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  1. Same here. At the time, I argued in favour of trading Plekanec and keeping Eller. Made much more sense to me & it was one of many dumb decisions that has mostly pushed me away from here. (my first Habs-related post anywhere in quite a while) Instead, we end up here: Eller with the Cup clinching goal and Plekanec plays for Toronto. What do I know.
  2. PK will bring the Cup to the hospital. And drink Bergevin's sweet and salty tears out of it. And I shall rejoice.
  3. He's looking better. We know he can be better still (much like how he was on fire up until his injury this season). I agree that it's an "all our eggs in 1 basket" issue more than anything else, with a spoonful of "injury recovery / back to form" thrown in on top. Our top-2 C depth is, well, 1 player deep. That's the bigger problem.
  4. Amen - I was screaming for a Pleks trade before (Ideally packaged with DD). Questionable asset management, indeed. IDK what MB was thinking.
  5. Honestly I'd love to see Chucky get another one. Barring that, Gallagher. tl;dr: Gally A or B.
  6. Our top 3 forwards playing together = gold. I wish we had more actual top 6 players so that could be our permanent + unquestionable top line, all the time.
  7. Yeah. This should have happened last season. (talking firing only) This is way too late. Still, I'd take a tree stump over Therrien.
  8. I guess I can post again - my self-imposed Therrien-induced exile is over!
  9. I am officially done with this franchise. 1969 - 2016. Someone please delete my account, I don't need it any more.
  10. That's freakin' perfect! Thanks so much for all that work.
  11. "Potential" under Therrien means: put him on the 2nd line, give him 3rd/4th line minutes with unfavourable deployment, and a hair-trigger leash. At best. Too often, we don't get to see a player get a fair shake here, unfortunately. Not that I think Zack could be the answer to our prayers, but I bet he'd be better than some of our recent moves/shufflings under a smarter regime. Same with Semin's treatment. Why he got next to 0 PP time is beyond me, for starters. Meh, let him go and let's run with randomly shuffling around 5+ AHLers.
  12. Oh, I agree with that, essentially. But the results weren't there. However, it wasn't given a fair shake and the 3rd line was getting more minutes than that 2nd line. Predictable Therrien. I also expected Semin to be sort of an "enigma" player (at least, to start) - so I'd rather have seen a slightly different deployment. For a trial, at least. It just seemed a bit risky to me. My thoughts on the 2nd line, before the season started, was something like: Eller = natural C being pushed to wing, potentially uncomfortable / less ideal for him Semin = massively underperforming the last season or few, a lot of questions, "enigma" So we put those 2 on the same line as "let's give this kid a shot at C" GallyA? I'd rather have either swapped GallyB and Semin, or Pleks and GallyA. GallyB and Pleks are going to do their thing no matter where you put them, so those 2 scenarios felt much more "blue chip" to me. At any rate, Eller is doing quite well and GallyA looks good, too - some bad luck / posts otherwise he'd have a handful more points now. We just need to get away from putting bottom 6 guys in that other spot - that's my only complaint right now. Bring Semin back, be it where he was or try one of the scenarios I posted above. Eller is and will continue to be a big (albeit too often underrated) asset to this team.
  13. I agree so much with the last few posts here. Eller is best at C, not on wing. Altho he's been doing OK there so far - I just haven't liked that line's minutes or makeup so far. I'd have at least swapped GallyB and Semin for a few games, for one thing. Give Semin a better shot at finding his former self, playing on a top-flight line with Patches and Plekky. IDK, but the 2nd line has felt like it was purposely built to under-perform. All 3 guys (Eller GallyA Semin) would fare better in different spots/linemates, IMHO.
  14. I wholeheartedly agree with BigTed's above post. I also feel he'd be looking better if he was still a Center. Of which we currently have too many. DD has been doing great on the 3rd line - which is where I've wanted him for ages now. Good stuff, I like the guy in this role - he excels there. Eller is best in a shutdown C role ... ...truncating post because he just scored. lol i was going to basically say that he's best as shutdown C and could do very well as a 2C offensively if he had favourable linemates, which he's very rarely had. (this shouldn't be a DD vs. Eller debate)
  15. Too bad - all else aside, I'd love to see what we look like with him in the lineup.
  16. That article is gold and illustrates why Eller is such an asset.
  17. hey where's the Semin thread in Players and Personnel?
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