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  1. 9 minutes ago, maas_art said:


    Its moot of course since he's in the Anaheim system now... although I still pause a little after hearing what Weise had to say about him.  I know its just one guy's opinion but Weise is generally a pretty straight shooter. 

    Yeah, I do remember hearing Weise say he wouldn't want him around the prospects. I can't recall any details beyond that. But it does give one pause.

  2. 1 hour ago, BornToBeAHab said:

    Trade the first round pick for Lafreniere

    I think we have to wait and see which pick we have. If we have the number one overall... then I am comfortable drafting Wright. Many people are saying he's not gonna be a superstar who owns the league, but if he's a competent top-six forward throughout his career, I am okay with drafting him. I keep seeing the Bergeron comparison. Which, I know, is a tired comparison. Everyone gets compared to him, but no one is him.

  3. 19 hours ago, electron58 said:

    Maybe under the previous regime,  it's not that odd, maybe even expected.  But with the Habs moving forward, and firing their upper management including their PR guy (whatever he had to do with it) and bringing in Chantal Machabee, it gives the appearance that transparency,  is what it is all about. I'm sure the media aren't going to miss a thing. And yes, the correct answer would have been yes,

    "I am interviewing for the GM position."  He sure didn't fool anyone. 

    Fair enough. But... what employer tells you who they're interviewing for a job like that? No one does. The interview process is private, between employer and interviewee. It'll be transparent enough when they say, "We interviewed a number of candidates and here's who we hired." The rest isn't any of our business, to be honest. Who's to say the interviewees even want it know that they are getting interviewed. They may want that to be private as well. And since it's their life, I am fully okay with that.

    The Montreal media thinks they are in some way obligated to be given every piece of information related to this team. That's just not true. Sorry sports media. And it's not like the media wants it for the altruistic purpose of "so the common man can know what's happening." No, they just want anything at all so they can make a speculative article about it and make money from us.

    All I need from this organization right now, is what I've received. Bergevin finally lost his job and Gorton got hired. I'm ready to give him a chance, transparency or no transparency during the hiring process.

  4. 11 hours ago, Regis22 said:

    Gotta love  professional sports . Management talks about character and then teams keep giving guys like Kane 2nd chances . Why ? Because they think he brings an element to their team that is lacking and he can help them win .  Sad that teams support guys like Kane and AB in the nfl . They will never change . The entitled professional athlete 

    Professional sports teams' number one area of concern is always winning. I guess Edmonton believe Kane can score some goals with them.

  5. 1 hour ago, maas_art said:

    Yeah that was an odd move from Roy. Not sure how he thought that was the right play...

    I mean, it's not that odd.

    What else should he have done? :ph34r: Said, "Yeah, I am being interviewed for the GM position." I doubt many people would've taken that approach. And smirking/winking while saying, "I don't know, maybe I am, maybe I am not," wouldn't have helped either.

    It's Montreal, if you're involved with the Canadiens, it's seemingly a no-win situation in dealing with the media here. :lol:

  6. 11 hours ago, electron58 said:

    Carey Price, getting closer to playing again.  as per Eric Engels

    Maybe we see him get a couple games in, and then a trade? Obviously, it would have to be creative & also require CP's consent.

    Indeed. Exciting times with Gorton here. Gonna be very interesting to see what happens with Price. Really appreciate his time in Montreal. If that time continues, I am all good with that. If he is traded, I will appreciate his efforts here and wish him the best.

  7. On 1/9/2022 at 6:18 AM, electron58 said:

    With the 1st round of Habs GM interviews done, the hope is to name the successor within the next 2 weeks. Don’t believe interviews for finalists have been booked yet, but believe notifications go out in next couple of days. 2nd interviews could begin early this coming week. - as per Eric Engels

    Exciting stuff. Looking forward to the Gorton/new GM era to begin!

  8. On 1/8/2022 at 8:16 PM, electron58 said:

    Both Jake Allen & Carey Price linked to Edmonton.  I think JA more realistic. 

    Allen doesn't really seem like an upgrade on what Edmonton already has. Would be surprised if they made that move.

  9. On 1/8/2022 at 6:23 PM, BigTed3 said:

    These teams have been in multiple rumors with Chiarot over the season. Have also seen BC linked to the Rangers, Bruins, Pens, Tampa, and others. We should be in the driver seat here, as he's a highly-coveted playoff-type D man on an expiring contract. Should easily be able to get a 1st and another piece, akin to what David Savard fetched last year. If Gorton plays this right, he'll ideally end up with an unprotected 2023 1st from a team like Pittsburgh, Boston, etc. who could be due for a fall, and with some luck it could be a lottery pick...

    Ooooooo unprotected 2023 first rounder from a team like Pittsburgh or Boston would be so nice. Even if it didn't work out to be a top-10 pick, I would still give Gorton tons of credit for making that move.

  10. 17 hours ago, maas_art said:

    Yeah I agree with the idea that Gallagher is still an asset.   Honestly almost anyone can be an asset if used properly.  Heck Shea Weber is an asset - if only to the Predators. 

    I think that Price is a luke-warm asset "as is" but a strong asset if you retain salary.  Gallagher may be too, although I think you could likely get a young player & pick for him without retaining salary. Sure, the risk is with us since the young player is probably not blue chip so if he/pick doenst work out then we lose an asset for nothing, but really, what do we have to lose at this point. He's not going to be a long-term asset for us. 

    My hope is that Gorton  & co are looking at this roster very seriously and making some tough decisions.  Does Toffoli fit into our long term plans? Gallagher? Price? Petry? Drouin? Dvorak? Etc? 

    If not, then its time to cut ties & get what we can for them. Im not suggesting we trade everyone. Dvorak for example would be trading very low right now but maybe a team wants a gally. Maybe they want Toffoli or Drouin or Petry.  Who knows.  Id be putting out feelers on anyone i dont see as a key part of this team in 2 - 3 years. 


    I hope so too!

    I would be more than happy with something like... A second rounder and a prospect for Gallagher. I'm not talking about an A+ top-tier prospect necessarily, but something of value. I know some people may think that's selling low on Gallagher, and maybe they're right, but I think that would be fair return.

    Yeah, Dvorak has no trade value right now. I'm fine keeping him around for the next while to see what he can do. This season has been a disaster for almost everyone on Montreal. Maybe Dvorak is here next season while we continue the rebuild.

  11. 17 hours ago, BigTed3 said:

    Disappointed that Martin Madden Jr. isn't on this shortlist. As I've discussed, his scouting background and ability to assess talent makes him a valuable complement to Gorton.

    Of the guys here, I'd be against Roy joining. I'd consider him as a coach in some circumstances, but as a GM, not sure what he brings and I can see him clashing with Gorton if he's in a two-man power struggle. Also not a fan of Quintal based on his uselessness with the DoPS. He was either a yes-man with no integrity or completely incompetent at his job in that role, so nothing he has done has shown me he should be a GM.

    Of these candidates, the ones I'd be most interested in would be Kent Hughes, Marc Denis, and Daniele Sauvageau. Don't know anything about Emilie Castonguay to pronounce one way or the other.

    I suppose Madden could still be on the list, but just hasn't been reported as being on the list. Or perhaps Gorton reached out to determine interest and he declined. Suppose we'll never know.

    I am very much against Roy coming on here in a GM role. And I agree with your comments on Quintal as well.

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