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  1. 2 minutes ago, habsisme said:

    I don't like that we dont have a GM until after Chrstmas. Does that mean no moves until then also? We're almost begging for Chiarot to get injured.

    I wouldn't move Drouin cause he's young enough, speaks french, shoots left (which is a rarity on our team). I'd move Toffoli, he's still putting up points despite the shitty team. With his contract, I think we could really get something for him as well. 

    Toffoli would definitely be an interesting trade piece. He doesn't have any NTC or NMC clauses either. Very affordable salary.

  2. 7 minutes ago, habsisme said:

    honestly every day he's still not traded makes me think less of how the team is being handled right now. Everyone can see Chiarots value and that he clearly needs to be moved. What is the hold up? If he gets injured we lose everything. 


    Chiarot actually scored goals for a D man, he's always done this. Yeah clearly a first-rounder that question is what else. a 1st and a defensive prospect makes sense, but I don't think you get an A prospect for just Chiarot, maybe more a B prospect, unless you forgo the 1st rounder completely and just get a really good prospect. In terms of draft picks he's worth about a first and a third (maybe make that third a second, or a fourth, but about there)

    I hope we start seeing movement soon

    I would be looking for a first rounder in 2023. I have read that that draft is gonna be deep.

  3. 21 minutes ago, Regis22 said:


    Jeff Petry out indefinitely, Corey Schueneman recalled by the Montreal Canadiens

    Petry will not travel with the team to Nashville.


    Wonder what that is about...? I know we've discussed the possibility of Petry carrying a nagging injury throughout the season. Maybe with Gorton on board he is shutting it down 'til Petry is actually healthy.

  4. 10 minutes ago, Regis22 said:

    Ken Campbell

    So a team that has long been maligned for ruining young players has Nick Suzuki playing between Artturi Lehkonen and Jake Evans and Cole Caufield on the fourth line tonight. If Dominique Ducharme is actually trying to get himself fired, he's doing a great job.

    We'll see what happens now that Gorton is around. I believe he mentioned Ducharme is safe for this season. Which is fine... as long as he starts providing young players with the right opportunities to succeed.

  5. 8 minutes ago, Regis22 said:

    Gorton said he plans to implement an analytics department: “We need to build that out better. We need to modernize it. I believe in it.”

    "The team had a tough start, I recognize that and Geoff (Molson) and I went through that. Things need to happen. My teams are fast and skilled. We need to work on player development. We need to add analytics." - Jeff Gorton

    Gorton‘s timeline for priorities:

    1. GM — after Christmas

    2. Head scout — TBD

    Is the head coach safe until the end of the season: “Yes.”

    Sounds like the opposite of Bergevin. Nice!

  6. 1 hour ago, ramcharger440 said:

    I agree 100% at this point I don't see anyone as untouchable to a point! if we were to let go of a Suzuki or a CC it would have to be for something amazing in return! it looks like we will have a legitimate chance at the #1 pick this year and with some good moves we could have a couple of picks in the first round that could lead to impactful players fairly quickly if we were to suck next year as well this could be the begining of a really good core of talent that could move us into a solid position in the next 2-4 years depending on how much we sell! Those who can't wait a year or two to see some results are probably not long term fans anyways!

    Suzuki is the only one who is untouchable for me. Cole hasn't shown enough in his young career for me to consider him untouchable. I hope he turns into a 25+ goal scorer in this league, but nothing is guaranteed.

    I'm not actively trying to deal away the whole team, but there are players here who we could get value from in a trade before the deadline.

    Ben Chiarot (first rounder)
    Brett Kulak (mid rounder..?)
    Jonathan Drouin (no idea, but I'm sure we could get something)
    Arturri Lehkonen (mid rounder)

  7. 1 hour ago, claremont said:

    7th round only intriguing because he’s 6-6 and scouts love tall goalies as when they are in butterfly, they still cover a large portion of the net. McNiven was ohl goaltender of the year if I recall in his final year. They take a long time to develop and I suspect McNiven is virtually done after this year. 

    Yeah, I can't imagine McNiven being with the organization after this season. He's already 24 years old and hasn't really been given any shot at the NHL level to prove himself.

  8. Concerning Price, how much salary retention would you consider to be too much salary retention? I think it's likely that Gorton at least asks him about the possibility of a trade. Perhaps Carey and his family would be open to it, perhaps they would want to stay. I'd be open to retaining up to $2.5 million in annual salary.

  9. 2 hours ago, 26NCounting said:

    Watching the game vs Colorado last night and have to say some of the fans at the Bell center are completely clueless.  Booing the habs, throwing jerseys on the ice what a joke some of these fans are.  It's apparent they are bad this year, a rebuild is coming and badly needed so at this point we should be happy every time they lose we need as high of picks as possible.  We don't need to finish mediocre yet again get some mid tier first round pick. 

    Yeah, the tossing of the jersey on the ice, IMO, sort of exemplifies where the team is at. Unable to ever fully rebuild because fans moan and complain so much when the team is bad. Thus, it feels like we're always mediocre to appease the sulky 25-year old demographic or something.

    We need to rebuild. It's gonna be littered with terrible performances. The fans have to accept this. You don't need to boo, you don't need to toss stuff on the ice. Just cheer for the young players and accept that they will be losing a lot for the next couple of years.

  10. 51 minutes ago, habs1952 said:

    I would think every player alive would jump at the chance to carry the torch on opening night.:ph34r:

    I think things probably change pretty quickly once your drafted. Your childhood fandom falls by the wayside as you develop a commitment to your new organization. After that, why burden yourself with the Montreal hockey market once you've played 7-8 seasons in another market, made tons of connections, maybe started a family, enjoy a relatively anonymous life, made tons of cash, etc. The Montreal Canadiens were the first sports team I ever cheered for. If I had been a hockey player drafted by Tampa, I'd probably want to stay there too. 

  11. 1 hour ago, H_T_L said:

    I could see possible conflicts as a coach for the Habs and the current roster, but that doesn't preclude him for the job down the road. Why not working with our younger guys in Laval? That would be the place that makes the most sense to me to break him in and see what he has to offer as a coach.

    Oh yeah, that would be fine. I should have clarified I don't want him coaching at the NHL level. He has no coaching experience, so we can't just drop him there to begin with. Some sort of coaching role in Laval could be okay.

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