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  1. U of Michigan lost, the Lions lost, the Tigers lost, and the Habs lost. Terrible sports weekend. :(

    1. powerplay2009


      Thanks for the encouragement :P

  2. If we had Larry Robinson today, all of our team's problems would be solved, I feel.

  3. Following a hostage crisis just an hour down the road. Its really scary when it is this close to home...

    1. DCH


      Youch. Whereabouts?

    2. powerplay2009


      Grand Rapids, MI. 7 people dead, 3 hostages with one released. I live an hour away.

    1. hatethosebruins
    2. Forever_Habs10


      What a true hero,though he does not consider himself to be...and so are the ones who stuck by his side & started the clean up......as for the rioters,disgraceful losers.

    3. uncivilengineer


      Sums up my feelings on it all.

  4. My area had one of the strongest tornadoes its had in a while. I missed that game tonight because I was helping move uprooted trees and my house had no power. There were houses a few blocks from me that were effectively cut in half due to the storm. Thank god everyone I know and care about is okay.

    1. RSD


      Good to hear you and your loved ones are ok.

    2. hatethosebruins
    3. powerplay2009


      Just got internet back. Been moving trees for people all week because I haven't had school.

  5. Little Johny was a chemist, a chemist he is no more. Because what he thought was H2O, was H2SO4



      Just what _were_ you doing?

  6. When I am on my way to an AP Calc test- that's a bad time for the bus to break down.

  7. Win or lose in Game 7, remember that this is another great all-time series between the Habs and Bruins. Even if we lose, my team has not disappointed me.

  8. So this one time.... a baby seal walked into a club.

  9. Yesterday was my first NHL game- Habs-Leafs. That was awesome. That wasn't the best part of the day. The best part was when I just happened to pass Henri Richard on the street going to the Hall of Fame. He signed my Rocket jersey. I'm still high from that.

  10. Just did some research. We have been shut out 9 times, which is more than 1/10 of our games. Surprisingly, thats the third most in the league, behind Washington with 10 and Toronto with 11. What does that tell you about the Leafs/Capitals.

    1. GreekHockeyCoach


      It tells me that they've gone through slumps as well.

  11. Earlier today my mom walked into the living room where I was sitting and told me not to laugh. I was wondering why until my ten year old sister walked in wearing makeup for the first time. She looked like the joker. It took many negotiations not to be grounded for a month.

  12. I got a Richard jersey for my birthday.

  13. I am currently sitting in the middle of the US Snowpacalypse

  14. Saku deserves a standing ovation...then a loss. :P

    1. Forever_Habs10


      I'm standing as we speak,lol.........habs for the win.

  15. Just found out my first NHL game is going to be Habs-Leafs on April 9th. I can't ask for better, given that I live in Michigan. So excited! :)

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    2. Nine1One
    3. powerplay2009


      I've had chances to go to Red Wings games, but I figured this would be better.

    4. ColRouleBleu
  16. If our defense can't get their act together...

  17. Holy crap we have a lot of away games this month.

  18. Hockey, guitar, and pumpkin pie. Epic Win.

  19. We didn't deserve a win tonight....

  20. Price and Subban got SWAG!

  21. Just arranged a beautiful trumpet solo.. Can't wait to play it! :)

  22. 24601

    1. Manatee-X


      What's the deal with this number being posted everywhere? Did 'Les Miserables' suddenly have a big resurgence or something?

    2. powerplay2009


      I've always loved it, but this is its 25th anniversary.

    3. Manatee-X


      Okay, cool :). I thought it was some new internet meme or something :P

  23. Not one of Halak's best nights... Oh well, At least the Penguins are beating the Booins. What a great time for the Bruins to lose two in a row ;)

    1. powerplay2009


      Never mind. Fast two goals

    2. roy_133
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