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  1. he was nominated for the norris last year lol I watched their playoff run intently last spring and he was clearly their #1 and played the most minutes in all situations and extremely effectively at that. If anything it was Josi who didnt step up in their run. he started this year normal then got hurt, was out for a long time and im almost positive he is playing hurt still. Subban is top 10 easily, IMO top 5 D in the NHL
  2. said it when it happened, and its more true with every day that passes: one of the worst trades we have ever made. Its a little annoying to me actually how much of a pass this guy gets. Granted he broke the 10 goal barrier, which is good, but the PP is in last place, which he is apparently a specialist at quarterbacking. Outside of that, he is slow even when hes at 100%, and when he inevitably gets banged up like he has been for half the year and especially is right now, hes utterly immobile. Its now or never to trade him, which we should and for whatever we can get, but we won't, and it's frustrating.
  3. debrincat 2assists eh sure wish we had a player like that
  4. last game he went into the boards awkwardly knee first, whistle. he gets up slow, we take the draw , it goes to his corner, he goes to make a hit and his knee buckled badly. I dunno if you guys caught it but he was already playing injured and has been a pylon for months and now it just got worse but im sure all his leadership will inspire a winning streak down the stretch here
  5. I didnt even bother watching tonight, because this is exactly what I was expecting. the closer to the end and the tighter things have gotten, thats when we do what we always do and start overplaying our "responsible veterans" aka "plugs who cant score" The NYI game got me so annoyed that I took a pass on tonight and Im glad I did because Im getting angry just reading the comments lol
  6. nope your correct, never saw it again. this goes all the way back to koivu-higgins- ryder forever, no matter what. we always seem to be short on talent to begin with , and then for some reason never put the guys we do have together.
  7. have we ever, for even 1 lousy 30 second shift, seen domi, our best center , with the best wingers? domi drouin/tatar gallagher? maybe on a pp that we cant buy a goal on? a last minute of a game when we are down by 1.....e.g the one we just lost to NYI?
  8. how many times has this been said on this forum in the last 10 years!? carbonneau, therrien, julien, we just keep hiring coaches who fall in love with their plugs, then we make a bunch of minor trades and waiver pickups to make sure the plug pipeline is nice and deep, and then we sprinkle them throughout the lineup and go out there and battle for 8th. the modern era montreal canadiens
  9. oh no way i missed last game! crazy!
  10. shaw got the hatty not armia
  11. stopping domi on the breakaway at the end of the 1st was the killer. hey maybe we'll get a pp
  12. that was shaw lol armia did just make a nice pass. i mean hes ok but i wish we had better guys for kk to play with. and i definetly wouldnt be throwing him on the pp its insane
  13. yup and while we're at it Im getting mighty tired of armia and lehkonen. particularly armia, lehkonen at least gets chances he just cant bury it. armia does nothing, im not sure why hes such a lock......actually i do know why , its just annoying
  14. lol hes kind of an ace in the hole in that regard. im happy hes back, i want to see continued improvement in his shift by shift game...i.e away from the puck, and his decision making with it that isnt directly related to pure offense