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  1. 28 minutes ago, Regis22 said:

    It’s like jumping from a sinking ship . You know your buddy MB is gone , so leave in your own before the next guy dumps you 

    Pierre Lebrun reported that Mellanby was in talks about GM or President of Hockey Operations but Molson told him he was out of the running... Thus, the resignation.

  2. 15 minutes ago, Graeme-1 said:

    It's bizarre DD is still around. I don't even know how much of this mess is his fault, but when a team looks this disorganized a quarter way through the season, few teams wouldn't at least try a coaching change.  The worst part of all this losing streak is the apparent apathy / lack of a plan from the team, which is presumably at least in part from a lame-duck and possibly burnt-out GM.  And the responsibility for that lies with the president, who needs to get the vision for this season and management situation sorted out now (at least on an interim basis).

    I suspect many within the team will use Price's absence as an excuse for this season and to let themselves off the hook, but at the end of the day, this isn't a team that is a strong goaltender away from being good.  Price may help, but he's not going to go out and score a 2nd goal against the Sabres ... Price is good, he doesn't get a shutout every night.

    True. I guess it's hard to know how much is DD's fault... But, we need to get a new GM in to evaluate that. I don't care if DD coaches out the remainder of this season, but Bergevin should be fired and we should look at hiring his replacement. Someone to come in and evaluate the team for the next 60 games. Someone who can maybe start making some changes in 40-ish games from now.

  3. 9 hours ago, campabee82 said:

    I know who can impact the amount of French speaking players on the team and that person in not even in the Montreal Canadiens organization. The person who can drastically change the amount of French speaking players is none other than Legault himself!!! How you ask, what is the number one reason most UFA's do not sign in Quebec or Canada for that matter? Taxes, and who controls the tax rates the Premier's i.e. Legault! If he really wants an influx of Quebec players he needs to consider lowering the tax rate or finding some other way to alleviate it.

    Nah, I'm not a fan of lowering taxes to entice rich athletes to play in Quebec. :lol: Maybe if Montreal didn't have to revenue share with other NHL teams it wouldn't be so bad. Other teams might not be able to push up against the cap as much and we'd have a small advantage in being able to spend to the cap as much as we wanted.

  4. 8 minutes ago, Regis22 said:

    From the above article ( I took out their names because everyone's been playing crap not just these 3 )

    The Canadiens shouldn’t be as bad as they are this season. This lineup on paper doesn’t look like one of the absolute worst teams in the league. But they are playing like it, because ?, ? and ?  have not been as good as they need to be.

    I mean. Really, though.

    The Canadiens are bad because Bergevin did a bad job of putting together the coaching staff and team. He's been here since 2012. We're no closer to being a competitive post-season team. It's time for the Bergevin era to end.

  5. 14 hours ago, BigTed3 said:

    Tony Marinaro went on radio today and might be the first media member to openly call out the Habs for their pro-French stance. He said outright that Cedric Paquette is not an NHL player and wouldn't be here if he wasn't Francophone. He added that "we're run by a guy from Quebec and we have the most Quebecers in the entire league and look where that's gotten us, 3rd worst in the entire league behind an expansion team."

    I don't think it's as black and white as that. Drouin is a player I like and one who brings an element we don't get from anyone else. Danault was a good player when he was here. But yeah, Marinaro is bang on when he implies the Habs have reached on the rest... Savard has played like garbage all year and hasn't seen any repercussions for it. Perreault had one good game and that's it. Paquette shouldn't be in the NHL. Montembeault played a good game recently but doesn't look NHL-quality right now either. If the Habs had Lafreneiere, I'm all for it. But if they think Danault or Desharnais is a 1C or that Perreault is a 3C, then they're dreaming and overrating players for no reason.

    Good thing Legault has a development plan to get more Quebecers into the NHL. :lol: In 9-10 years maybe we'll have a glut of awesome Quebec-born players.

    I agree, I'm all for having awesome French-speaking players on the team. I'm fine with the people at the top (President, General Manager, etc.) speaking French. I don't agree with having to hire a French-speaking coach or acquiring incredibly weak French-speaking players.

    Reaching to acquire some of these guys has been terrible. You mentioned them all. Savard, Paquette, Montembeault, Perreault. None of these guys will help this organization get anywhere. Unless Bergevin is a genius and is attempting to get the first overall pick.

  6. 1 hour ago, BigTed3 said:

    At this point, I wouldn't hire Patrick Roy as a GM, but I wonder if he might not be a good coach to bring in: used to working with youngsters, holds player responsible for their actions, knows on the other hand what it's like to be a star player in Montreal and how to not treat them a a coach, and has more of a system than Ducharme.

    I never thought I'd say it, but yes... I would take Patrick Roy right now. He's a better coach than DD is. And if we kept losing, I'm sure it would be more entertaining.

