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  1. Please send him back to the ahl.
  2. Im assuming the teams offensive lines will be: Trotter-Willsie-Palushaj Avtsin-Enqvist-Leblanc Conboy-Nattinen–Blunden Lefebvre/Berger-Dumont-DeSimone/Schultz Fortier
  3. True a cat The poster below me wears glasses
  4. True The poster below me has tried an energy drink with alcohol in it.
  5. Get well soon crosby i need you for the pool.
  6. The NHL gotta make a rule to hits to the head soon.
  7. Trotter (plays LW/C) Leblanc (Plays RW/C) Enqvist Nattinen Fortier/Dumont I really think Leblanc will be in the top 6 this year for the bulldogs. Nattinen and Enqvist are both big defensive centers. From what I heard Fortier is better defensively but Dumont has more offensice upside.
  8. gotta feel bad for crosby, constant headaches and is already 1 head hit away from a career ending injury.
  9. Their different types of players. Leblanc a top prospect scorer, Nattinen is a defensive forward with size.
  10. might as well, but I really think as of right now Trottier is more first line material. Also Leblanc can play right wing.
  11. true the poster below me has smoked hookah before.
  12. anyone know the predicted bulldogs line this year?
  13. Places That "WOWED" You? Megan Fox haha I went there
  14. No We drafted Yemelin a long time ago.
  15. I think Gauthier could have offered Weber + 4th (97)+ 7th (198) for Filatov, what would have been imho a better trade.