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  1. Nice to see some Marillion and Killing Joke love on the board. I'm also a big fan of Manic Impressions.
  2. Coming from behind to earn another victory. Strong game by Price after a brief hiatus.
  3. Leading 3-0 after 54 minutes is awesome, but if you wind up winning the same game 4-3 in a SO something went very wrong.
  4. Giving up a late lead on the way to the first winless streak of the year.
  5. Can't win 'em all. It's tough when the other goalie turns into an even more of a brick wall and your team can only sneak one past him.
  6. 5-0 shot advantage after almost ten minutes...
  7. Nice to hear some noise in front of the Boston net.
  8. Another win, and another game where the opponent scores only 1 goal. Pacioretty returning sooner than expected.
  9. Well, I hope the Canadiens can generate more goals than they did against Ottawa. Come out playing hard and fast!
  10. With 10 goals against I believe the Habs are second or third in the league in that category.
  11. Habs of a nice winning streak going, but Ottawa's no slouch. Both teams are coming off a game last night, so neither should be more rested than the other. Hopefully the Habs can extend the streak tonight.
  12. Beating the Devils! Hasn't been the easiest thing since, well Broduer became the starter.
  13. Yeesh. Hoping for a speedy recovery for Pacioretty (for his own sake).
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