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  1. PRESEASON Sat, Sep 21 7:30 PM ET Montreal @ Ottawa TSN5, RDS Mon, Sep 23 7:00 PM ET Toronto @ Montreal TSN2, RDS, TSN4 Wed, Sep 25 7:00 PM ET Montreal @ Toronto TSN4, TSN2, RDS Sat, Sep 28 7:00 PM ET Ottawa @ Montreal RDS, TSN5
  2. PRESEASON Mon, Sep 16 7:00 PM ET New Jersey @ Montreal TSN2, RDS Wed, Sep 18 7:00 PM ET Florida @ Montreal SN1, TVAS, NHLN at Bathurst, N.B Thu, Sep 19 7:00 PM ET Florida @ Montreal TSN2, RDS Sat, Sep 21 7:30 PM ET Montreal @ Ottawa TSN5, RDS Mon, Sep 23 7:00 PM ET Toronto @ Montreal TSN2, RDS, TSN4 Wed, Sep 25 7:00 PM ET Montreal @ Toronto TSN4, TSN2, RDS Sat, Sep 28 7:00 PM ET Ottawa @ Montreal RDS, TSN5
  3. About Links To Streams We are just getting back into hockey so some may have forgotten from previous seasons, or our newer members may not know this, but posting links to illegal streams of Habs games is prohibited on this forum. Also, if those links can not be posted, there's no point in asking for one, so just don't.What is acceptable:As a general guideline, if the address of a site has a TV acronym in it , it's a safe bet and you can post it.What is not:Any post containing a link to a stream not sanctioned by the Canadiens or the NHL, whether it's an active link or just the address, will earn a warning to the poster. If you're not sure if a link is legal or not, ask a moderator by PM.Any post generally asking for a link will be deleted without further explanation.Where to find the information:Members who create the Gameday threads usually post the information on how to catch the game. You can also check the main page on canadiens.com, they always indicate the TV networks and radio stations broadcasting the game
  4. WELCOME TO THE 2019/2020 GDT SIGNUP THREAD Again this season we will post monthly Gameday calendars to assign who will create Gameday threads. In the past seasons some of our members have become real experts at creating masterpieces of graphics and information summaries and they are certainly welcome to wow us again with their skills! However, creating a Gameday thread is open to all and doesn't have to be an art or a science. It would be great if even more members gave it a try this year. How to create a Gameday thread Gameday threads are created like any other thread on this forum. You need to be a registered member, have a post count of at least 100 and you should have given your name to create it (see below for instructions on how to do that). To create the thread, make sure you are in the Gameday subforum; click on the New Topic button at the top-right of your screen; enter game identification in the Topic Title box (eg Game #1 – Thu Oct 13 Canadiens @ Sabres 7:00 PM RDS); enter the information you want to post in the large text box as you would for any other post; click the Post New Topic button at the bottom of your screen and voilà! you're all done. I want to give it a try but I'm not sure I'm capable - What should I do? - What do I post? Keep in mind that the purpose of Gameday threads is to have a place for everyone to discuss the game itself before, during and after it's played. A place where we can just yell Go! Habs! Go! comment on specific plays as they happen, cheer for a goal, frown on missed plays... in other words, give our 2 cents about the game in a fun and relaxed environment. The first post can range from simple text only repeating the title of the thread, to elaborate pregame stats and matchup information in formatted text using images, with everything else in between. Here are a few suggestions for items to post: •Repeat the game information from the thread title •Habs lineup •Starting goalies •Team leaders in points •General team stats such as the current rank in the conference standings, wins and losses, PP and PK % and rank •A few photos Those are only suggestions, be as simple or as elaborate as you want. You can browse the Gameday Archives for examples. How do I give my name to create a Gameday thread? There's only one simple way to give your name to create a Gameday thread: repost the most recent calendar and add your username IN BOLD and IN COLOR next to the game of your choice. Keep the names of other members already signed-up in bold so that we can easily see which games are left to choose from. When we get close to the end of a month, the calendar for the next month will be posted. When can I create the thread? New Gameday threads should be created no sooner than the day before the game and no later than 3 PM on game day (10 AM for matinee games). For back to back games, wait until the first game is finished before creating a thread for the second. I signed-up for a game but I won't be able to make it. We understand that everyone has a life and will not always be able to be online during the designated time window to create a Gameday thread. If you have signed-up and cannot make it, all we ask is that you let us know. If you know well in advance, just come back to this thread and remove your name from the calendar, someone else will take over. If it's a last minute thing, notify one of the moderators by PM, we will see to it that someone can replace you. Again the goal is to have a thread open, you don't have to give reasons, just say that you can't make it . Here we go, let the fun begin! and as always: GO! HABS! GO!
