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  1. I would much rather have okposa and errickson at 5 or 6 million over the next 5 years than paying 12 million for stamkos I think we are good down the middle, gally, pleks, eller and Mitchel, you add two 25 to 30 goal wingers. DRaft one of 3 big dee to play with subban ...we would be set for the next 5 years
  2. Deserhnais has no role on this team going forward, find a trading partner nd get it done. Move Eller back to center where he belongs. When Pleks is gone Eller or Mcarron will take his place. Both players play a good two way game. Over the next year or two. YOu will have Galchenyk, Eller and McCarron down the Middle, Size and skill, to punish defenceman. Give Tampa, a first, a deeman, tinordi and our top prospect other then Mcarron. for Droiun. First line becomes Droiun, Galchenyk, Gallager. Try to get Iginla, some prospects to play with Pleks and Pactches, Price returns we have as good a lineup as anyone for shot at cup/.... forgot to mention FIRE THE COACH
  3. Why throw a young kid into the mess we have now. That could be the worst thing to do for his development. It not our goaltending anyway, its our scoring and the constant mess of line changes going on.
  4. Remove Yemelin and Pateryn Add tin and bel
  5. nine goals lst night and he should have stopped at least 8 of them, he looked brutal
  6. I disagree, the line of Eller, Galchenyk and Semin was one of our best LInes early on, they certainly looked like our number 2 line, they had size, skill and constantly kept pressure in the offensive zone, We lose one game and therrien needs a scape goat or two, and he started pinning this on guys like Semin and Eller, Instead of just accepting the fact that the team lost a couple of games. Not fall off the cliff in panic mode. If you want to shuffle for a game or two as a wake up call ---fine--- but it had nothing to do with Semin and Eller, but they are therrien whipping boys. Tinordi will be the third whipping boy if he ever gets a chance.
  7. with price in nets 2 goals can sometimes be enough, Vanek has had 2, 2 goal games out of 6 games versus boston. He may look like he is not engaging, but his game is away from the scrums. I am old enough to have watched gretzky, I lived in Edmonton for ten years, I use to have season tickets 10 rows up from ice level, right along the blue line, gretzky never looked as good as a lot of other players and most nights it looked as if he wasn't even trying, but one or two shifts he ccould win a hockey game, now I am not saying vanek is gretzky, but he has a similar approach to the game, they don't appear to be doing much throughout the game but one or two and all of a sudden they have a few points. I remember going to Calgary saddledome to watch a game between Calgary and Edmonton, it was getting late into the third period and I remember talking to my friend about how lazy gretzky looked and hasn't done anything in the game. well that changed in the last minute when he scored the tying goal, and then went on to setup kurri in the first minute of overtime with a cross ice pass that went through 3 Calgary players. game over, gretzky goal and an assist for 2 points on two shifts in less then 2 minutes and the oilers win... almost like the habs in the 70's, the other teams used to give everything they had to try to beat montreal and there were nights where it looked like they would. but the habs would just decide to crank it up for a few minutes and the other team goes home losing 5 to 2, wondering where the truck game from that just ran them over
  8. He was brought in for some cheap veteran leadership on the back end. He has delivered this season. He never was a rock am sock am player. He was a solid responsible defense man at both ends of the ice who is much much stronger than his size...
  9. What impressed me most the other night was how he handled one of the top power forwards in the game Evander Kane. There will still be bumps along the way. But playing in the playoffs at the highest level in his profession will only help.
  10. Who really wants Kaberle to play anyway? He is not part of the present team, never was and certainly will not be part of the future. Anyone of Tinordi or Beulieu will be less of a liability then Kaberle and they will get some really valuable experience.
  11. Tough loss, I liked his growth this year and was looking forward to see him grow even more the playoffs.. I don't have a problem with Beulieu and Tindordi sharing duty through the playoffs, we play as well as any team 5 on 5. Its the system Therrien has installed we support each other all over the ice.... Heck after last season, playing as well as we have all season, knowing we will be in the playoffs, having the likes of Galchenyk, Gallage getting a taste of the playoffs, along with Tinordi and Beulieu, all is still good... I still think we will surprise a few teams in the playoffs just like we have all season....
  12. I know he is only young but not sure he has what it takes to be an NHL player. Really shyed away from any board play. As a deeman you cannot do that at the NHL level, its fine in Junior when your a good skater and he is he is a good good skater but not at this level. IF we had a shot at a top 3 deeman already playing in the NHL and he was needed to be part of the trade, I would have no problem including him...
  13. He plays 25 plus big minutes every night, I don't think he has missed a game in 7 seasons. He is a great skater with great size. The problem with Boumeester is everybody thought he would be getting 50 or 60 points a season, 15 plus goals, play against the other teams best and kill penalities... He does play against the other teams best, he is really good at killing penalties, he can play the power play, he is still only 29 years of age, no he hasn't been scoring 15 plus a year or 50 or 60 points and now he is underated because of that. He really a well rounded big deman who logs tons of minutes, he does everything quite well and would fit into what we have here very nicely. You could reduce Markov minutes substantially. Him and Subban in my books would be so sweet together. I think they would fit like a glove.. He is a top 2 or 3 deeman on any team in the league who can log a ton of minutes, and help out in all areas of the game.
  14. I think one of Beulieu or Tinordi will be part of a trade for a Top End Deeman Beulieu or Tinordi, another prospect, second round pick , kaberle to Calgary...We can then use our buyout on another player if needed at season end. Jay Bouwmeester to Montreal
  15. At 6.5 million per year I expect more from our goaltender...sheesh. HAsn't been anything better than average since our 2 to 1 loss to boston back on feb 6th... Your best player should be your best player most night. He has even been in the top ten most nights...since early feb..
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