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  1. With that said, if Madden Jr. has a good body of work drafting players for Anaheim, then he has to be a priority target here. Just back up the dump truck of money for him.
  2. And there's no guarantee he'd want to become GM of Montreal. Maybe he likes working and living in California. Weather is definitely nicer.
  3. I never thought I'd be into Patrick as a coach here, but I'd take him. He'd be better than Ducharme and might be good at coaching a rebuilding club.
  4. But also, if Mellanby was Bergevin's recommendation... I'm glad he's not getting the job. Bergevin recommending his AGM on the way out just reeks of nepotism. Oh really? The one candidate you think should take over just happens to be the current AGM that you hired? Have you actually put any thought into this, Marc?
  5. So, the next question is... Does DD get to be head coach for the remainder of the season?
  6. Mellanby doesn't speak French... I'm pretty sure he doesn't. Why would Molson have promised him a job that will never ever in a million years go to a non-French speaking person?
  7. It's over. It's finally over. What Mellanby was/wasn't promised is of no concern to me. Bring in Jeff Gorton, let him make the decisions on the team's new front office. Just happy that the current era is over and we can feel some hope that the next manager will do a good job.
  8. Why is the CBC calling him Lowkinen?
  9. Jeez. Allen. Holy moly, what a save.
  10. Ohhhhhhhhh my heart won't be able to take it.
  11. IT'S HAPPENING HTL! IT'S HAPPENING! We just need to get through 60-ish more games!
  12. Gotcha gotcha! Even Legault couldn't withstand the political pressure he would receive from that type of legislation.
  13. Fired? Maybe not. But at least we know he'll leave the post at the end of this season.
  14. Lol, then I'm glad Molson denied Mellanby the job. MB recommending his Assistant on the way out. Sure, Bergevin, sure...
  15. Appears that Jeff Gorton may come on as President of Hockey Operations.
  16. Pierre Lebrun reported that Mellanby was in talks about GM or President of Hockey Operations but Molson told him he was out of the running... Thus, the resignation.
  17. True. I guess it's hard to know how much is DD's fault... But, we need to get a new GM in to evaluate that. I don't care if DD coaches out the remainder of this season, but Bergevin should be fired and we should look at hiring his replacement. Someone to come in and evaluate the team for the next 60 games. Someone who can maybe start making some changes in 40-ish games from now.
  18. Nah, I'm not a fan of lowering taxes to entice rich athletes to play in Quebec. Maybe if Montreal didn't have to revenue share with other NHL teams it wouldn't be so bad. Other teams might not be able to push up against the cap as much and we'd have a small advantage in being able to spend to the cap as much as we wanted.
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