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Status Updates posted by Jagger4321

  1. Is good to be back on here!

  2. 8 more days 'til habs game against the ducks! I cabt wait to go back to the bell centre!

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    2. Clues


      And Paul Mara! AKA awesome beard guy.

    3. ColRouleBleu
    4. uncivilengineer


      Ohh I'm so excited, it'll be like a little family reunion lol

  3. These status updates are such a copy off facebook, it even says "What's on you're mind?"

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    2. ColRouleBleu


      and where did that t come from?

    3. uncivilengineer


      It just came out of the shadows, must like la resistance haha...

    4. uncivilengineer


      It's been that kind of day where I'm in a strange mood, too much homebrew last night does that to a guy.

  4. Is there some way I can get my posts/info back?

    1. ColRouleBleu


      PM GreekHOckeyCoach and tell him what your post count was

    2. Jagger4321
  5. My old account is gone?

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