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  1. No. Thank. You. Duchene at $9 million per season (likely over seven years) is not interesting to me. Especially so, since we will have to "up" Domi for 2020-2021 and Kotkaniemi for 2021-2022. I'd rather make pitches to the Karlsson camp and look at moving one of Weber or Petry.
  2. I just straight up don't want to overpay for Duchene. I feel like signing him will be a maximum term deal of seven years. And the dollar amount is going to be stupid. If we're going to overspend I think I'd rather take a run at Karlsson or Panarin. If you miss you, you miss out. But I don't want Duchene on a silly contract when we might get more offensively from Domi and Kotkaniemi over the next few years.
  3. Kotkaniemi.
  4. Happy the Bruins lost. Disappointed that hockey was so utterly boring once Montreal failed to make the post-season. Good God I hope we make it back to the playoffs next year.
  5. I love the title of Matla's article. Of course... You shouldn't trade anyone unless the "deal is right." I have a hard time believing Bergevin would deal BOTH Shaw and Byron. I wonder if Shaw + prospect + pick would be enticing. Shaw + Romanov + 2nd rounder. Something like that. Maybe a swap of picks. Grab Philadelphia's 3rd or 4th rounder.
  6. I'd trade Phillip Danault in a heartbeat for the right return. However, he brings a good deal to the table for $3.1 million cap hit. The Gostisbehere rumors are interesting. However, yeah... I wonder what the ask would be. If it starts with Andrew Shaw, what else is required to make that deal happen? Especially since Gostisbehere seems to have a very friendly cap hit for the next four seasons.
  7. Paul Byron or Andrew Shaw as the core component for Gostisbehere seems pretty friendly for us. Bergevin would have to jump all over that if there was any truth to it.
  8. I suppose it's possible Bergevin might be attempting to trade up for him, as well.
  9. Domi Kotkaniemi
  10. I really hope the Montreal Canadiens aren't concerned with salary since Forbes values them at $1.3 billion. Are you arguing that Montreal may be inclined to pass on Karlsson because of the salary bill?
  11. I would prefer that the game is called the same way as well. I would be steaming if Montreal was in the Finals and someone took out Weber at the legs resulting in the game winning goal against in game five. I mean, playoff officiating just elimantes the benefit a team gets for being... well... better at hockey. Allowing the other team (or both teams in some cases) to just say "screw it" to the rule book is garbage. I mean, if one team is playing better and drawing infractions, they deserve the advantage of a powerplay. Not the disadvantage of being abused by the other team without the abusing team receiving any punishment.
  12. I don't feel bad for the Bruins, but the officiating is terrible. Man oh man, the NHL has such a major problem with its officiating.
  13. 1. Domi 2. Petry 3. Byron 4. Kotkaniemi
  14. Yeah. That's way more than I thought Skinner would get.
  15. Another thing to consider. If you sign Karlsson, you're likely getting him for seven years. So, he'll be 35 years old when the contract expires. That sounds old, but... Weber will be 40 when his contract finishes up in seven seasons. Not that I expect him to play out the duration of that contract. Man, it would be something else if we could sign Karlsson and then trade Weber.
  16. True. I mean, arguably it should be Weber. But... I'm skeptical about Bergevin trading Weber away.
  17. Good God I hope we don't overpay and somehow land Duchene.
  18. I mean, is Karlsson really going to take much less than Doughty got? I'm doubtful. I think a lot of people saw the Doughty deal as essentially setting the market for Karlsson. Maybe someone can get him for $10 million x 7 years. But $9 million? With our taxes? I'm doubtful.
  19. Karlsson would be fun here, but yeah... I can't imagine us having the highest paid goaltender in the world and then having another $25 million splashed on our RD. Surely, someone would have to go. Likely Petry... Although he does have a modified no-trade and no-movement clause.
  20. Just so we're clear, we're all expecting Karlsson to get AT LEAST what Doughty got right? AAV of $11 million?
  21. Is the Ottawa Sun reputable? It sure would be something else if he was actually considering Montreal as a destination.
  22. Maybe $50 million-ish over five years could work. Laine might be willing to accept that. As you said, it might give the Jets enough pause to consider taking the draft choices instead. However, I still feel like Laine isn't worth that. It's a gamble from us.
  23. I'm pretty sure if you offer Laine an offer sheet of $9-10 million the compensation is four first round draft choices. For purposes of an offer sheet calculation, the AAV is the total value of the contract divided by five... So, if you offered $9 million for seven years, you'd still have to sacrifice four first rounders because it would be (9 million x 7 years)/5 years. EDIT: I just don't really feel comfortable signing Laine to an offer sheet. He's coming off a pretty poor year, production wise. I'm not prepared to sacrifice the four first rounders that would likely be required to sign him to an offer sheet.
  24. Yeah. I don't consider Duchene an elite talent. Nor do I see him as being a better option at center than Max Domi. I don't think we really need to chase him down in free agency, over-paying. I would love to acquire Panarin, but didn't he already choose Chicago over Montreal when he first came to the NHL? Wasn't Bergevin pushing hard to sign him back then...? And he chose Chicago over us. I'm doubtful he would pick Montreal now. Karlsson is great, but he's not going to pick Montreal.
  25. 1. Artturi Lehkonen 2. Jeff Petry 3. Andrew Shaw 4. Phillip Danault 5. Jonathan Drouin 6. Paul Byron 7. Joel Armia 8. Victor Mete