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  1. Montreal @ Washington = Caps Vegas @ Florida = Knights
  2. Good job.
  3. Unfortunately I have no life so I’ll be here & possibly watching.
  4. I wonder if PK would come here? I'll show myself out.
  5. LOL. Shades of the St. Patrick evening?
  6. JANUARY Sat, Jan 20 7:00 PM ET Boston @ Montreal HNIC, TVAS, NESN kinot BrosTue, Jan 23 7:30 PM ET Colorado @ Montreal TSN2, RDS, ALT CluesThu, Jan 25 7:30 PM ET Carolina @ Montreal TSN2, RDS, FS-SE CluesTue, Jan 30 8:00 PM ET Montreal @ St. Louis FS-MW, TSN2, RDS habs_93
  7. Well next is the Capitals . How bad is going to be?
  8. However if MB stays I shudder to think..... Molson can’t be that blind. Can he?!
  9. Now I know Boston's playing really well but they're so good they can play the Islanders & then beat the Caps & Devils in a triple threat match?
  10. Washington @ New Jersey Boston @ NY Islanders Toronto @ Philadelphia TIE Dallas @ Columbus Buffalo @ NY Rangers St. Louis @ Ottawa Vegas @ Tampa Bay Pittsburgh @ Los Angeles
  11. This team is not a playoff team. This team is barely an NHL caliber team.
  12. Hi my name is HRF & I’m a Habs fan. Hi HRF, welcome. Coffee & stale donuts are complimentary.
  13. What did gazoo always say when Fred & Barney would call? Oh yes it was Yes dumdums.