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  1. Wow no Weber.
  2. Yeah I say ah rats but in a good way.
  3. OMG that would be awesome!
  4. Paul Byron out six months after shoulder surgery.
  5. Pleks promoted to second line centre. The trade is working!
  6. For the improved Bell Centre concessions.
  7. Chris Terry wins scoring title.
  8. Don’t forget that oldie but goodie “The answer’s in that room”
  9. Who's this Morrow guy? Habs could use him!
  10. What's that?
  11. Yes but there's #blamekinot & #pickonkinot.
  12. GO Cenner!
  13. It looks like FL, HHN,HTL,archey & booboo have first round byes as well.
  14. Ditto
  15. Yup