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  1. Make the most of your stint as a Hab, Brent.
  2. Paying yet another early morning tribute to the recently departed musical mad man that was Captain Beefheart...this time with a little black coffee and Trout Mask Replica.
  3. Edgar Allan Poe - Terror of the Soul (PBS American Masters series): 7/10
  4. Have been alive for two, but not born during the deciding game of a Cup victory.
  5. I recently re-watched the movie Persona (for about the 8th time). My previous rating of a perfect 10 stands unchanged.
  6. Halpern for Hart. Seriously, though, Jeff is really stepping up when the team needs it. I don't expect him to keep up this pace, but 15-20 goals and 20-25 assists is, I think, a reasonable expectation.
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