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  1. That is quite impressive... Hmm, hmm, hmm. I'd still say "no" but he's certainly a very compelling player. Four 1st rounders is just such a heavy price to pay for any individual player.
  2. Nope! Dude had 50 points in 82 games this season. Mitch Marner might be someone I would CONSIDER, but... I'm still doubtful I would do it.
  3. Thanks HabsAlways and Habsisme. I thought it was five! As a PPG player, Aho is about to get paid. I can't imagine us being able to sign him to an offer sheet without the AAV (as determined by offer sheet rules) being in the top-tier compensation range. And I'm not surrendering four 1st rounders for Aho. No way.
  4. If you were to sign Aho to an offer sheet you would be losing four 1st round draft choices. Remember, even if the value of the contract is spread out over seven seasons, the calculation for determining compensation to the other team is the total value of the contract divided by a maximum of only five years, I believe. Maybe it's four years... probably it's five years.
  5. Living in Newfoundland, I just read a short article about Alex Newhook. He's a St. John's, Newfoundland native who plays with the Victoria Grizzlies in the BCHL. He's committed to Boston College for next season. He seems to be ranked right around the 15th mark. I wonder... Michael Ryder did pretty well here!
  6. That IS INDEED an impressive group of players. If Nick turns out to be as good as those guys in the NHL, that will be very exciting!
  7. Buying out Marleau's contract has no impact on the cap hit to Toronto for next season because it's a 35+ contract.
  8. I'm all-in on Joe Thornton getting himself a Cup. Go Sharks!
  9. Good God, San Jose vs. St. Louis and Carolina vs. Boston. I guess I will just cheer for whoever comes out of the West.
  10. It's truly terrible. Does any other professional sport have such a discrepancy between the way a game is officiated between the regular season and playoffs?
  11. I suppose no one can say "for sure," but it feels likely. I guess he'll have his shot at camp to prove to the coaches that he's NHL material. He might just be the next David Sklenicka.
  12. The whole Brian Burke thing was disappointing to hear. As a fan of the sport, I don't want the league giving added weight to playoff games and reducing the amount someone is suspended by. That, in combination with the referees's inability to appropriately officiate a playoff game, just leads to more dirty garbage in the game. The bar has been set. You can now blindside someone to the head for a two-minute minor and a one-game suspension. Or does that go down to just a two-minute minor in round three? How does Burke's scaling system work again? The incentive is: Go blindside hit someone in the hit now because the reward, if you can injure them, is greater than the penalty.
  13. I hope Colorado wins tonight!
  14. Andrew Shaw probably does have some value right now. He had injury problems, but he also produced really well when he was in the lineup. 47 points in 63 games is pretty impressive. If there was ever a time to sell Shaw, it's now.
  15. Well... We signed Otto Leskinen to a two-year entry-level contract. I guess he's expected to provide some LD depth in Laval.