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  1. Omg, Gally! Millers jock is dangling from the rafters right now. That kid is a gem.
  2. Teams with smaller defensemen will have alot of trouble with this Eller line.
  3. We're getting a bit too non-chalant here. We can certainly still win this but gotta get the compete level back up. BTW, I could swear the stick was above the crossbar. This is where we'll miss Emelin, he neautralizes that grindage in Price's crease.
  4. every time I refresh, it just goes back to the Forums homepage. Pages not scrolling all the way to the bottom. Im using an Android device which could be the problem. I will try a reboot. Usually the forums run really smooth on this though.
  5. Emelin is a pretty tough customer. I cant see him lying on the ice writhing in pain like that unless something was broken.
  6. Good example of why you should not take that big a hit on guys like Lucic. Emelin now looking legit injured.
  7. If Gallagher is injured I will break my neighbors lawn gnombs.
  8. I'm still stuck on calling everyone "Mr." from the Pierre Gauthier era. "Mr. Gomez, Mr. Gionta, Mr. Subban" etc..
  9. So Drewiske is in? Was Beaulieu sent down? Or did another dman get injured or scratched?
  10. God job on game thread Mr. Kinot. Gotta watch out for them goofy looking Schenn brothers tonite. They play with intent to injure and they just love to deliver late hits to the head.
  11. I would love to trade his contract for a good rental player. I've never beem sold on DD. I think Cole's great season with DD produced some misleading results. He has some good nights here and there though.
  12. I love the Fox Canes play by play guy. I wish tsn habs could pick him up
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