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  1. I think this guy has the inside line to start as the 7th D-man. It's between him and Diaz in my opinion. With Diaz being new to NA, I'd give the edge to Woywitka. He never looked nervous or made a stupid play out there as far as I could tell. He also looked very happy to score and seemed to love the atmosphere at the Bell Centre. Probably grateful to be a Hab, and rightfully so.

    Well, we have...

    • Andrei Markov (possibly not starting the season).
    • Jaroslav Spacek.
    • Josh Gorges.
    • Hal Gill.
    • Alexei Yemelin.
    • P.K. Subban.
    • Yannick Weber.
    • Jeff Woywitka.
    • Raphael Diaz.

    If Markov is healthy and Yannick Weber actually play defence I don't really see Woywitka breaking the lineup. Spacek, Gorges, Subban, and Gill are definitely ahead of him. IMO, Yemelin and Weber should be given ice-time before him, as well.

  2. Its good to know that Spacek has come into camp in the best shape he's been in since signing with the Habs.Lost some weight and taken on some new exercises,good for him and the Habs.

    That is good to hear. I was surprised, honestly... But, it's good to see him taking a positive approach to what might be his last season in the NHL. If Spacek came in to camp believing we have a chance in the post-season (well, he put in the work and training, obviously), then maybe we do! :lol::D

  3. With Yemelin and Weber looking to become regulars, as well as the possibility of seeing Diaz being up with the club, look for Jaro to appear in less games IMO.

    Yemelin will hopefully be a regular. I still don't see Weber as anything more than a fourth line forward with powerplay time or an injury fill-in. As far as Diaz is concerned... I will wait to see him in camp before assuming he makes the team. I still think he will wind up in Hamilton. :unsure:

  4. It's funny, because outside of the PK, he's actually a lot more useful and versatile than Gill IMO who is generally well liked by the fan base.

    I suppose so. Gill is pretty one-dimensional, so it's not too difficult to be more versatile than him. Spacek, IMO, is also not very versatile at this point in his career. He's a better 5-on-5 player than Gill, IMO, but probably a worse penalty killer. Neither one belong on the powerplay, if you ask me.

  5. Transformers: Dark side of the moon

    I'm not good at rating but I enjoyed that movie very much. Best of the 3. Then again, it was hard to be worse than the second B)

    I agree. The second one was fairly bad. I enjoyed the third one. The plot was silly and ridiculous, but the action scenes were excellent fun. :D

  6. There's no real pressure on Kostitysn this season, is there? :blink: I think fans will finally give up on the "Maybe this year he will breakout for 80 points" mentality and just accept that he's a 40-50 point guy. I really enjoyed that he added a nice, reliable, physical element to his game last season, though. When he hits a scoring slump this season we know he will still contribute on the lower lines!

  7. Now confirmed by Lavoie that Pyatt did not receive a QO and will become a UFA July 1st.

    A little surprised, but not disappointed. Tom wasn't an integral part of the club last season, and it could be argued that he under-performed in his minor role with the team.

  8. Tom has had the quiet kind of season that makes me wonder why we liked him so much last year... :unsure: His 2010-2011 has been no more impressive than any other Hamilton Bulldog call-up could have performed, IMO. With that said, credit is due for that goal-scorer's snipe last night. Beautiful goal.

  9. A 5th round draft choice for Mara is, IMO, by no means an overpayment. Unless someone has a recommendation of another player who's better that we could have picked up for a 5th round draft choice to add depth to a depleted D. Mara's been decent through two games. Hopefully he stays "decent" for the remainder of the season, 'cause we will probably need him to.

  10. I'd sure like to throw him out there right now lol

    Yeah. He could have been useful last night. Although I was beckoning for Nash to get more playing time last night, he looked awful on the 3rd goal... Mara may have been better equipped to handle the minutes we would have needed from a 5th D-man last night. Darn equipment not arriving on time!

  11. I'll reserve judgment until I see him play, but on paper, man, do I ever hate this trade.

    It's the type of move I don't even have an opinion on. It's so unimportant in the grand scheme of things. I'm not even sure it was warranted. At least P.G. didn't give up much to get him. I have no expectations for any 5th round draft choice to make the Montreal Canadiens. If Mara can play alright 5-6 pairing minutes for a few weeks then fine. If he flounders, I guess we can just bench him.

  12. Uhhh, what?

    That's what I was thinking. The move is unimportant I don't even know what to say. Purely depth move. I can even see Mara sitting in the press-box when the D gets healthier than it is. I guess he's aheade of Weber, but then again... Even that I am not sure about.

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