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  1. IS IT FINALLY SAN JOSE'S YEAR? I've probably just jinxed them.
  2. Apparently he was. I'm curious to see how his role might change for 2019-2020... Because there's no way they can let him run the PP again, can they?
  3. Very good. One-year deal for the right amount of money. No complaints here. I wonder if that means the team will move on from Weal.
  4. Incredibly unexpected. I think there were some "upsets" I might have thought possible (e.g. Islanders over Pittsburgh), but this was just wild. For the first time in a long time I feel like the Cup could be anyone's.
  5. Bergevin isn't taking Kassian back after shipping him out of here in the first place.
  6. Not sure how you can blame Bettman for Toronto, Winnipeg, and Calgary failing to make an impact during the playoffs. I dislike Bettman, too, but I'm doubtful he's the reason Canadian teams can't win a Cup.
  7. Hmm, you're right. I do think part of the blame lies with the officiating, but part of the blame definitely lies with the Knights being total fools, surrendering four goals on one five-minute powerplay.
  8. Would Dubas take on Weber's ridiculous contract, though? I mean, that thing runs until 2025-2026... Sure, he probably will retire before that contract ends, but... He's already slowing down at his current age.
  9. So... We have the Blue Jackets vs. Bruins, Stars vs. Blues, Avalanche vs. Sharks, and Islanders vs. Capitals/Hurricanes. I kind of want the Avalanche to do well. I've only watched a couple of their games this season, but the seem fast and exciting! What an unexpected group of teams to be left in the playoffs. Parity, I guess.
  10. I didn't quite get that call either. I watched the highlights on TSN and it looked like a two-minute minor for cross-checking to me. Most of the resulting damage seems to be because the other San Jose player sort of tosses Pavelski down as Pavelski loses his balance. I think the referees got that one wrong and cost Las Vegas the series.
  11. Yeah... I don't think Drouin has that much value. Klefbom produces points at a pace of 0.39 points per game. Drouin is at 0.60 points per game. I don't know what Klefbom's defensive game is like because I don't watch the Oilers play, but I can't imagine you would get much more than just Klefbom for Drouin. Maybe Klefbom and mid-to-late round pick.
  12. September 2019: Bergevin: "Jesperi has a lower body injury and will be back soon." December 2019: Bergevin: "Jersperi has a lower body injury and there is no time frame for his return."
  13. Doesn't sound too serious. I wonder if perhaps it was slowing him down later in the season, though. It seems like Julien was using him less as the season came to a close. I wonder if the injury may have been part of the reason.
  14. I wonder if he'll be ready for Montreal next season. Or... Laval, I guess. It would be nice to see him succeed offensively in Laval if possible.
  15. Makes sense. I guess the question is, how much do other teams value our defensive prospects?
  16. St. Louis against Dallas, eh? GO ST. LOUIS!
  17. Agreed on all points. Brook is probably the defensive prospect I am most interested in learning more about and seeing play (in camp, or in Laval). There's no way we should be resigning Benn after signing Folin. And one-year for Folin was enough.
  18. Classic rumor. "Montreal is interested in [name of unrestricted free agent center]." As usual... As usual.
  19. You don't have to cheer for a Canadian team. I'm thinking I might cheer for the Islanders and Avalanche in round two.
  20. St. Louis is just swamping the Jets. Blues deserve this one.
  21. I won't even be really interested in Romanov until he signs a contract with the team. We all thought Alexei Emelin was this beast of a player in Russia before he got here, too. Josh Brook and Cale Fleury probably need some professional games in Laval before getting time with Montreal. They might be in the AHL for the entire 2019-2020 season without a sniff of NHL action. Let them come to camp and work hard to try to earn a spot. Juulsen has to do that, too.
  22. Yeah... but I would agree to disagree that some of those ratings aren't as abysmal as we may have assumed them to be. How have we rated Niemi over Lindgren? Lindgren was given an opportunity to take the reigns in Laval and he absolutely dropped it. Hudon hasn't done anything to earn his way into the lineup over Deslauriers or anyone else in the bottom-six, IMO. Andrighetto was just another over-hyped prospect. Something we do with almost EVERY single player who comes through our system that excels at any level that's not the NHL. Sure, the organization has made mistakes with players. I don't think Folin signing a one-year deal will have much of an impact on the opportunity for our defensive prospects to prove their worth and earn regular NHL minutes in the next few seasons.
  23. I feel like our projections of Josh Brook, Cale Fleury, Alexander Romanov, and Noah Juulsen are a little premature. Yeah, sure, Juulsen will probably be an NHL regular, but his future role with Montreal is certainly up for debate. Brook, Fleury, and Romanov have never played an NHL game. I think it's funny to just assume in a few years they'll be running our whole blue line. We overhype our prospects way too much.
  24. Blues win! Good. I don't want Winnipeg to win that series!
  25. Minor housekeeping item. Adds a little depth to the right side for next season. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't think anyone needs to worry about Folin's contract holding back young players if they excel in camp. I would still expect Kulak to also receive a new contract from the team.