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  1. Refs/Flyers 1 Habs 0
  2. Even when Drouin centres to the front of the net its a back pass!
  3. Your mouth?
  4. Social distancing since ‘67.
  5. Refs only see red.
  6. Damn
  7. Kulak hooked no call.
  8. No comment
  10. Hey thanks. That’s what happens when I use my phone. I’ll take Vancouver
  11. Washington vs New York: Islanders Dallas vs Calgary: Flames Vegas vs Chicago: Knights Philadelphia vs Montreal: Canadiens St. Louis vs Calgary: Flames
  12. Wrong thread but Rask has just opted out of the Covid Cup.
  13. Rask has just opted ou.
  14. Same for me please.
  15. All the best to him and his family!
  16. I’ll be at work. I hope to hear good news when I check in!
  17. Arizona vs Colorado: Colorado Montreal vs Philadelphia: Montreal Vancouver vs St Louis: Vancouver NY Islanders vs Washington: Islanders Dallas vs Calgary: Dallas
  18. Good to hear everything was /is ok Ram.
  19. Columbus vs Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay Chicago vs Las Vegas: Vegas Carolina vs Boston: Boston Calgary vs Dallas: Calgary
  20. However we lost.
  21. Crossbar
  22. LOL good job refs but yeah our “top” players where are you & what the hell are you doing?
  23. Leko can’t catch a break this game.
  24. Well a better period but one bad lazy play and we’re behind again.