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  1. OMG he made that pylon an all-star.
  2. If he hadn't got injured the way(s) he did then IMO he probably would have done enough.
  3. Yeah, that's the one.
  4. You should have thrown in a kinot doll somewhere!
  5. Wednesday Chicago @ Pittsburgh TIE Washington @ Colorado
  6. Good. I just got lucky with the ties, usually that doesn't happen. However I think I'm just a little happier than HHN & kinot right now.
  7. Hey it's good to hear from you again 24!
  8. I think, I think, we're at 3 so we would only be down to one unless there's a bonus out there somewhere. However I could be completely wrong.
  9. So it could be down to either 4 or 3 or even 2 tonight or remain at 5.
  10. Never gets old unlike......
  11. Tuesday Winnipeg @ New Jersey TIE Nashville @ Boston Ottawa @ Philadelphia TIE Detroit @ Carolina Buffalo @ Columbus Florida @ Toronto Dallas @ Montreal Washington @ Minnesota NY Rangers @ San Jose TIE
  12. We always want and expect more from our most talented players. Leclair still leaves bad memories but if Max was that type of player we couldn't afford him and he'd already be gone. Thank goodness we have him because if we didn't we'd barely be able to score goals at all. Sure he's a streaky goal scorer and we all expect more from our captain but it is what it is. Let's hope he turns it up during the playoffs or were going nowhere fast unless we find scoring somewhere else.
  13. Good for him but yes it wont last over the long haul. Didn't DSP do something like that with the Devils after leaving here?
  14. Monday Detroit @ Carolina Florida @ Buffalo Nashville @ NY Islanders Chicago @ Tampa Bay