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  1. It looked like he got lost in coverage. It was a bad line change, so we were temporarily short-handed. Drouin seemed unsure if he should continue to follow the puck carrier, or pass the puck carrier off to the defenceman and cover the slot. And he kind of did neither.
  2. Take nothing away from Crawford. He was amazing tonight. 48-ish saves. That's a pretty excellent night.
  3. Might be. It seems like it might be time to pick another team to watch in the post-season. Maybe I'll watch Tampa. They seem exciting and... Good.
  4. Hard to say. They both have just been... Irrelevant.
  5. Shouldn't they just pull Carey now?
  6. What a downer of a month for Montreal fans. Losses to Pittsburgh, Anaheim, New York, and Chicago (pending). Really putting us in a bad spot.
  7. I'm glad Julien has FINALLY figured it out. Thank goodness!!!
  8. Crawford has our number tonight. And every other time he plays in Montreal.
  9. Back to Finland after period two.
  10. They're probably holding their stick in a defensive posture because they're afraid to be there.
  11. Is Kotkaniemi even playing in this period?
  12. Of course Lehkonen would hit the post.
  13. They kind of look resigned to losing now.