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  1. Did you say that above? lol
  2. They shouldn't be but I just wonder how many players are playing but thinking of covid.
  3. Captain Obvious says 1st goal will determine the outcome.
  4. Dale Hawerchuk has passed.
  5. Going to miss this one. Best of luck!
  6. Philadelphia vs Montreal: TIE Montreal Calgary vs Dallas: Calgary Washington vs NY Islanders: NYI Chicago vs Vegas: Vegas
  7. HOT HOT HOT 🥵!!!
  8. Who won the poll? Question 4?
  9. Me also please please please. lol
  10. What a bad goal to lose on.
  11. Oh Domi why did you do that?
  12. Yup I’ll be at work.
  13. Shutout
  14. Lol again
  15. Or here
  16. Back pass Drouin
  17. Oh my my
  18. Lol
  19. See you in a minute.
  20. Great effort Drouin
  21. That’s about seven now.
  22. Careless use of stick lol
  23. Oh my
  24. What bull offside was that?