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  1. Who on the farm is ready to play defence for Montreal?
  2. There's not really much point to doing anything at this point. We might as well just keep him on the roster unless we are going to get an asset back. It's not like we're going to make the post-season.
  3. I also cannot imagine any team that's going to be interested. I feel like general managers are probably going to remember his giveaway to Burrows in last year's post-season and his recent uninspired play in Montreal. There's nothing that has happened in the past year that would make anyone want to trade for Chris Campoli.
  4. I didn't really like Darche in 2009-2010, his goal-scoring production in 2010-2011 kind of turned him into Steve Begin 2.0 as far as fan support went, but now that he's back to not really doing much... I'm kind of remembering why I disliked him in 2009-2010. I wonder if anyone would want him before the deadline? I figure no, but I could be wrong.
  5. I really enjoyed number 4. For me the low point was Mission Impossible 3. HARD. TO. WATCH. Also... Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy. 8/10.
  6. Has he really not played a game yet? I really thought he looked like an interesting, young defender last season. What sort of injury did he suffer anyway? Shoulder?
  7. I hope he performs well. I'd love to see him end the season here.
  8. No idea. Maybe just as a reward for strong play in Hamilton. Was anyone called up when Gionta went down with an injury? Or was that before Gomez returned to the lineup?
  9. I would rate Cowboys & Aliens even lower. I really thought that movie was bad. Especially after they were marketing it for what seemed like an eternity.
  10. Moen is this year's Darche. Darche is this year's... Pyatt?
  11. I'm sure the chance will come. Someone is bound to get injured shortly.
  12. Does anyone know of a really good statistic website? I mean, for instance, where would someone go to see someone's face-off percentage for a single night against a particular player of the opposition? Like, if I wanted to know how well Tomas Plekanec did in the face-off circle against Vincent Lecavalier from the game on Saturday?
  13. Good to see that someone is scoring for the Bulldogs. Perhaps he's trying to be the next one to earn a call-up with Montreal.
  14. I enjoy watching that too. Kind of a guilty pleasure. I really enjoyed season 1 of Game of Thrones. The most recent season of Dexter (season 6?) really let me down. It felt pointless, directionless, and was mostly fairly boring.
  15. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (David Fincher's version that was just released): 7/10. Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol: 8.5/10. Absolute blast!
  16. TSN.ca is saying Campoli is back in. Well, I guess we're going to see a rather "new" looking D with Kaberle AND Campoli back in the lineup.
  17. Yep, happy! Not meaning to knock St-Denis, he's just... Not really an NHL calibre kind of guy.
  18. St-Denis can now be returned to Hamilton, I think! Excited to see Campoli play.
  19. I'm actually excited for him to come back now. St-Denis should be returned to Hamilton, and Weber should probably be a healthy scratch. Gill can take a seat in the pressbox too. When we first acquired him I was entirely uninterested in the signing. Now I'm desperate to see what he can actually do.
  20. It had been gone for me for, like... Four or five days. So... I switched.
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