  7. 24 minutes ago, BigTed3 said:

    Once you draft a player, there are different statutes on how long you retain that player's rights. For US college players, I believe they become UFA's if they are older than 20 and go unsigned for more than 30 days after finishing their college careers OR if they have completed 4 years of college and still haven't been signed. In Harris' case, he's in his 4th year now, and the Habs only have until the end of this season to sign him without losing his rights for nothing. This is what happened with players like Justin Schultz, Jimmy Vesey, Kevin Hayes, Mike Reilly, and others. They were drafted but never signed with the team drafting them and were lost to free agency. Adam Fox is probably the most notable name in recent past, where he was drafted by the Flames and then traded to the Canes and told both those teams he wouldn't play for them and wanted to go to the Rangers. So both those teams traded him and he signed with the Rangers.

    Bergevin, in an interview a few days ago, was asked about Harris and said "if he decides he likes Boston or New York and prefers to play for the Bruins or Rangers, there's not much we can do about it." It kind of gave the impression he wasn't confident in signing him and that the team suspected he had an alternative destination in mind. It does seem that since the pandemic started that certain players prefer to play in Canada or play in the US. Bergevin also seemed to say that Corey Perry, for example, chose Tampa not for the money or term but because his family was based in the US and the pandemic restrictions made it difficult for them to get into Canada or for travel back and forth to be realistic.

    In any case, it sounds like the Habs haven't advanced talks with Harris very much. Most people thought he was ready to step into an NHL line-up last year, and there's clearly an opportunity for him to become top 4 on the Habs D almost right away. So it was a bit surprising to see him renege on that opportunity and play out his last year in college.

    Thank you for that.

    That seems disappointing. I never really knew much about him, but it sounds like he was a promising prospect.

    I wonder if this is something that will change during future collective bargaining. It seems odd to draft a U.S. college player and they just have the opportunity to say, "No thanks, I am going to finish my degree and go where I please." As far as I understand, in terms of a team's rights to a player, no one else can do this.

  8. 15 hours ago, BigTed3 said:

    Harris is also intriguing but sounds like he'll never play here, and I think we're looking at more of a Dan Boyle or Bryan Rafalski type player (solid top pairing guy) as his top potential than a Scott Niedermayer truly elite type.

    Ted, can you tell me a little more about why you expect Jordan Harris to not play in Montreal? Is he a free agent after his fourth year of college?

  9. 18 minutes ago, maas_art said:

    Yeah, as the article notes, its technically possible, sure, but its incredibly unlikely.  And more importantly, do we want it at this stage?  This season has been putrid. Is it better to have a great run, squeak into the playoffs (or finish just outside) or is it better to flame out & draft Wright or Miroshnichenko or Cooley,  Slafkovsky or Geekie? Right now we have 2 potential elite players in Suzuki and Caufield.  Now is the time to add another (or a few if we can trade vets for high picks/prospects).  There's just no point in squeaking by and being 'just good enough" to be in the middle of the pack. 

    I hope you're right about the potentiality of Suzuki and Caulfield being elite. I don't think we'll get that from them, but hopefully they'll be important, contributing top-six players for this franchise for a long time.

    I would agree. I don't see any point in the organization "middling" for the next 3-4 years. Just be terrible and get good picks. And then hire a GM and coaching staff in the NHL and AHL that can develop the talent.

  10. 27 minutes ago, habsisme said:

    yeah but all one has to do is watch the game and see all the empty seats. I'm a half-season ticket holder. The games that I sell, I'm selling at below the price of the ticket. They are not selling out anymore. I don't see how they can grow or generate more revenue. I don't think it will go that far but they are at the point where they may need to consider lowering the ticket price. Trust me Molson is worried more than any of us, the problem is he might be so worried that he fears what may happen if there is a complete rebuild

    It's not just about ticket revenue. Have a look at how much the team is valued at right now vs. when Molson bought the team. It's gone from somewhere around $500M to $1.34B. That's a great return on investment for him. I can guarantee you he's pretty darn happy with how that has unfolded.

  11. Molson will tolerate it 'til his investment is no longer growing in value. That's the sad truth. He invested in the team, he wants that investment to grow in value, winning would be nice, but it's definitely not the primary goal. If the team keeps increasing in value while putting a terrible product on the ice and losing games, I'm sure he'll tolerate it.

  12. 51 minutes ago, Regis22 said:

    Because we sometimes think every prospect is going to make it to the show and together they will form the nucleus of a contender , when in reality we are lucky if one guy makes it 

    So true.

    Primeau seems so far away from being a regular NHLer. I know I've been spoiled by Carey for several years, but... I just don't see Primeauu, or Montembault, or McNiven, or Allen as being the short-term or long-term solution in net for this team. And I can't imagine Price wanting to be asked by our next GM, "Hey, do you mind hanging around here for another 3-4 seasons while we rebuild?"

  13. “Tonight, we were just bad,” Ducharme said. “Everyone needs to go through it but tonight we were just bad. I can stand here and try to analyze every play but we were bad." :ph34r: :lol:

    Ducharme sure does know what's going on. :rolleyes: I tuned in for one period last night and it was more than enough to validate my lack of attention to this team right now.

    Francois Legault should focus on things more important than trying to plan to get more Quebecers into the NHL.

    Caulfield should remain in Laval for the time-being.

    Not sure why we think Cayden Primeau is the future of our goaltending.

    Really wish they would just announce an interim GM and have Bergevin step away.

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