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  1. I only know that he has 21 points in 32 games with Laval. I have no idea if he's improved his skating or anything else.
  2. Hmm. Romanov definitely won't be playing in Montreal next season. Brook... I suppose it's possible, but I'm skeptical. Even this season we saw how Mete and Juulsen looked ready for prime-time and were both returned to the minors. Yes, Mete is back now, but there's no guarantee he makes the opening night roster next season (however, I believe he will). I honestly don't mind the idea of Benn back as the 7th D. Assuming Bergevin doesn't do anything else to improve the D, that is. Mete - Weber Reilly - Petry Kulak - Juulsen Benn
  3. Niemi was the hero last night. Getting doubled in shot output by Florida is kind of embarrassing... Thank goodness played the best game of his Montreal career last night.
  4. In this year's draft we have Calgary's 4th round pick, Chicago and Edmonton's 5th round picks, our 6th round pick, and Winnipeg's 7th round pick. I'd be willing to part with some of those draft choices for some depth if it looks like we might make the post-season. At this point, I'd also be willing to part with someone like Michael McCarron, although I doubt there's any market for him at all.
  5. Michael McCarron for rental D!
  6. I just maybe there's be some interest in bringing him back on a short-term deal to play in the bottom pairing (6-7). But... I guess with Alzner and Schlemko still "on the books" the answer is a definite "no thanks" from everyone.
  7. Two short-handed goals in the past two games. Perhaps we should be trying to go a man down and not a man up!
  8. Carey's slowly clawing his numbers back to respectability. He's up to a 0.912 save percentage now. If we can continue to get performances from him like the past few weeks, we could be in the post-season!
  9. Congratulations to Carey Price for winning us that hockey game... Because Boston was superior all night long.
  10. Boston is only three points ahead of us in the standings. We got this!
  11. Thanks for blocking all those shots!
  12. If you could dump Karl Alzner, would you resign Jordie Benn?
  13. I think it's tricky to project our competitiveness over the next 3-5 years. We do seem to have some interesting prospects, but... I don't know. I never believe any of these kids will be the real deal until they're in the NHL playing regular shifts. I always think back to how Kyle Chipchura was going to be a wonderful leader for Montreal. I still don't have the faith in Bergevin to balance youth and experience to make this team competitive. Sure, his team has excelled in the first half of 2018-2019, but... we could just as easily miss the post-season next year and be terrible again. Suzuki, Poehling, Romanov, Brook... Could be good. Could be disappointments.
  14. Unexpected unit with Agostino, but... sure, why not? Couldn't be any worse.
  15. Has there been any insight into what the heck happened between Sergei Bobrovsky and whoever? An "incident" as it's being called on media outlets.