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  1. I'd be happy with that and I'd be happy with St. Louis getting a win, they are a classic team who has been good for a long time with a lot of disappointing playoff exits. I'm leaning towards them but happy with either. Boston obviously can die in a fire, and I could care less about carolina
  2. Ive always really like Duchene, but he has a bit of an inconsistent track record as a star player, but personally I'd offer him a generous deal Panarin I would 100% over pay for. those 2 , especially Panarin, are of the elite skill level we simply dont have and have been missing for...most of my life when I think about it LOL we can talk about being a playoff team all we want but until we have at least 1 guy if not 2 or even 3 getting 75 + points we are not winning anything. What I espcecially like about Panarin is he is a righty, and as well as shaw played, thats not a real top 6 winger...and honestly if you want to argue that he is, then we have him on our 3rd line and thats cup contending kind of depth. Skinner is good, but drouin -tatar- byron > shaw-gallagher-armia so Id prefer the help on the right side. Also we would be paying skinner to repeat what hes done once as opposed to paying panarin to do what hes been doing his whole career Other than that Id prefer to see suzuki and poehling playing rather than sign a mid level guy, but to add legit star power , I'm interested
  3. strong commitment to mediocrity
  4. Yup, I would like that to happen as well. As far as Im concerned this drouin experiment is only going to get worse, Id rather max out his return now.
  5. no chance we get hanifin for scraps come on guys Im interested in taking a serious run at duchene and panarin. we lack legit elite level forwards for the last 20 freaking years, we have 2 available this year who are both in their prime so its not like paying for past glory. either of those guys IMO would instantly change the complexion of this team
  6. is there something written into our team code of conduct that we have to sign at least one plug to an unnecessary charity contract per year??
  7. I work late so I miss the early games, but those were both amazing finishes! I LOVE 1st round hockey, best time of the year
  8. crazy ending in the Nashville game. Any other PK fans following? he almost pulled off the magic again last night. incredible goal to make it 3-2, created tons of momentum, got a pp, and just missed on multiple glorious looks, including an almost crazy highlight goal by arvidsson cant find the arvidsson one, ill post it if i can find it later
  9. Does it count if he hasnt formally appeared yet in the first place?
  10. the 2 names I was hearing on tsn were point and marner
  11. yeah, no they dont. maybe this year since subban has been hurt all year, but their last 2 playoff runs he was used as the #1. Josi is great but subban is better. I know people saw him have a couple of brutal giveaways over the years here and get on this thing where we start imagining this guy is just out there doing spineramas and cant defend, but the fact is hes one of the best defensemen in the game, and weber isnt anymore.
  12. did you read somewhere where I implied anything like what you are describing? I said subban accomplished more with the habs and with nashville than weber did. thats a fact. did he do this by himself? obviously not. but its still a fact that needs to be acknowledged Also he plays top minutes for nashville. this defensive liability trope stopped being realistic at least 5 years ago
  13. he did better when he was here and weber was there, and he did better there than weber did when he was here. thats quantifiable. its a team game absolutely, and our team and nashvilles team has quantifiably done better with subban. theres no arguing it. obviously nashville has a better team. i get your point. end of the day, we went further with subban than with weber, thats a fact, and nash has also gone further with subban than with weber, and thats a fact. we cant sit here and say its tomatoe tomato if we are being objective, hes outdone weber, period. it was a stupid trade that we lost. we branded him the problem and we then missed the playoffs 2 of 3 years and did nothing the one time we made it. thats hard reality. does it mean weber is dog food, no, but thats what happened. the narrative was idiotic and quantifiably wrong
  14. Just because we don't win more, doesn't mean we aren't a better team. Thats the logic. Makes lots of sense but he objectively HAS won more. we went to 2 ECF with subban. Nashville has now been to a cup final and were a hair away from the WCF last year, with subban leading the team in minutes and taking all the big matchups. and he was nominated for the norris and finished in the top 10 in d scoring. we have missed the playoffs 2 out of the 3 years and rolled over and died in the 1st round of the one we did make. weber was not nominated for the norris and was nowhere near the top 10. Im not going to carry on this debate, but I find it hard to look at the case objectively as I laid out here and see that it is anything but a clear loss. ANYWAY moving on.... do you guys want gardiner? what do we think?
  15. seriously thats the most epic debut I can think of ....ever just build the guy a statue our front now hahaha