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  1. I'm almost thinking Bergevin shouldn't be making any more moves at all as GM. The rumor mill keeps circulating that this may be his last season, so... should he really be making any changes at this point? If he does something minor, sure, but I don't want him moving any of our top prospects.
  2. You are right. I think the Cup Final fluke run probably raised expectations, but... I don't see this team making the playoffs this year. We barely made it last year and now we're in a tougher division. I've only watched about 10 minutes of the season so far. No interest in tuning in right now. And we don't even really have a prospect in Laval to be excited about improving the big club.
  3. Has anyone mentioned what our worst ever losing streak to start a season is? Is 0-5-0 our worst?
  4. I suspect the 2-0-0 Hurricanes who have looked pretty impressive over the last few seasons are going 3-0-0 after tonight. Would be lovely for Montreal to get headed in the right direction, but... I just see another loss.
  5. I mean, I don't think we know if DD is actually a good coach or not yet. I think we can all agree that Montreal making it to the Finals last year was a Cinderella story. A fairytale. Carey elevated his game, we had some luck, some pivotal individual performances, but... It didn't feel like a contender making a run to the Finals. That was TB. I sort of see us struggling a lot this season. The D is still bad. It has been for years. Our center depth was really hit when Danault and KK left. We're seeing what it looks like for Suzuki to have the toughest match-ups instead of Danault now.
  6. I would be surprised if we beat the 'Canes in the next game. Despite Kotkaniemi's demotion to the fourth line... I sort of seeing him having a multi-point night in Montreal. And of course Aho will show us why we tried to offer sheet him away from Carolina a few years ago.
  7. I have little confidence, but that's just how I've been with Montreal since, like... Koivu, Kovalev, Souray years.
  8. Hope we win! Don't wanna go 0-4 to start the season!
  9. Meanwhile... The Dvorak line appears to be our best line to start the season!
  10. I feel the same way. I've watched 10 minutes of the season so far. I just feel like it's not really worth tuning in for every moment this year. My expectations are quite low. I don't think we are a playoff team (with or without Price). It's also hard to be excited when the D is not what I believe it should be. Petry and Romanov are the only interesting players back there. Maybe the team turns it around and wins the next five. I also wouldn't be surprised to see us go 0-5-0 to begin the season.
  11. Doesn't have Weber on IR also help make us cap compliant?
  12. Love the deal. Term and AAV. We get Suzuki for the best years of his playing career.
  13. I feel the same way. Maybe I'm still suffering from the SC Finals hangover, but I just sort of feel like this season is going to be a bit of a drag for Montreal fans. No Weber, Kotkaniemi gone, Price out to begin the season, Chiarot/Edmundson/Savard on D, no prospects grabbing the reigns at camp, etc.
  14. Everyone always assumes players in Montreal are on cocaine. It's a never-ending rumor about 1/4 of the players who come through here. Whether it is/isn't drug-related, people who use (or abuse) drugs deserve empathy and the opportunity to get healthy. Pretty sure three weeks ago people said Drouin had a drug problem. Turns out not to be the case.
  15. This off-season has really put into perspective that athletes, despite wealth, experience struggles outside of sport. Hopefully with Drouin coming forward and discussing his struggles, and Carey entering the player assistance program, we can all sort of cultivate more of an empathy for the experiences and struggles of other people. Wishing Carey the best!
  16. Unexpected, indeed. Hoping the player assistance program is gonna help him recover from whatever mental health or substance or other situation he's in. Best to focus on those issues before worrying about hockey games.
  17. He might not be with one team for very long. But he's still bouncing around the league. Good for him!
  18. Weird to use the language "...fail physicals, likely to miss camp." Makes it sound like it was their fault for being injured or something.
  19. Good to hear he took time off to deal with the anxiety and insomnia issues. Hopefully he comes into camp feeling healthy, having dealt with the issues, and has a great season. Wishing him the best!
  20. I'm not really gonna make any judgements based on rumors circulating on the internet. Unless Drouin or the team makes a statement on the matter, there's not much point speculating. All we know if he took a personal leave of absence last season and the team seemed to support him through the situation.
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