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  1. Yeah, he is back on track after the slow start. Gonna be a good player for us for many years!
  2. I feel we're describing the process of burying the team in a graveyard.
  3. I could also see him being left in Laval for an extended period of time. Just seeing what develops out of working with Poehling and Ylonen.
  4. Maybe there's no rush to make any changes. Just let the season run its course. We tank. Then we replace Bergevin and the new GM heads into the off-season in control of the team.
  5. I hope they do bring in Norlinder to play some games. Not expecting him to save the season, but maybe it's meaningful for his development! And if Romanov looks lost... Well, I am fine with him continuing to play as well. So often it feels like we favor has-been veterans instead of our young D. Might as well start giving them experience in the NHL, even if we do tank the season. Maybe they grow and succeed from the adversity.
  6. I think we would have be fine with Primeau or McNiven backing up Allen during Price's absence. There was no reason for us to pickup Montembault. Once Price returns, now we have to stick Montembault somewhere... I am guessing McNiven will get the short end of the stick. Why? He's always been the goaltender in our system who bounces around. Especially during the Lindgren years. With that said, I don't really see McNiven or Primeau as the future of our team, so... I guess it doesn't really matter.
  7. That must be the case. I mean, a lot of teams could've matched that deal. I feel like almost every NHL team in the league.
  8. I'm trying to think of what might've been an equivalent package from Montreal. A lottery protected 1st rounder (2023), a 3rd rounder (2022), Josh Anderson, and Jesse Ylonen?
  9. Much smaller haul than I thought Buffalo would get.
  10. Looks like Eichel is gonna be a Golden Knight. Early report says Tuch, Krebs, 2022 1st rounder (top-10 protected), and 2023 3rd rounder heading to Buffalo. I feel like Vegas won this trade. The cost is certainly lower than I thought Buffalo would want.
  11. Feel bad that he's gonna have to walk back into this mess.
  12. https://www.tsn.ca/westhead-bill-guerin-pittsburgh-penguins-ownership-group-facing-lawsuit-over-alleged-abuse-1.1715133
  13. Caulfield is there now, so... I suppose he's the one prospect we're excited for.
  14. Maybe we've jinxed him with the title of this thread?
  15. Can anyone remember what the Ducharme extension was? How many years? Starting 2-8-0 looks pretty terrible, but I wonder if Ducharme stays around until we have a different manager come in and make some decisions. In my mind, Bergevin is done. Although I've already stopped watching and haven't given the Habs a dollar of money for about five years. The team just doesn't seem worth tuning in for this season. The playoff run was fun, but also... kind of exhausting. The way we went out to TB made the whole thing feel odd. Weird. I just don't see how we can become a regularly competitive team with the D Bergevin keeps putting together over and over and over. And I don't really believe that any of the prospects will step in and dominate. Norlinder, Brook, Guhle... maybe we see some meaningful results from these guys in 2-3 years. Maybe one of them turns into a 3-4 defender. Our goatlending pool also looks bleak. I don't really think Primeau is the goaltender of the future.
  16. I've watched 10 minutes of this team all season. I'll tune in again when some changes are made at the management level.
  17. I mean, I doubt any change in leadership would change the things you are highlighting. The league will continue to exploit fans and players because that's how the owners will make more money. I don't think it matters if it's Bettman in charge or someone else.
  18. My experience is that many NHL players who grew up as Habs fans could care less about playing in Montreal as professional NHLers. How often have we seen a player who grew up as a Habs fan come here? I can't think of one who wasn't a bottom-six forward or bottom-pairing D.
  19. Yeah, one thing I am beginning to question if if Price really is less good than he was in his prime. I mean... of course he is, but I thought he was much worse than his prime seasons. Now I am wondering if he's actually still quite good, but that the team has been much worse than I thought they were.
  20. These are the players I would consider moving on from after this season (assumption that we tank the season and go for a rebuild). I think these guys have value and could bring back draft choices and/or prospects. I am assuming Weber is "retired" and has no trade value. I have not included any UFAs. I am not advocating trading all of these players, but these are the ones I shop around. Brendan Gallagher Jonathan Drouin Josh Anderson Mike Hoffman Tyler Toffoli David Savard Carey Price
  21. Maybe they should permanently switch to professional bowling.
  22. Even if we do lose, I would encourage everyone to think positively on the future! We've got some decent pieces here with Suzuki, Caulfield, and Romanov. I really feel like this is MB's last season. Not meaning to kick a dead horse, but it just feels like his tenure has run its course. If we continue to lose to bottom-feeders, it's probably an indication that we aren't good and we'll maybe get a good draft pick.
  23. I mean, isn't there a risk that his injury might completely dampen the remainder of his career?
  24. Might make sense. I have no problem with Gallagher staying in Montreal... I don't think the team's failures are his fault. However, he might be an attractive component to many teams if we opt to "rebuild/minibuild/retool/etc." Whatever happens. I hope we're planning the GM search now. I think MB's term here is coming to a close.
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