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  1. Seven NHL games with a GAA of 3.47 and a save percentage of 0.889. Don't think this guy is ready. No way.
  2. Arizona is totally gonna get Carolina's crap first rounder at the end of this season.
  3. That's cool. Perhaps he becomes out backup next season!
  4. Any bright spots in last night's game? Did Primeau look good?
  5. Seattle and Ottawa should be able to pass us with three games in hand. Arizona, on the other hand... They're look just as bad as us.
  6. But. But... Is that what we wannnnttt to happen?
  7. It's an investment. He bought the team, it makes money, one day he'll sell it for more than he bought it for. However, I see no reason why he would offload it now.
  8. Well. Since Molson has zero incentive to sell the team... don't get your hopes up.
  9. Indeed. Gonna be hard to come back from this poor start. Second last in our division (although Ottawa has two games in hand) and we'd have to leap frog seven teams to get into the wildcard spot.
  10. Fingers crossed! Hopefully we can get the number 1 overall pick!
  11. It's nice to feel like we have one of our top-two center positions taken care of for the next eight seasons after this one.
  12. Man... Savard is looking like another albatross for MB. What is with him and his obsession with poor defenders? Corsi For % of 44.2 and Corsi For Relative % of -10.5. Three more seasons of this will definitely keep us in "rebuild" mode, I guess.
  13. C'est possible. I assume most trades kind of go down in that manner, though. "Can I have player A?" "No!" "What can I have if I trade you player B?" "You can have a draft pick and one of player C, D, or E." "Okay, gimme player D."
  14. Indeed. I think the contract he signed is going to work out really nice for all parties. We'll have a really good player for eight more years!
  15. Not a fan of the Mailloux pick, but he's part of the organization now. Hopefully he learns from his mistake, continues to grow as a young man, and becomes a person and player Montreal can be proud of.
  16. Good decision. No harm in seeing what they do when inserted into Montreal's lineup. Worst case scenario Poehling goes back to Laval and Norlinder plays another year in Sweden.
  17. I would definitely blow it up. I've been hoping Bergevin would be fired for years and we could have a GM come in with the mandate to blow it up and rebuild... Not this "retooling" that Bergevin talks about. We need to draft and develop top-end talent. I would argue that we haven't been able to add any superstar additions at forward or defense at all during Bergevin's tenure. Price had an amazing four years with us from 2013-2017, but he cannot be expected to carry the team anymore. We need to rebuild. I am fine with spending 3-4 years being terrible if it means drafting and developing well. Looking to 2025-2026 to turn the corner.
  18. Yeah, jeez... As a massive GB fan, Aaron Rodgers behavior has been atrocious. Immunized. What a dummy. Happy Carey was able to get assistance with his mental health and substance issues. Hopefully the player assistance program will have provided him the tools to better deal with those issues moving forward. Mental health and substance abuse isn't a quick-fix situation, and I am sure Carey will have to work on it for many, many years. Here's to hoping he does so effectively and that he has a happy life with his family!
  19. Indeed. Benefitted from the works of the GMs who came before him, and then has flopped since having constructed "his" team.
  20. I mean, we've been largely an organization of failure for the past several years. 2020-21 - Lost in Finals 2019-20 - Lost in first-round 2018-19 - DNQ 2017-18 - DNQ 2016-17 - Lost in first-round 2015-16 - DNQ The Laval Rocket have done nothing since moving to Laval. With the exception of last season.
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