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  1. Don't feel bad, if a player can't put the effort in the sport he loves while making 2.5 million a year then he deserves to get demoted to the AHL. On the bright side he got his first assist in the AHL
  2. Solid game, becoming a favourite player of mine to watch. I like his intensity and battles along the boards but he seems to have a good shot and hockey sense too.
  3. Extremely happy about putting him on waivers; started the season snake bitten but at least he tried, now he was good old lazy heartless Bourque. Hopefully this sends a message to him and goes back to being playoff Bourque to wherever he ends up.
  4. I like how Sekac plays the game; very strong on the puck and good along the boards. He is much better then Bourque, Moen or even Prust in a bottom six role.
  5. For a 7th round pick Jake put up 6 points +5 in 8 games in the NCAA div1; quite early to get excited but those numbers are very impressive, could be a steal in a few years.
  6. I feel like Jiri is going to make the habs top 9 this year and have a good rookie season.
  7. So Jiri is going to be great at slashing other people's hockey sticks?
  8. Connor is definitely showing skills in Hamilton scoring his 2nd goal in the AHL, hoping to get a signed instead of going back to junior for an over ager year. Battling LW Nick Sorking and C Brady Vail for an entry level contract, at this point he is the favourite of the 3 to get signed.
  9. Tim Bozon has an excellent shot (accurate with a quick release) and a fast skater, he seems to lack hockey sense and needs a good playmaker to set him up. Also he doesn't play physical/gritty and needs improvement on the defensive zone. Next year will be a big test in Hamilton for him too see if he is NHL caliber someday. In 2014 in 14 games he's got 14 goals
  10. Too young and needs to improve before he can make the National team.
  11. Pitsburg over New York Islanders in 5 Montreal over Ottawa in 6 New York Rangers over Washignton in 7 Boston over Toronto in 6 Chicago over Minnesota in 5 Anaheim over Detriot(terrible joke) in 7 Vancouver over San Jose in 7 Los Angelas oner Saint Louis in 6
  12. Blasphemy, like yesterdays 4-1 win against the leafs.
  13. He looked very good today against the leafs.
  14. Can we win it all? YES The habs definately need too play hard, get excellent goaltending and clutch scoring for them to go far,which is a possiblity.
  15. The Rangers because the habs for some reason this year just seem to dominate them. 3-0 W March 30 3-0 W Feb 23 3-1 W Feb 19
  16. Player's im interested in: Jagr,Clowe and Robidas. But I don't want to mortgage the future or spend too much to acquire them, best thing for the habs is keep the youth and picks this season.
  17. Habs win 3-0 yestersday against the Rangers! Phily beat boston 3-1
  18. What happened to league parity?!? this team is stacked. lol Win streak goes to 15 games
  19. Voted for Tinordi; got a feeling that he can be a force for us with big hits and fights. Excited to see Nathan play he still could potentialy steal my vote
  20. Diaz was a very efficient top 4 defensemen for the habs, until he got injured.
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