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  1. I just changed my vote and dropped Keith and Petrangelo in favour of Girardi and Staal. I forgot we don't have a Brodeur or the old Luongo in net anymore
  2. Pacioretty B (Needs to start using his size again) Desharnais C- Gallagher A+ Bourque B- (Good effort, but he's still mediocre at best) Plekanec B- Gionta C Galchenyuk B+ (Needs to work on faceoff and backcheck if he wants to play center) Eller A (Great finish to the season, needs to work on c-onsistency to be considered to 6) Ryder C+ Prust B+ (Did what he's paid to do) Moen C Armstrong C- Subban A Markov B- Emelin A- Gorges C+ Diaz C Bouillion B Tinordi B+ Beaulieu B Kaberle F Drewiske C- Price C (Dropped out of the elite category) Budaj B- Therrien A Bergevin A
  3. Pacioretty-Pleks-Gionta Eller-DD-Cole Bourque-Gomez-Moen Prust-White-Armstrong Markov-Emelin Jorges-Subban Diaz/Weber-Boullion Price, Budaj.
  4. WHO WILL BE THE FIRST HAB PLAYER (TO): Take the first face-off of the season: David Desharnais Score 15 goals: Brian Gionta Score 20 assists: Thomas Plekanec Score 30 points: Thomas Plekanec Scratched from the starting line-up: Whyte Called up from the minors: Leblanc Get to 50 hits: Prust Get to 50 blocked shots (no goalie): Jorges Finish a game with +/- +3: Plekanec Finish a game with +/- -3: Desharnais Win the first round of the Molson Cup: Price Miss a game due to injury: Refuse to answer Score 4 points in a game: Plekanec Score on the PP: Pacioretty Score short handed: Plekance Score in overtime: Cole Score in shootout: Gionta Score a hat trick: Pacioretty
  5. According to Sportsnet Huet is exploring options to make a return to the NHL. Please Christo! Any team but Boston...I'll even make Toronto my second favourite team to get another shot at chanting HU-EY HU-EY! Ahhh...good ol' days
  6. The quality and depth of analysis on this thread is quite intimidating...but I like this line making game way too much to stay out of it LOL. So here I go... Bourque/Eller- Plekanec- Gionta Pacioretty- Desharnais- Cole Eller/Bourque- Gomez/Eller- Moen Prust- Armstrong White, Leblanc, Gallagher. Markov- Emelin Subban- Jorges Diaz- Boullion Kabarle Tinordi. Price Huet? [/boredom]
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