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  1. I wonder what the habs will do to get under the cap or when will they get under it just because if the season starting in January you'd think they would be under it soon if not already
  2. I think if anything this will be a important season for the habs and potentially and interesting ofseason next year with the habs i haven't looked at there cap splace next season but if we resign Gallagher and kk im assuming that might eat up a bit if cap plus dandeaut i think is a free agent also but im looking forward to this season i think we should be at least a playoff contender
  3. I coukd see this situation getting interesting especially with kk needing a new contract next year and im guessing Suzuki the year after
  4. At least the habs look good in goal next season will price and Allen
  5. I thought for some reason primeau contract would be up by then but maybe I'm wrong I was wondering we'd need to protect both him and price
  6. I may be thinking a year ahead but I think it will get interesting because the habs might be in a situation to have to protect 2 goalies in the expansion draft I know it's not this off season but next off season meaning price and premeau
  7. I might be a bit of base here but maybe a future all star or a 30 goal score I have no idea how many goals he had this year
  8. I'd be kicking some tires on Pietrangelo I have no idea what side defence he plays but I think he could help it depends on his asking price and length of contract
  9. If I was going to offer sheet Tampa bay for Sergachev I'd do it co they got the pick maybe in the years draft
  10. The sate of the habs in my opinion looks great at c with Suzuki probably being the #1 c and then you put kk at c eith dandaut at c and the Jake Evan's I think we need wingers and maybe a d man I would like a backup for price but I think we have to many goalies signed so one would have to go
  11. I guess there would be much in return but I think If hes motivated he could be okay
  12. I wonder what his total recovery time will be in guessing hell be ready for camp if it stars in December
  13. I guess Vancouver I'm cheering fir now but also the islanders just for the next round to kick the flyers out of the playoffs
  14. I think the hit in lech should be looked at to because the play was dead meaning after the empty net goal
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