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  1. Love Markov, but... Wouldn't bring him back in anything more than a symbolic "retire as a Hab" deal. He's not going to be able to provide any boost to our D at this stage of his career.
  2. And getting mad buff at the gym.
  3. I'm with you. I don't think we necessarily need to trade Weber now, but we do need to acquire a LD for our top pairing. Acquiring a top quality LD should make us a post-season team. It may help open up a new window for the team to compete for the Cup. MAY. Almost every single fan of this team knows we need that extra help at LD. Bergevin knows it. He has to be approaching this summer with the intent of improving our team at that position. He has not achieved this goal. He has to get it done.
  4. James Neal for Karl Alzner?
  5. That is a good point. Weber is an important part of the team, I just don't view him as a number one D. And I believe we should be supporting him with a very strong LD candidate rather than crossing our fingers that a 21 year old can become a number one LD.
  6. Weber isn't the issue, per se. Marc Bergevin's seven year failure to manage the team appropriately is. Weber is a symptom of the larger problem. And I have no issue with Weber being part of this team. I do, however, see him as less than what sports media and management believe him to be. i.e. a number one D. And Bergevin will not trade him. I would be shocked if he did. It just feels like one of those things he'd rather fall on his sword over.
  7. Certainly, but Weber has only played a total of 162/246 games in his three years with Montreal. He's 33 years old. He may start 2019-20 with Montreal, but there's no guarantee he doesn't miss more action through injury. I'm hoping he has a completely healthy season and doesn't miss a game. I hope he performs well all season long. Curiously, was there any difference in our winning percentage last year with and without Weber? I have no idea where to look for that.
  8. Indeed. Hudon's value could possibly rise in camp (if he's even at our camp), but right now he has about as much value as any AHL player. That is to say, very little.
  9. Agreed. Hard to say what Kincaid will be. Hopefully he has a rebound year and provides good value in the backup role. And yeah, I don't see any changes that would make me jump up and say, "Oh boy, the powerplay is going to be excellent this season!" It'll probably be terrible, just like last season. Too go along with our middling penalty kill. The only difference I see on D is that we've paid more money to another bottom pairing defender.
  10. Agreed. Hard to say what Kincaid will be. Hopefully he has a rebound year and provides good value in the backup role. And yeah, I don't see any changes that would make me jump up and say, "Oh boy, the powerplay is going to be excellent this season!" It'll probably be terrible, just like last season. To go along with our middling penalty kill. The only difference I see on D is that we've paid more money to another bottom pairing defender.
  11. Sounds super sensible. I feel like we should be targeting a team that is in the opposite situation that we are in. Perhaps "overloaded" at LD and lacking on RD. Based on what you're saying, Philadelphia sounds like a good trade partner. Gostisbehere has been coming up over and over in discussions here. He seems like he would be an excellent fit for our top-four.
  12. Cap crunch? They have 21/23 players signed for next season and almost $8 million in cap space to work with. It mostly just looks like they need to resign Jacob Trouba. I don't think they need to trade anyone else to accomplish that. I feel like the TSN article is playing off of our respective need for "something"... "anything" to happen during the doldrums of the summer. Also, there's no way, if the Rangers do need to clear space, they'll trade Kreider for nothing to accomplish it. And Peca, Hudon, and fifth are just that. Nothing.
  13. I don't even think we've opened the window yet. Unfortunately. The team is still not improved from last year. Bergevin hasn't addressed our need at LD and he hasn't been able to add any superstar strength up front. I don't know if, or when, Bergevin will be able to open a Cup window for this team. Is it supposed to be at the end of THIS five-year plan? Or is it the NEXT five-year plan we're aiming for? How many five-year plans will we have to get through?
  14. Why would New York unload Chris Kreider for our spare parts? Would you trade Brendan Gallagher in the last year of his contract for two career AHLers and a late round draft choice?
