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  1. Having watched his game I would have guessed that he had 9 or 10 shots in his last 3 games. Interesting. His shot attempt numbers don't look bad at all, which tells me he's letting his linemates do the shooting more than he does.
  2. I was skeptical of the move to put him on waivers, and it looks like MB may have gone from a bad situation with Bourque to worse. We can send him down, but it won't save anything significant and we have cap space already. We could have traded him and retained some salary, but there is at this point a 0.0000001% chance he gets traded in the next year and a half. Can we buy him out mid-season? That might be the best move if MB wants him gone, but I honestly think this team is better off with Bourque than without him (as a depth player like Moen), and like I said we aren't crunched by the cap,
  3. I've been wondering about something, and I'm curious to read other opinions on this: If the NHL were to eliminate fighting this upcoming offseason, would Prust have an NHL job one year from now? Why or why not?
  4. Here's my theory on PDO. Make sure to give it a read if you're into this kind of stuff, and don't forget to drop a comment if you've got something to add! link
  5. Greatest player, captain, and man to don the Habs sweater in my lifetime. No doubt. If ever there were a jersey to retire based on more than on-ice performance, it would be #11.
  6. I think I found a boundary inside which PDO regression doesn't exist, and outside of which regression would be expected to occur. That point seems to be +/- 1.3. So if a team has a PDO that is higher than 101.3 or lower than 98.7, expect something is up. If they are inside that boundary, then there is a pretty good chance that team has a higher shooting/saving percentage than normal due to being talented. On edit: I'll write my theory as to why in more detail next week. Hopefully early next week.
  7. Has anyone read anything interesting on special teams and fancy stats? That seems to be a huge hole in our understanding of the game statistically right now. Special teams are pretty much ignored and I can't figure out why. I might start working on seeing what predicts special teams performance once I get time in a few weeks.
  8. For a lot of teams, especially sure playoff teams like the California powers, $$$ > 2 points. Their team will succeed just fine in the other 81 games, but outdoor games, overexploited as they are, still generate crazy amounts of revenue.
  9. Appearing not to care and actually not caring are two different things.
  10. But has he actually been that bad? I just never got the big deal with how he was playing poorly. He scored as many goals as Max while he was here (only had 1 less assist too), but only one of those players "didn't care". I know that Max was helpful in other ways, but I just don't get the big deal. We could have gotten a goal or 2 more from any player and the series would be different. Take out game 5, and basically none of the players on this team stepped up except for Tokarski. But only 1 of them gets throttled by fans for not caring.
  11. Was he drafted out of the USHL then? He plays in the CHL now, right? This stuff is way more complicated than it probably has to be
  12. He can play at the NHL any time (in theory), but my understanding that he plays either the NHL or OHL until the season he turns 20, at which point he switches to the Habs farm teams.
  13. He's leading the team in playoff goals. Not sure how much you could want from a guy like him. Yeah, I'll admit he looks lazy. But looking lazy and being lazy are 2 different things.
  14. Here's my next post to EOTP. This one is on special teams. Follow-up to come, hopefully by this weekend. (Link)
  15. Thanks! I originally tackled PDO as part of projecting standings using nothing but fancy stats, and I wasn't really satisfied with the knowledge that was out there in the internet, so I just really started to compile as much data as I could and look at it some more, and what I found is that, while PDO is helpful, it's not nearly as much of a factor as it's made out to be. I mean, think about it. A lot of people will say that Colorado lucked into having the season that they did, and PDO definitely supports it. But Colorado fans will argue they have a goalie with world-class potential who is ju
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