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  1. A high stick is a high stick, it doesn't matter if you meant it or not. A hit to the head is a hit to the head and it should not matter if you meant it or not. This is not about two players falling into each other. This is about one player lining up another player for the hit. If the point of contact is the head you have to be held accountable......... This is even more unbelievable then the hit on patches that the league turned a blind eye to. The simple fact that they have called every hit to the head this preseason and allow this to fly by is really unbelievable???? This only points to one thing, as the season progresses there will be less and less calls for head shots, as the playoffs arrives there will be none and by this time next season it will start all over again. This league is really becoming a joke. The rule should be simple and easy to follow. if you are intending to check a player and your first point of contact is the head for what ever reason you shoul be held accountable......
  2. He needs to go back to Junior, have another great season, enjoy the world juniors, come to camp again next season, last till the final few go to the AHL, play there for most of the season, show he can be dominat there, make a name for himself, get called up laet in the season play a few games and join the BIG Club in two years for good.
  3. Brad Marchand type role would be exactly the type of player we could use. We need some players will a bit of flair and fire. Subban has the flair! If he can progress into a Marchand type of player that would be great.
  4. I agree with Big Ted, its great he did really well at Junior last season and getting to show some of his flash at training camp, but he is still smaill,young and needs to show that he can compete at the higher levels, second day of traing camp is not a higher level. Make the junior team which i have no doudt he will, make an impression at the big stage, go to the AHL next season and dominate that like a Cammerelli or a Subban, then bring that to the NHL....
  5. Maybe one of our better forwards last night along with Eller....He has tremendous speed, and is really aware defensively, not sure what happens to his game after the playoffs.
  6. I posted earlier not who Cherry supported on the patches hit by chara, we all new he would support chara, but i was upset with all the video he showed. You know what this just may have back fired on the archaic announcer. The hit on patches, the reaction to the hit by many, cherry stupid comments and his slew of dangerous videos may just have been enough for the league and gms to take a hard look at the league and to hold players accountable. it may just have started with cook. I hope this doesn't stall and they lay down the boom even harder to headshots. I think it shoudl start at 10 games WITH INTENT and increase from there, i think two games for accidental shots to the head. Just like a high stick has a penality or shooting it over the glass for delay of game. YOU HAVE TO BE IN CONTROL.
  7. I expected nothing less from don cherry with regards to the hit. but he went way overboard on this one. showing a multitude of other incidents just renforces the need for some change to this archaic game. Are you kidding me, Chara has been a goody goody, no previous incidents, well thats great eh. I know of parenst who were models in society and killed their spousee and children. I know of people who had one drink to many once and killed people. I know of teenagers who have put beatens on their best freinds that have changed their lifes for ever. And to belittle people that play a major role in society expressing their own feelings on the matter, air canada, via rail. I have never been in Montreal other then to play in a little league game when i was 12 years old but i think the hit was to serve only one purpose and that was to put some hurt on pacs. I don,t have to work for a major corporation that exists in Montral to have a point of view on that. Come out and say you think the hit was clean and leave it at that, but to show a multitude of other dangerous plays, and to try to belittle other people because they have expressed their concerns is a joke.
  8. good' were on mark this page and see you in 5 years thats al i will need, maybe 3, maxwell numbers in the ahl were the same as ellers at a younger age. he was extremely mishandled by the habs. and basically lost a year of development by being on the practice squad at the nhl level. his play was no worse than ellers EVER at the nhl level but because he was not part of a blockbuster trade he did not receive any icetime. ben maxwell will get more points at the \nhl level next season than lars eller. and if he gets to play with atlanta over the last 20 plus games maybe as much as eller this season. raw skills? just because eller was drafted in the first round and maxwell was drafted in teh second does not mean he has more raw skills..................see pk subban - second round > see mike komisarik first round
  9. dumb move. maxwell has not been given one chance in this organization. i bet maxwell has a better carreer then eller.
  10. You would think the habs organization would learn something from this season, our team is much much much better because of players like, pacs, pouliot, subban, weber, deshernais, white they have been given a chance to play thats why.....i cannot imagine there is not one dee in hamilton who can give us as much as Mara and also add NHL experience to their resume.
  11. At 26 years old, 40 plus point deeman, getting better defensively everyyear, he has to be worth 3.5 to 4 ... he can also be a physical force even though he is not that big...something our team lacks....I would try to lock him up on a 4 year contract for about 14 or 15 million.....Gill and Hammer gone ...7.5 million....3.75 for Wiz...Another 1.4 to Josh George to bring him up around 2.5 ..... take a gamble on markov for around 5mill for 3 or end up freeing over 3 million....markov and wiz, subban and josh george, weber and Spacek...would look good to me....or offer markov a one year deal around 3 to see if he can come back if not sign hammer for another year or two around 3 for a chance to get a player like wiz or someone come up like Subban
  12. I am not sure if that would be the reason or not...Chicago simply had no room, with seabrook, duncan keith, campbell and there cap situation. The Islanders, well i think they new they had to unload him because he was going to resign there, so they took what they could. Anaheim??? this has some flags a few suspensions and going to arbitration, I can see very good reason for two of the three, just a numbers games. The Anaheim one maybe because of the suspension and arbritaion, generally when you see players going this route they don't have long with that club. Mostly though I think in a cap era unless you can establish yourself as a top two line forward or a top 3 or 4 deeman at a relatively early age your going to end up being moved at a much younger age.
  13. Exactly, we did not trade fischer we traded the pick. Milan Lucic was picked 50thoverall in 2006. You wouldn't trade Lucic and a the 5th rounder for Wis. The logic doesnt stand. Your trading the pick not fisher and it may or maynot work out. Just think though we took Ben Maxwell just before Lucic at 49th, how good would Lucic Look patrolling the wing for the Gonez and Gionta.
  14. I like the edge he brings almost more then the offense. He plays a physical keep your head up type of game. And that can quickly change the momentum of a game. We need a few more plays with an edge like this. I think we have enough skill players but when go in a funk like they are now there's not enough players to ignite them in another manner.Big checks, or just simply playing Nasty when losing bad, I hate how teams take to us in this manner, I hope we can add another player or two with some real attitude and some finish.
  15. Jeff Halpren is proving to be a really good pickup. His defensive play, faceoff and overall game have been really good. For a veteran to be bag skating on his own because he felt like he was going back to his old stride is really reassuring for his character. He is certainly a more complete player than either Moore or Metro...He has been a really good signing.