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  1. Tempted to get season tickets for the Impact...

    1. Nine1One





  2. Ran into Fedotenko and Walsh(his agent) today at my work and Walsh was not pumping his tires the way he normally does with his clients lol

  3. diablo 3 yeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. These protestors are starting to become real annoying.

  5. 8 days off from work yeeeeeeee

  6. Someone named Dumpster Discounts just followed me on twitter. :|

    1. habs_93


      That's... unfortunate.

  7. RIP Wade Belak

    1. 31Careyprice


      Wow! 3 NHLers died in the same year, NHL gotta do something.

  8. Early reports are saying Mason Raymond has a broken back. I wonder if Boychuk will get suspended...not.

    1. uncivilengineer


      Not until Dr. Recchi places his assessment on Raymond. Can't happen until after game 7 as the Dr. is out of town.

    2. ColRouleBleu


      Had to remove a response, remember people, the CoC applies in the status updates section too (in this case it was language)

  9. the Captain's in the house yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaa

  10. Goodbye wisdom teeth...I hardly even knew ya.(typing from an iphone blows lol)

  11. Anyone here ever have problems with MDG computers?

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    2. Shawn1990


      It just seems like every 6 months a new part breaks and lookie here...either my HDD or processor is going...yay me. And I'm gonna have to pirate a copy of windows because they didn't give me a windows installation CD...yay me!

    3. jedimaas


      That was definitely the same problem my dad had: It wasnt the whole thing, or even one big thing, it was a series of little things all going. Its like they built the computer with a solid processor and then attached lower quality components after that. A lot of companies (dell, hp etc) do this, but not to the same extent - at least in my experience.

    4. Shawn1990


      lol, especially PSU's...

      ...and how funny(or not funny depending on how you look at it), but I went today for them to fix it and found out that they have gone bankrupt in Quebec...my luck.

  12. Just found out my cousin met Lars Eller...>.< /h8

  13. Extrene Couponing is a ridiculous show...this lady had to pay 22$ on a 1100$ bill. Wow.

    1. jedimaas


      lol. reminds me of when I bought my sliding compound mitre saw at Canadian Tire. It was $490 regular price. Was on sale for $350. I paid $50 cash and $300 in CT money :P

    2. Shawn1990


      lol CT money...speaking of CT, I was watching Canada's Worst Handyman on tv the other day and 1 guy bought hockey equipment with the 4000$ they gave 'em, and a 2nd guy paid whatever was over the limit with CT money

  14. GO GSP!

    1. Shawn1990



  15. LOL "Statement from NHL's Mike Murphy who had hearing with Ference today: `` "During the hearing, Ference stated that this was incidental contact; that he saw his opponent out of the corner of his eye at the last instance and braced for the collision," said Murphy. "He further stated that the contact was unintentional. As there was no apparent injury on the play, I have concluded that this incident does not warrant discipline.""

    1. Lizardking89


      NHL=Corrupt Bush League

  16. NHL to players: "It's okay to intentionally put your shoulder in front of someone's head as long as it happens behind the play."

    1. uncivilengineer


      Wheel of justice decided it was a hockey play. http://www.nhlwheelofjustice.com/

    2. ChiLla


      You gotta understand. He's a great guy and that's just not part of his repertoire.

    3. jedimaas


      Incorrect, Shawn.

      The correct statement by the nhl is:

      "Its ok to intentionally put your shoulder in front of someone's head as long as he's a third liner and not a star player."

  17. We missed out on Kovalev.:-/

    1. uncivilengineer


      I wouldn't say missed out, he did only go for a 7th round conditional pick (6th round if he plays 50% of games and Pit goes through the first round of playoffs)

  18. NJ just might make the playoffs...wow.

    1. uncivilengineer


      The way they've been going lately, will be an awesome game on April 2

    2. roy_133


      Still a long way to go and a pretty unsustainable pace. It would be a cool story for them and they're beating a lot of the teams around us so I'm loving that but it's still a very steep climb. Seems like the end game is they screw themselves out of a great pick and still miss the dance.

  19. Apparently TOR got their 1st rounder back and Wheeler for Kaberle. If that's true, wow. Get ripped, Boston.

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    2. Manatee-X


      So Kessel (long term) and wheeler (long term) for one first rounder and a rental Kaberle? I just don't see Boston ever doing that

    3. Manatee-X


      If anything it would have to be Boston's own first rounder (not the one they got from TO), but that's still a lot even without throwing in wheeler

  20. So...how about that instigator rule not being thrown around last night?

    1. ChiLla


      Still looking at the scoresheet, shaking my head in disbelief.

  21. Oh look, Cooke gets 4 games. An absolute joke. What happened to the 25 and 30 games handed down to Simon? He's no longer playing in the NHL, and it might do the same to Cooke.

    1. WinnipegJet


      The disciplinary hearing was done via phone conference, so the max he could have received was five games, this was known ahead of time.

  22. Honestly, Matt Cooke needs to be removed from this league. Enough is enough. 2 days ago he knee-on-knee's Ovy, and tonight he boards Tyutin from behind. Real class. Also, GJ on the league for letting it get this far.

    1. Breathe


      He plays for the Penguins, he won't be getting suspended anytime soon.

  23. Dipietro got messed up rofl

  24. Although I wouldn't wish it on anybody, how fitting that Mike Weber and Patrick Kaleta both got hurt tonight.

    1. EHIW
    2. KORDIC3131


      Kaleta left game after blocking slap shot off hand!!! Go get a lottery ticket!!

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