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  1. Oh thanks HTL Dallas
  2. Sunday NYI Tampa Vegas
  3. NYI Tampa Dallas
  4. Oh so 52 wins.
  5. From Owen Sound to Guelph Sorry
  6. Islanders Stars
  7. Oh so kinot wins.
  8. The Intruder. 6/10 but worth the watch because of Dennis Quaid’s performance.
  9. Agreed, however if I notice a game going to OT I may watch.
  10. It looked like he was auditioning for a Battle of the Blades comedy routine. Skate, Skate, Skate Drop the Puck Back Run Away!
  11. Agreed. It explains a lot. On a personal level, for him, I hope his style of play/countless injuries doesn't affect his health after his career is over. .
  12. Time to clean up the rest of Pennsylvania. Especially behind the bench.
  13. Let’s go Islanders
  14. Yes!!!!!
  15. So are we playing like we want to win the next three in a row?
  16. Too bad, if only Columbus had one that marathon game, I think they would have rattled the Lightning two seasons in a row.