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  1. Bill Murray, Geena Davis, and (I think) Randy Quaid. It isn't necessarily a bad movie, but there are several slow parts and many of the jokes feel old hat.
  2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: 9/10
  3. Not sure if/when I'll get around to it. I'm trying to watch things I haven't seen before. I enjoyed Little Children very much. The narration added a touch of humor in parts that really left me thinking.
  4. Two young teenage girls in New Zealand who create a novel/fantasy world together. The more immersed in their created world they become, the more detached they are from the "real" world around them. That's it in a nut shell.
  5. Heavenly Creatures: 9/10 Ah...Kate Winslet
  6. When I was a teenager I worked for an entire summer gutting an old retail store and setting up a new one in its place. Very tedious and very boring...I hate being stuck inside all day.
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