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  1. Let’s go Raiders!
  2. Impressive
  3. Tie Sharks
  4. Wow nice 👍 I must definitely be toast now. Congrats and best of luck.
  5. I'm not sure of the standings for what I need to do for sure. Blues
  6. Blue Jackets Avalanche
  7. Blues
  8. Bruins Sharks for fun
  9. So after a couple of days I opened this thread to read it. Please refrain from comments directed at the poster & concentrate on the content of the post itself. Please choose your wording carefully & be civil. I'd hate to have to hand out warnings. Thank You HabsRuleForever Moderator
  10. Tie Canes Stars Or should I just concede. lol
  11. Sorry? That’s hilarious! Hopefully it comes true lol.
  12. Columbus San Jose
  13. NY in OT Dallas in OT
  14. Bruins in OT Avs
  15. Tie Stars