maybe the Allen acquisition gets a few extra points throughout the regular season. The Edmundson deal does nothing for us. Just an attempt to spend more money on a weak defender. It might make us a worse team if we have Edmundson in our lineup regularly.
  5. More of the same junk from Bergevin. He just traded a fifth rounder (admittedly, I don't care about the pick) for a bottom-pairing UFA defender who is coming off of a one-year $3.1 million deal. What are we trying to do here? Pay him $3.5 to be our 6th-7th defender? Is this an apology fifth rounder for the Aho offer sheet? I can't wait to see all the "This must be a precursor to a bigger trade" comments. Lol.
  6. Given we have so many unrestricted free agents coming up at the end of 2020-21, I was wondering what your opinion is on a few of them. I feel like most will expect Gallagher to be resigned, but I assume we all have our limits on what Brendan is worth. With Danault mentioning he would be unhappy in a defensive role, is he now expendable? I know a lot of what we might end of doing will be based on our capacity to make the post-season. However, I'm leaning towards us NOT making it next season. Not unless we see significant changes made before the beginning of 2020-21. Brendan Gallagher: Brendan will be 29 when his current contract ends. I would look to resign him, but I have my limits. I'd offer him 5-6 years with an AAV of between $5-6 million. Will that be enough to lock him up? Tomas Tatar: I'd move on from Tomas. I'd be looking to deal him at the deadline if we're out of the picture. Phillip Danault: If Phillip isn't going to be happy playing behind Suzuki and Kotkaniemi, I think we need to cash in while his value is at its peak. Resigning him sounds like it would entail investing too much money in a third line center. Despite being an excellent defensive center who can put up some points, I think his skill-set can probably be replaced the following year through a combination of Suzuki and Kotkaniemi's development and finding a cheaper third line option. Joel Armia: Trade deadline for me. I like Joel. But... If he has another good season, I think we should cash in on him at the deadline. Jordan Weal: Nothing really to discuss here. I definitely don't want to see Weal back with the club in 2021-22. Jeff Petry: At 33, I cannot see it being a good idea to resign him. He's probably going to want 3-4 years. Especially so, considering I have zero expectations of Bergevin moving Weber. I, personally, see Petry as having more value to us than Weber, but I don't think we can move forward over the next few years with two aging right-handers on the back-end. I would look to move Petry before the deadline if we're not in the picture. Jake Allen: Similar to Weal. He's a one-year back-up while Primeau continues his development.
  7. I almost never expect a deal to be a precursor to a larger deal. I feel like that never happens. Mostly just something that gets talked about by the media or on message boards. The Allen deal seems very simple to me. We need a better backup goaltender, Bergevin liked Allen, and he acquired him in a trade. No more, no less. He'll cost us $4+ million for one season while we watch the development of Primeau.
  8. Yikes. Hutchison just gave up a stinker against Dallas.
  9. What kind of return are we expecting on Domi anyway? I don't imagine we'll get that top-D we need. Or a good scoring winger... but who knows? Maybe we will.
  10. Good God, was it necessary for us to use that much of our cap next year on Allen? Dude has a $4.350 cap hit.
  11. With Colorado on the ropes... I guess I'm going to support... Ugh... Las Vegas? Go Pacioretty!
  12. But but but... Getting knocked out in the first round of the playoffs is hugely important!!!
  13. Going into this off-season, there are quite a few players I could live without. However, I don't really have faith that Bergevin will sort it out in a way that makes us more competitive moving forward. He'll probably rely on Romanov, a 20-year old who's never played a game in the NHL, to improve the D. There's nothing really in the prospect pipeline that screams "I'm ready to make an impact in the NHL next season." If Danault doesn't like his role on the team, I say deal him. He's going to be our third line center moving forward. Suzuki and Kotkaniemi clearly have more offensive upside than Danault does.
  14. I would anticipate it being kind of a disappointing off-season... which is par for the course for Bergevin. He'll fail to fill our holes (or create new ones while filling others). He'll likely say, "it's difficult to do such and such a thing in today's NHL" in a press conference. We'll go into next season not being very different from what we are now. I would anticipate missing the play-offs again next year. Year after year, Bergevin fails to take this team to even a moderately competitive level. I don't know why any of us should expect that to change next season.
  15. Were their Montreal affiliations removed from social media or did they ever have them there to begin with?