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  1. my bad I guess I skimmed past that . yeah , I guess I would have to agree that its not realistic to hope for that. Me personally I would rather have those 2 than Gallagher and Weber, AND the trade return would be way better moving those 2 as well. However MB is not getting fired and he is certainly not moving those guys so my take is the most unrealistic of everyone's :S
  2. so then what are you arguing for? genuinely curious, what is your position? you want to re-sign those 2 and keep going for it?
  3. hahaha I told you guys, I know this team. domi is in the black book, mark my words. who knows if there is anything to any of this, but I am really high on dumba. the numbers haven't shown it yet, but that kid has SKILLS. great puck handler, absolute missile of a shot, big love to have him. anyway nothing is happening until the summer at the very least, thompson will get traded for a 3rd rounder or whatever, and maybe 1 or 2 of the other plugs if anyone wants them, and that will be it.
  4. of all the trade talk about tatar and petry, domi is the guy i see leaving. they dont like him. hes not going this deadline, but i know this team. hes in the black book.
  5. i dont even want a 2nd. who is giving it to us, some team at the top of the standings...which means its basically a 3rd rounder. forget it. extend the guy another year, his talent level raises the bar, this was probably the best move we have made in years
  6. 1. season is over. lets be real. 2. I really want to highlight your point about the lack of gamebreakers. this is the main main main thing wrong with this team. we have some potential gamebreaker prospects, but by the time they even get there, if they will even get there, a lot of these guys we like will not be the players they are now to put it in its most positive light 3. that being said, petry, weber and gallagher are actually my top 3 to move by a mile....and despite petry being the one named the most , really at all, I want weber and gallagher even above him. those 2 have such a high regard league wide that I think the return would be incredible, and I really think THAT would be the true "reset". we can actually get returns on those 2 which would be multiple assets that could help right away/very soon. couple that with the fact that despite the intangibles bla bla that they bring, they are self evidently not making us win anything right now, and the future is in the future. 4. does MB have a plan? he sure does. trot out the exact same discount lineup for fear of doing anything drastically forward thinking, make every excuse under the sun, and assume we will come close enough to the playoffs that he can continue blowing the same hot air loser talk for another year and just keep kicking the can down the road
  7. my thoughts: kk to the minors- its honestly about time. he needs to be there and I do not want to see him back up this year. If we want him to be at LEAST a 2nd line C, he needs to be the go to guy on the farm, play pk. pp, 20 minutes, rack up points, all of that. he isnt accomplishing anything in the NHL right now. would I be down to have him get those kind of opportunities with the big club sure, but he wont. poehling should be right behind him and same for fleury making the playoffs- its been over for a while now. we are not making the playoffs. the bigger picture here is this talk of selling, which is a sad joke because we will be continuing to operate under the illusion that we can maybe squeak in and then anything can happen! thats the bergeplan and as long as he is employed, which he certainly still will be next year, we will be sticking to. that means no one of significance is going anywhere, and we will be playing a full plug roster in a joke of an attempt to make the playoffs/showcase our plugs for potential useless trades.
  8. give a man a reputation as an early riser and he may sleep til noon
  9. good old cant take a one timeretty. imagine he tried this hard for us all the ftime
  10. he wasnt going to anyway so no worries lol ,aybe the extension for kovy
  11. yes~!!!! you were there too i guess?
  12. oh! i also stood in line at the hall of fame in toronto and got everyones autograph on a team poster. the huet version of team, koivu, higgins , ryder lol...........mostly a bunch of plugs on that edition but it was a cool experience and cool piece of memorabilia
  13. cool topic!!!! I got a roy jersey vintage from the 93 run, with the 75th anniversary patch and everything. my prized posession my wife also landed a signed lafleur jersey at a work auction. both those will be behind glass once i get my house setup