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  1. Omg, Gally! Millers jock is dangling from the rafters right now. That kid is a gem.
  2. Teams with smaller defensemen will have alot of trouble with this Eller line.
  3. We're getting a bit too non-chalant here. We can certainly still win this but gotta get the compete level back up. BTW, I could swear the stick was above the crossbar. This is where we'll miss Emelin, he neautralizes that grindage in Price's crease.
  4. every time I refresh, it just goes back to the Forums homepage. Pages not scrolling all the way to the bottom. Im using an Android device which could be the problem. I will try a reboot. Usually the forums run really smooth on this though.
  5. Emelin is a pretty tough customer. I cant see him lying on the ice writhing in pain like that unless something was broken.
  6. Good example of why you should not take that big a hit on guys like Lucic. Emelin now looking legit injured.
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