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  1. Anyone here ever have problems with MDG computers?

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    2. Shawn1990


      It just seems like every 6 months a new part breaks and lookie here...either my HDD or processor is going...yay me. And I'm gonna have to pirate a copy of windows because they didn't give me a windows installation CD...yay me!

    3. jedimaas


      That was definitely the same problem my dad had: It wasnt the whole thing, or even one big thing, it was a series of little things all going. Its like they built the computer with a solid processor and then attached lower quality components after that. A lot of companies (dell, hp etc) do this, but not to the same extent - at least in my experience.

    4. Shawn1990


      lol, especially PSU's...

      ...and how funny(or not funny depending on how you look at it), but I went today for them to fix it and found out that they have gone bankrupt in Quebec...my luck.

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