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  1. Yeah, effort seemed solid... Although I did feel like we were giving away a good number of odd-man chances again. The game seemed more run-and-gun than I expected. Certainly if we could stop taking penalties, our five-on-five gameplay should get us a victory!
  2. It's just too bad our parade to the penalty box ruined the evening.
  3. I'd give him the start again tonight. Pretty congested schedule to start the season and lack of training camp... There's no need to have Price play back-to-back right now.
  4. I watched the first two periods. Allen looked quite solid. Certainly better than the backups we've had in the past 4-5 years. Now, we just need to use him regularly, keep him fresh, and make the playoffs.
  5. Good God, Colby Armstrong's nose.
  6. Well. Halak was only ten years ago. That kind of recent.
  7. Allen seems much better in his positioning and movement than many of our recent backups.
  8. Hopefully it's nothing serious. And if he has to miss time... Well, I guess that's why we signed Corey Perry.
  9. Edmonton channeling the 2019-20 Canadiens with those PPs. Pretty poor execution for lots of zone time.
  11. So, are we gonna find out tonight what it's like to have a competent backup?
  12. I think it's expected he is going to play all season with Frolunda. And I guess Montreal would sign him next offseason and bring him over to North America at that time. The rationale? I assume he (and probably Montreal) just wants to stay in Europe for another season and continue to develop his game.
  13. And he's only 21 years old. I hope he can develop and remain with Montreal for years and years and years to come.
  14. I need to watch a game. I've missed the first two. Just looking at the lineup on paper, it feels like a solid, deep team. I will be disappointed if this iteration of the Habs does not make the playoffs. I want to see some playoff hockey this year!
  15. I'm glad to read that Bergevin will not include him in any potential trade for Dubois. I think we need to sit with Romanov for a few years to see what he's going to be. I do not want to lose him after he just got here.