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  1. The thing is though, concussions tend to get more serious as you have more of them. I doubt he'll retire - assuming he has a choice, you never know with concussions - but it isn't unreasonable to think he'd rather just take what he has and runs rather than risk becoming a walking zombie. The liklihood of this may be reinforced if your the NHL's top player [read "have a red target on your jersey"] and you hear idiots like Burke and Bettman talking about how brain injuries are just a part of the game. Again, I doubt it happens, but logically it could make sense for his future.
  2. McCown never said "parents" which is I think where all the confusion is coming from. On Prime Time Sports today he said all he knows is one person in his family who is not his parents suggested that given what he's already accomplished and the money he's earned, he shouldn't risk his health and retire. I trust he's not just making this up, but who knows who the family member is, I'm guessing an Aunt or Uncle or something.
  3. It's a concern, but at half price for a single year where we could be short dmen anyways, it's a risk I'd be willing to take to try and help out this year. I prefer having to deal with a 2 or 3 million cap hit next season (and we may get a decent player out of it) than giving up picks to get a rental. In terms of this season, the "half-price" is kind of irrelevant. I'm not 100% sure, but assuming we have a ton of cap space due to injuries.
  4. Normally I wouldn't consider taking him back, but given our current injury situation and we'd get him at half-price I think Gauthier should strongly consider putting in a claim.
  5. What a pickup ... just keeps putting up the points.
  6. That's true, both would be great choices, although I don't feel they are miles ahead of Auld.
  7. What more expensive backups were available though? The problem is, some of the better goalies, such as Ellis who Gauthier tried to get, wanted somewhere where they'd at least have the chance of being a starter. And after trading our playoff hero, Gauthier wasn't making it any secret who Montreal's goalie was going forward. We were only going to get a goalie who really had given up on being a starter for the time being, and I think Auld was an excellent choice based on who was availble: experienced, has been a starter in the past, has always posted respectable stats, etc. Over a longer stretch, Auld probably isn't going to steal a ton of games, but he also isn't going to lose you them. So if Price were to get injured, the team will need to step up, but it's not like they're doomed: which is what you want in a veteran backup. Looking over the past few seasons, his stats are very consistant, averaging slightly over .900.