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  1. But it may get us more starts for the goaltender who's been performing better!
  2. What is Burrows' background coaching anywho? I just remember him as a pest playing in Vancouver (...and Ottawa?).
  3. Yeaaaaahhhhh. We'll see. Sounds like media made-up mumbo jumbo.
  4. Agreed. Our parade to the box is hurting us big time. Our special teams are junk (again). I wonder if Ducharme can get it sorted out.
  5. It's a no-win game when you make decisions as the GM of the Montreal Canadiens, though. You make a decision, the fanbase and media will find a way to tear into you. You make the opposite decision, the same thing will happen. I'm fine with the timing of the decision. The team was solid 5-on-5. I feel like Claude deserves credit for that. I feel like that earned him the extra week to sort it out.
  6. Makes sense. I wouldn't have expected anything else. So... Ducharme gets the rest of the regular season and potentially the playoffs to show if he's NHL head coach material.
  7. There's video on Sportsnet.ca. Not that you really need video. It's just MB sat down with a mic.
  8. Unless they all already don't like Ducharme. Hopefully that's not the case.
  9. And Gallagher was right. If he had enough time to get up after a player literally fell on top of him, turn around, and deflect the puck in for a goal... Well, Murray had enough time to get up and get ready to make a save. Just because Murray chose to not get back into the play with any speed, why should Gallagher be punished for that?
  10. Quick question for all: How does this impact your expectation for the team this season? When this season started, I think many of us said, "We should make the playoffs and we should be competitive." I don't think we necessarily saw the team is Cup contenders, but I definitely expected them to be in the playoffs and to make some noise.
  11. It would be more fantastic if he was still an amazing goaltender who could win us a Cup. Or if he wasn't paid so much money. Or if we could trade him for assets rather than be forced to give him away.
  12. OT! Yeah, I just don't wanna see slow players out there. Which should be an easy decision to make. But... CJ seems to have had a hard time making that decision.
  13. No doubt, Price deserves some of the blame for our recent record.
  14. To be honest, though. "Our future looks bright" has been the mantra of this team since before Bergevin was even GM. It's time to translate that into "We are a good competitive hockey team that can make the playoffs and challenge for a Cup." If we miss the playoffs again this season, Bergevin should be fired. Will he be fired? I mean, I have no expectation that he will be... But I suppose anything is possible. Bergevin has made some good moves over the past 12 months, but our D is still not great and Carey is no longer a great goaltender. He might not even be a very good one. For every goo
  15. Yeah... if we keep seeing Chiarot in OT, I'm going to be concerned.
  16. Alex Burrows has been promoted to assistant coach, apparently.
  17. Another sub-900 performance for the highest paid goaltender in the league. Tkachuk's GTG in the third was brutal. Team was absolutely terrible in the first period. Anderson was involved and interested all night. He's really been great for us.
  18. We've lost 3/4 to Ottawa this season. Brutal.
  19. And I'd' only put Weber out there if we had a PP.
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