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  1. Apparently TOR got their 1st rounder back and Wheeler for Kaberle. If that's true, wow. Get ripped, Boston.

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    2. Manatee-X


      So Kessel (long term) and wheeler (long term) for one first rounder and a rental Kaberle? I just don't see Boston ever doing that

    3. Manatee-X


      If anything it would have to be Boston's own first rounder (not the one they got from TO), but that's still a lot even without throwing in wheeler

  2. He had a rough first shift, just like everyone does in their first NHL game. I thought he was decent. Had some nice shots from the point, too. He would wait for the covering forward to move out of the way and would get a nice look.
  3. I remember this guy being pretty decent in pre-season. Here's hoping to some good play from him if he does end up playing.
  4. So...how about that instigator rule not being thrown around last night?

    1. ChiLla


      Still looking at the scoresheet, shaking my head in disbelief.

  5. Kinda feel bad for him. It reminds me of a little brother getting into a fight and getting clocked, even if he's older than me.
  6. Oh look, Cooke gets 4 games. An absolute joke. What happened to the 25 and 30 games handed down to Simon? He's no longer playing in the NHL, and it might do the same to Cooke.

    1. WinnipegJet


      The disciplinary hearing was done via phone conference, so the max he could have received was five games, this was known ahead of time.

  7. Honestly, Matt Cooke needs to be removed from this league. Enough is enough. 2 days ago he knee-on-knee's Ovy, and tonight he boards Tyutin from behind. Real class. Also, GJ on the league for letting it get this far.

    1. Breathe


      He plays for the Penguins, he won't be getting suspended anytime soon.

  8. I heard on the radio while going downtown tonight that some guy broke into a house in Washington, DC so he could charge his phone this past week after he lost power, and when he thought he heard someone, he ran out of the house and forgot his phone. Needless to say, they caught him(via his phone) and charged him with breaking and entering.
  9. Dipietro got messed up rofl

  10. True. I don't use Limewire, and instead of downloading now, I just listen to songs for 3days and it's like I never took any HD space up. The poster below me visits hockeybuzz.com for the lulz.
  11. Although I wouldn't wish it on anybody, how fitting that Mike Weber and Patrick Kaleta both got hurt tonight.

    1. EHIW
    2. KORDIC3131


      Kaleta left game after blocking slap shot off hand!!! Go get a lottery ticket!!

  12. According to Elliott Friedman's twitter, the organization was "really high on him[Engqvist]" when CBC broadcasted a few Hamilton games.
  13. According to TSN, Calvillo was playing with an injury and will require surgery for his sternum...what a champ.

    1. Shawn1990


      More info reveals that it's a lesion in his thyroid, and that he should be back in time for Football next year. All the best, man.

    2. Bud2790


      I've met him on a couple of occasions and he's really awesome. I've got a ton of respect for him. I hope he can heal up. Football comes second!

      Get well AC :)

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