  5. Fixed
  6. Congratulations Jedi.
  7. Every time I hear his name I see him getting injured against Pittsburgh. Marky was so awesome for us & a healthy Markov? Well MB would have probably traded him. Time to move on, but never say never.
  8. The season's getting closer!
  9. MONTREAL - The Montreal Canadiens announced today that 28 players will participate in the team's rookie camp, from September 5-10. Canadiens rookies will take part in the annual Rookie Tournament, which will take place from September 6-9 at CAA Arena, in Belleville, Ontario. The rookie tournament will feature prospects from three NHL clubs: the Canadiens, Ottawa Senators and Winnipeg Jets. Each team will play two games. The list of 28 players participating in the rookie camp includes 18 forwards, eight defensemen, and two goaltenders. As well, 25 of the 28 players invited to camp also took part in the Canadiens' development camp last June. Game - Canadiens rookies vs U-Sports team Canadiens fans will have the opportunity to see some of the Club's top prospects in a game against a U-Sports team, composed of players from three Quebec universities; Concordia, Trois-Rivières and McGill. This match up will be presented at the Bell Sports Complex in Brossard on Tuesday, September 10, at 1 p.m. The stands will be opened to the public for this event. The Laval Rocket coaching staff led by head coach Joël Bouchard, along with assistant coaches Daniel Jacob, Alex Burrows and Marco Marciano will handle coaching responsibilities for games and practices. Players and head coach will be available to the media following practices and games. Schedule - Canadiens' rookie camp / 2019 Rookie Tournament Thursday, September 5: 3 p.m. Practice (Bell Sports Complex) Friday, September 6: 10 a.m. Practice (Bell Sports Complex) Saturday, September 7: 11:15 a.m. Practice (CAA Arena, Belleville) 7 p.m. Game OTT vs. MTL (CAA Arena, Belleville) Sunday, September 8: 11:15 a.m. Practice (CAA Arena, Belleville) 7 p.m. Game MTL vs. WPG (CAA Arena, Belleville) Monday, September 9: Canadiens' annual golf tournament (Laval-sur-le-Lac) Tuesday, September 10: 1 p.m. Game vs. U-Sports team (Bell Sports Complex) Please find attached the Canadiens' 2019 rookie camp roster Annual golf tournament The Canadiens will hold their annual golf tournament to benefit the Montreal Canadiens' Children's Foundation on Monday, September 9, 2019 at Club de golf Laval-sur-le-Lac (150, Les Peupliers, Laval-sur-le-Lac). Media availability with players and management will start at 9 a.m. Main training camp The Canadiens' main training camp will begin on Thursday, September 12, with players reporting for medicals and physical evaluations at the Bell Sports Complex in Brossard. Training camp will run until Saturday, September 28. The Canadiens will play a total of seven preseason games, including the Kraft Hockeyville Canada game against the Florida Panthers on September 18, in Bathurst, New Brunswick. The Canadiens will also present their annual Intrasquad Scrimmage at the Bell Centre on September 15.
  10. But you did get the pop right?
  11. Which one?
  12. Well, well, well. Don't you know this is the kinot collective thread?