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  1. Yeah. I think McNiven overtook him in Laval last season, in terms of performance. And when Kincaid got signed, that felt like the end of Lindgren in Montreal.
  2. At this point, I think Charlie has had his chance to earn a NHL job. At 25 years old, I think it's time to move on and focus on the development of the younger McNiven and Primeau. I would like to see Primeau and McNiven splitting time in Laval. So... if Lindgren can't win the back-up role from Kincaid, he's out. If it were up to me, that is.
  3. That's a rough one for Ikonen. Yikes! I'm guessing Byron will eventually officially be diagnosed with a concussion.
  4. What about that Belzile guy? He's busting his butt for a fourth line job!
  5. McCarron also back to Laval, too. Not that it was going to be a tough decision Montreal would have to make. He was always expected to go to Laval. But with a six-week lay-off because of a groin injury, it's a guarantee now. I guess the NHL door inches a little further open for Suzuki.
  6. He had a very good game!
  7. Did something happen to Byron? Injured?
  8. Looks like there's a minor adjustment to the lineup: Lehkonen-Domi-Gallagher; Byron-Suzuki-Weal; Varone-Thompson-Weise; Alain-Vejdemo-Belzile Mete-Weber; Kulak-Brook; Ouellet-Lamarche
  9. Yeah... if it's status quo for the PP, then we're probably going to see continued failure. I mean, maybe it won't be AS terrible, but it's not going to be above average. You're right, I guess I should wait until the roster is closer to what we'll see for game one, but... I just can't help but remain skeptical while watching them out there early in preseason.
  10. There's definitely an opening on RD. Someone like Fleury could grab it. I wonder, will he play AGAIN tonight? Regarding our young forwards, I think there's a real opportunity for Poehling and Suzuki. However, I do think Poehling is more likely to grab it, as I believe he could excel in a bottom-six role with Montreal. I don't know enough about Suzuki. Could he excel in a bottom-six role in the NHL? Or is he more suited for a top-six role in Laval right now? Players like Weise and Peca can be demoted in favor of a young guy, easily, no?
  11. Enter the zone. Stand in your spot. Lose the puck. Do it again.
  12. Also. I hope McNiven gets the game tonight. Lindgren finished last night with a 0.857 save percentage. I really don't want the organization to give up on McNiven because Lindgren played okay for us two years ago. And I really can't imagine Lindgren winning the back-up job from Kincaid.
  13. The PP still looks stinky. It's no surprise that the coaching staff still can't figure it out. I mean, they were unable to figure it out through 82 games last season. Why would they be able to solve the problem now?
  14. Well, hopefully whatever the issue it can be fixed. If Juulsen needs another surgery and recovery, that's better than him not being able to play again.
  15. Yeah... Sounds like he might not be in contention for a spot during camp. He might have to start the season in Laval... If he starts the season at all.