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  1. Same here. At the time, I argued in favour of trading Plekanec and keeping Eller. Made much more sense to me & it was one of many dumb decisions that has mostly pushed me away from here. (my first Habs-related post anywhere in quite a while) Instead, we end up here: Eller with the Cup clinching goal and Plekanec plays for Toronto. What do I know.
  2. PK will bring the Cup to the hospital. And drink Bergevin's sweet and salty tears out of it. And I shall rejoice.
  3. He's looking better. We know he can be better still (much like how he was on fire up until his injury this season). I agree that it's an "all our eggs in 1 basket" issue more than anything else, with a spoonful of "injury recovery / back to form" thrown in on top. Our top-2 C depth is, well, 1 player deep. That's the bigger problem.
  4. Amen - I was screaming for a Pleks trade before (Ideally packaged with DD). Questionable asset management, indeed. IDK what MB was thinking.
  5. Honestly I'd love to see Chucky get another one. Barring that, Gallagher. tl;dr: Gally A or B.
  6. Our top 3 forwards playing together = gold. I wish we had more actual top 6 players so that could be our permanent + unquestionable top line, all the time.
  7. Yeah. This should have happened last season. (talking firing only) This is way too late. Still, I'd take a tree stump over Therrien.
  8. I guess I can post again - my self-imposed Therrien-induced exile is over!
  9. I am officially done with this franchise. 1969 - 2016. Someone please delete my account, I don't need it any more.
  10. That's freakin' perfect! Thanks so much for all that work.
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