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  1. "Anyone can play left defense!"
  2. I don't think Bergevin is necessarily incompetent, but he does have a job to do and he's not been "successful" in accomplishing certain goals. For me, this has got to be Bergevin's last kick at the can. If we cannot make the post-season this year and if he cannot improve the D, he's got to go. You can't have 7+ years to manage a team and accomplish so little. I appreciate some of the moves he's made and some of the more recent drafting he's done, but it's not enough. A team like Montreal needs to be more competitive than it has been since Marc took over.
  3. I don't know, doesn't really sound like a legitimate rumor. If a team was really interested in Gardiner they could probably just sign him and move someone after. It's easy enough for a team to operate over the cap limit before the season starts. Several teams are doing it right now, according to Capfriendly.
  4. I imagine he will begin the season in Laval. This might be his last kick at the can to show management he can make the NHL. I can't imagine him being resigned if he has another mediocre year... unless he wants to keep accepting two-way contracts.
  5. It kind of feels like Edmonton's failure to turn all of those highly touted first round draft choices into anything meaningful. I get signing Tavares. I don't get hording all of your players and signing them to these huge deals instead of using them to balance your roster (i.e. using the forwards to acquire top defensive assets). When Edmonton finally tried to do that, they lost big on the Hall/Larsson trade, IMO. Will Toronto end up doing the same thing?
  6. I do love watching their cap troubles unfold. I hope it gets worse and worse and worse and worse for Toronto.
  7. I actually feel like it won't be much of a battle. It's likely Kincaid's position to lose. And I don't expect Lindgren or McNiven to change anyone's mind. I think the battle will end up being for the positions in Laval.
  8. I just don't think the Leafs CAN make it happen. I'm sure the Leafs would be open to keeping Gardiner, but... Marner is clearly the priority and money is tight.
  9. Seems a reasonable offer. Not sure if I would do it, but that appears to be a fair offer.
  10. With that contract, it would have to be an insane offer for Colorado to let him go. Like, first round draft choices in perpetuity.
  11. I'm not sure why our powerplay was so bad. However, we can all agree, it was pretty bad throughout the entire season. I have no idea how you fix it, but... Relying any Weber in any way, shape, or form is not going to be the answer. I feel like it needs to be flexible enough that players can be moving around and almost everyone can be a playmaker and a shooter. Do we have the personnel for that?
  12. Let me give this another shot. Hearing some of the criticisms and arguments! To Montreal: Connor McDavid ($12.500) 3rd Round Draft Choice (2021) To Edmonton: Jesperi Kotkaniemi ($0.925) Cayden Primeau ($0.881) Noah Juulsen ($0.863) Karl Alzner ($4.625) 1st Round Draft Choice (2020) 1st Round Draft Choice (2021) 4th Round Draft Choice (2020 - Anaheim)
  13. Maybe Neal will make him happy! I wonder how he feels if Edmonton continues to miss the post-season.
  14. Here would be my fantasy proposal for McDavid. Fun. To Montreal: Connor McDavid ($12.500) 3rd Round Draft Choice (2021) To Edmonton: Jesperi Kotkaniemi ($0.925) Paul Byron ($3.400) Dale Weise ($2.350) (Yes, yes, I know. It's a salary dump with one year remaining on his deal) Josh Brook ($0.795) Cayden Primeau ($0.881) 1st Round Draft Choice (2020) 4th Round Draft Choice (2020 - Anaheim) 4th Round Draft Choice (2020 - Winnipeg)
  15. At this point in time, I cannot imagine there's any way you could swing a trade for McDavid (hypothetical or not) without including Kotkaniemi. He's, by far, our most promising young player and I feel like Edmonton would just hang up the phone if he wasn't included in the deal. Which is fine. McDavid is worth more than Kotkaniemi. It's just a matter of finding the right balance of parts to make a trade (hypothetical) worthwhile for both teams.
  16. I would entertain Ted's offer if I were Bergevin. Two first rounders, Kotkaniemi, Suzuki, Brook, and Primeau would be a lot to sacrifice, but McDavid is McDavid. It's worth considering. You'd have to find a way to exchange salary as well. We'd need to send something back to Edmonton to even out the cap hit.
  17. I feel like, if I were the G.M. in Edmonton, and I had to trade McDavid, I would probably be thinking rebuild... I wouldn't be interested in Weber at all. I think I'd be asking for Montreal's most promising prospect, Kotkaniemi. Domi, Lehkonen, Poehling, and Fleury are all interesting. But I don't think Poehling or Fleury would bring much as an incentive.
  18. Well, I suppose we could hope for different personnel running it... but, are we gonna get that? I assume it will be ol' Kirk back running the PP again this season. They'll probably say something like, "With Shea Weber healthy from the beginning of the season, we expect our PP to be better."
  19. Most likely. We need to have at least one major scapegoat every season. It could easily be Laine if he played here and went into a major slump after getting himself a big contract.
  20. I don't see how we'll improve our PP this year. We've made no changes to the roster that would see any improvements. If they couldn't figure it out after 82 games last season... I'm doubtful it's going to click now. If Bergevin is relying on improvements from the youth, then he's a terrible General Manager. There's no guarantee that Max Domi will score 72 points again. There's no guarantee that Kotkaniemi improves this season. Drouin and Lehkonen may have already reached there maximum NHL potential (although I hope they haven't). Bergevin needs to go out there and get us a top pairing LD. Praying for players like Leskinen to solve the problem is such a bad idea. Waiting for someone like Romanov (who is a child) is also a bad idea.
  21. I think Edmonton gets the better deal. Even with the retention of a little salary and the conditional draft choice, Neal seems more likely to rebound and contribute than Lucic does. That's just my opinion.
  22. To parallel some of the thoughts here, it is apparent that we haven't really improved (hopefully our back-up goaltending is a little better) while other teams in the East have made improvements (e.g. New York, New Jersey). However, a few other teams in the East have made no improvements or seemingly gotten worse (e.g. Columbus). Montreal will be in another battle to make the post-season unless a major improvement occurs between now and the regular season. We MAY make it. We may not. The failure here is that Bergevin hasn't improved the team's chances of making the post-season. He has improved the team is the smallest incremental manner imaginable by acquiring Kincaid. He may have made the defense worse by acquiring Chiarot. You can't rely on the adage that "The kids will be better with another year under their belt." If this is how it worked then it wouldn't matter because every team would be better as all of their kids improve.
  23. I'd rather keep Domi than trade him for Laine.
  24. I think he's probably just pleased to have gotten a one-way contract. So... wherever he plays he's guaranteed that $800K this season. He may still be traded before the season begins.
  25. And Jacob Trouba has signed for seven years with an AAV of $8 million.