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  1. Not sure if it is the crowd, the third round, the team, or all three, but I am into this playoff game.
  2. Don't think he played the third last game. Maybe the same here?
  3. yup. Paul Maurice was asked to comment on Edmundson's words, to which he said it isn't wise for Edmundson to say what he did as the league will see any action as premeditated.
  4. Can't wait till the third. Ref: Now, for my third and final trick. I am going to give KK a penalty while he is on the BENCH! Commentators: OOOOOoooo ;)
  5. Hockey gods? Every bad call by ref = an injured Winnipeg player.
  6. Ok. We score next PP because 1/10 may still bad but 0/10 is too much to bear! ;(
  7. It annoys me to no end how quickly they can set up their PP and we struggle to gain entry. Ugh.
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