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  1. 8 days off from work yeeeeeeee

  2. I work in a restaurant and last Friday some guy who knows Beliveau personally was talking on the phone to someone and mentioned that a week prior he was in the hospital for about 5 days(not sure on the length) because he couldn't get his nose to stop bleeding after a hockey game. Hope he recovers fast.
  3. Saying Grabovski wouldn't have hit Markov and injured him(when Markov went into the boards awkwardly, fyi) if we had an enforcer is such bogus. Players do what they want. Clutterbuck kneed Bourque last night, someone on Minny hit Emelin from behind and Staubitz was on the ice. Staubitz didn't even try to fight him. Having an enforcer doesn't put a protective shield around your players. I'm not saying I don't want enforcer for when we're being pushed around, but to say that none of these injuries would happen if we had an enforcer, I'm sorry, but it is downright laughable.
  4. Because referees haven't handed out, or not handed out, stupid penalties before? Do you remember the game against the Rangers earlier in the year when Blunden smoked Dubisnky at the blue line? Blunden got called for interference despite the fact that Dubinsky had the puck and only lost it upon contact with Blunden. Staubitz was in the middle of the bench(one can only assume since he came flying to the end of the bench to yell at Malone), and came when Malone was getting removed from the "escarmouche" as we'll call it. Staubitz never laid a hand on Malone. I don't care what a scoresheet says because what is shown in the video and what is shown on the scoresheet is obviously different. If you can find me video evidence to prove me wrong--not some match summary written down by the league--then I'll admit I'm wrong and that you're right. However, until that happens, Staubitz was flagged with a stupid penalty, interference, called after the play was dead and he was on the bench for the whole time, and he never touched Malone. He stood up for Campoli which is nice to see someone do, but I don't get giving him credit for something he didn't do, both from the league and you, and seeing it was worth a 2 year contract.
  5. I saw Staubitz at the end of the bench yelling @ Malone but never saw him touch Malone to "interfere" as you put it. Maybe there's a different angle from a different feed, but he doesn't even come close to touching Malone in this video. Furthermore, Staubitz only went to yell @ Malone as they were pulling Malone away for the final time.
  6. Someone named Dumpster Discounts just followed me on twitter. :|

    1. habs_93


      That's... unfortunate.

  7. This one was taken about an hour and a half after getting my wisdom teeth removed in May.
  8. Scored 2 goals the other day. Anyone see him play in Hamilton yet? If so, how does he look out there?
  9. RIP Wade Belak

    1. 31Careyprice


      Wow! 3 NHLers died in the same year, NHL gotta do something.

  10. He was obviously messed up in that Winter Classic because when Fleury left his crease to get on the bench, Crosby didn't go on to be the 6th attacker. Mistakes happen, yes, but after getting smashed in the temple like he was, I doubt it was a "mistake" that he didn't go on. He was legitimately out in left field and they should have not played him again. But they did, and now we might lose the best player the NHL has to offer to a headshot. Fun.
  11. Speaking of that concert, how about Moby Dick by Mr Bonham?
  12. Another thing that was different from year's past, is when he was in that funk in December/January, he took it upon himself to go talk things out with Jacques Martin rather than keep to himself. I think, as I've said in his old thread, he's starting to feel like an integral part of the team and not someone who will get ditched once his RFA years are over. He may also be feeling a little bit more comfortable than the past few seasons.
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