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  1. damnit how do you do that?
  2. Like your post Maddie but I win. Hey I can win a fake contest
  3. Where do I collect the trophy?
  4. I want to win!!
  5. Welcome to all our newest members & hey Habs fans out there who are thinking of joining. What are you waiting for? Don't cha know FH#10 is here!!!!!
  6. Great news guys I'm very happy for you & Hamilton!
  7. Yup today is the day. Can't wait for the schedule to come out to see if the Habs will be there.
  8. "Come on kids let's go to the playland room but don't disturb the crime scene."
  9. I want to see Tom Hanks on CSI NY Tom - "Hello Dan,Dan Taylor" Gary - "It's Mac Taylor" Tom - "An autopsy is like a box of chocolates, ya never know what your gonna get"
  10. "Oh I suggest you don't leave town. I will bring you to justice. Here's your happy meal"
  11. only if I got free fries with it
  12. Ronald McDonald?
  13. I'm on Las Vegas season ten...I miss Grissom CSI Miami season 4....puts on sunglasses CSI NY season three....I really like Gary Sinese
  14. Myself I buy the seasons of the CSI franchise. I really enjoy them.
  15. Hey Keith welcome to the forum. I grew up watching Habs games with my grandpa as well. Good luck with your schooling. Cheers HRF
  16. Welcome new members & yeah, yeah beware of me.
  17. NBA

    Hello! Even if my Celtics lose I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy the Lakers are toast. It's kinda wierd I hate the Bruins yet love the Celtics.
  18. Why is this so funny again?
  19. Welcome to all our newest members.
  20. I like the taxi driver "bluftoni"
  21. who's in this one muskeg?
  22. I like "The House Is Rockin", myself.