  15. ^^ Thanks for posting that Regis22. I find that to be a refreshing take on the state of our prospect pool. Something that I think we can get really excited about, imaging players who have never played a NHL game as future superstars well before their time. Alexander Romanov comes to mind. Carey's quote: “But when I think of it, I kind of think back over the course of my career and seeing so many players come and go. So it’s good to have depth in your system, but for me personally, being on the ice, it’s kind of irrelevant until I see somebody in the lineup, you know?” That's real talk. We're all hoping these kids turn into phenomenal players... However, it seems unlikely. I think back on all the highly touted players to come and go, never able to establish themselves as NHL regulars and I wonder if this group of prospects will be any different. I hate to admit it, but the Leafs, Marlies (AHL), and Growlers (ECHL) seem to have it figured out.
  16. Jake Gardiner still waiting on a seven year deal?
  17. Looks like Artturi's PDO and shooting percentage were quite high in his rookie season (100.7 and 11.4) and then regressed a lot in seasons two (96.5 and 7.3) and three (99.9 and 6.3). 7.3 and 6.3 seem particularly bad as a shooting percentage. I believe the league average is somewhere around 9. I'm hoping he can improve and score 20 this season.
  18. I think you're right about Noah Juulsen. I think he's either A] the first call-up when an injury hits, or B] with the club out of camp, possibly unseating someone like Folin from an opening night spot. Hopefully he's recovered from his eye problem! I guess I'm a little jaded, but I don't expect Bergevin to accomplish anything else before the season begins. I'm sure he's out there searching to improve the team, but I'm doubtful anything gets done. Would love to see a number 1-2 LD here. Maybe it gets done... I hope it does!
  19. I think reaching 20 goals and 40+ points would be a decent output this season.
  20. I think the problem is, success at the World Juniors is not an indicator of becoming a successful 1-2 D in the NHL. I still think this signing is bad, and the underlying stats I looked at support that (corsi, fenwick). I would rather have overpaid for Jake Gardiner.
  21. I wonder if Bergevin just walks away from the arbitrator's ruling.
  22. Maybe it will be Michael McCarron, if he gets a new contract.
  23. I'm kind of hoping it's just a couple of promotions from our prospect pool. Ryan Poehling should get a good long look, I think. Maybe Matthew Peca will make the team... It's nice to know that Jake Evans or Nick Suzuki or, heck, even Cole Caufield could get a look, too.
  24. With the Armia and Lehkonen signings I feel like Bergevin is probably finished. So, assuming some players will be demoted to Laval, my guess is that the following will be the final roster for 2019-20: (there would be some additional cap hit remaining from the buyout of Steve Mason. And the demotions of Karl Alzner, Dale Weise, and Matthew Peca will not completely remove their cap hit from the NHL roster, although we will encounter savings to the tune of $3-4 million) FORWARDS: Jonathan Drouin ($5.500) Tomas Tatar ($4.800) Brendan Gallagher ($3.750) Paul Byron ($3.400) Max Domi ($3.150) Phillip Danault ($3.083) Joel Armia ($2.600) Artturi Lehkonen ($2.400) Jordan Weal ($1.400) Nate Thompson ($1.000) Nick Cousins ($1.000) Jesperi Kotkaniemi ($0.925) ($33.008 million) DEFENSE: Shea Weber ($7.857) Jeff Petry ($5.500) Ben Chiarot ($3.500) Brett Kulak ($1.850) Mike Reilly ($1.500) Christian Folin ($0.800) Victor Mete ($0.748) ($21.755) GOALTENDERS: Carey Price ($10.500) Keith Kincaid ($1.750) ($12.250) Estimating the money we'd save from Alzer and co. and factoring in Mason's money, we're looking at around $73 million in total. That still leaves us around $8.5 million to wiggle around with. There's space left on that roster for two additional people. Perhaps Ryan Poehling? Perhaps Nick Suzuki? Perhaps Jake Evans?
  25. Regarding the ongoing conversation around salary, the salary cap, taxes, etc. I want to say again, there's an important distinction between sources of income a player can make outside of the game (endorsements, investments, etc.) and sources of incomes directly from the league (salary, signing bonus, etc.). The league and the NHLPA have direct control over how sources of income within the game can be determined when negotiating the next CBA. I just believe this should be negotiated to give all 31 teams a fair playing field when it comes to compensating players. At that point, it's up the relative performances of the teams to determine who makes enough money from fans to pay player X. Revenue sharing should still be a thing, but teams that can't get their act together should not be able to go out and spend to the cap.