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  1. on top of taxing your veteran players who have to play the last 10 minutes with little to no substitutions. Idiotic if you ask me.
  2. Yep.....a team that completely lost its composure. Inexcusable.
  3. Outhit, outhustled,outfought,outgoaltended,outcoached ...did I miss anything???
  4. Just too small and its even more apparent come playoff time when other teams give you zero space. Cant win the battles on the boards and gets knocked off the puck very easily. Hope he proves me wrong in Game #4 and brings out the inner Gallagher in him
  5. I'm just thinking that because Emelin worked so well with Markov, that Tinordi may be the closest thing to Emelin we have available.??? I have no idea but it couldnt hurt at this point lol
  6. Put him in, play him with Markov and see what happens. Might as well put Kaberle in at this point as well.
  7. This team looks more horrible than the Islanders, Blue Jackets, Leafs,Flames and Jets!!! Which means more balls in the drum come Draft lottery time!!!!!
  8. Love this guy and the way he plays. Playoff warrior
  9. Pretty sad state of affairs when a 67 year old man steals the show and shows the youngans how its done LOL
  10. Disgusting display by Campbell....i can forgive himfor getting in the fight in the first place(sort of), but to keep throwing them when he knew his elbow pad was down on his fist is inexcusable. Good on Tommy for hanging in there.
  11. Dude has to keep that shot down a little. Hard for a deflection or rebound at that height.
  12. Really like this guy...finally a guy on this team that will play on the edge every night.
  13. I'd say play him against the Leafs.....but I really want a win Saturday (not that Alex couldn't do it). Maybe it still would be the smart thing to play him against the Preds or Leafs.
  14. I am a born -again Draft Pick!

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