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  1. Wow where’s the call?
  2. Carp!
  3. Next game delayed till tomorrow.
  4. Game 3 Period 2 coming up.🤠
  5. Boo..urns
  6. Oh I’d be dead already.
  7. 88 minutes is a movie lol.
  8. Don’t worry it’s in the east time zone. Lol
  9. This period gets better as it goes along.
  10. However they both probably saw it.
  11. 5 minute major missed by the refs there.
  12. Calgary holds on.
  13. OMG that’s the most funniest thing I’ve ever seen.
  14. I like these picks for today also please & I’ll go with 72 if I may.
  15. About an hour from me.
  16. Cool
  17. Maybe he’ll take the bait.
  18. Yes I’ll take that one please.
  19. I’m sure he floundered back & forth a bit before posting.
  20. There’s a good one?
  21. Hopefully the top in each conference.
  22. Sounds fishy.
  23. One period to go.
  24. I hope the goal he scored wakes him up for the next round because we sure need more production from out “top” players to beat Philly or maybe Tampa. One period to go in that game.
  25. Flyers up by two. I believe we get the winner.