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  1. I used to schedule my life around making sure I see the games. Racing home because of the time difference (for a couple of months) buying centre ice,etc. Nowadays its "Oh this game will be on here? Well maybe I'll catch a little bit of it." Sigh
  2. Yes we heard.
  3. Currently playing in the KHL. with AkBars Kazan.. Markov will be joining him.
  4. Since he's not going anywhere you could always go with Bergevin.
  5. And yet he still has a job. Yikes And this is our favourite team. Double Yikes
  6. Thanks for an amazing career as a Hab Markov. It's to bad it was hampered by those injuries otherwise you would have been one of the all time greats. I'm not ready to move this to the ex-habs threads. I think I'll wait awhile.
  7. http://www.tsn.ca/habs-sign-d-streit-to-one-year-deal-1.813160
  8. Not.
  9. Is there any other place to store signatures now that photobucket won't let us?
  10. But, but he's positive we're a better club today. Oh wait; that was yesterday. I realize this is the Weber thread but I've become so disgusted with Bergeron & his lies & cover-ups.
  11. Congrats Carey! You deserve it but man you're going to be busy. Even more than past years.
  12. Flip him back to the Habs with PK for Weber.
  13. Don't think, just say....BOOM!
  14. BOOM Music City with PK