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  1. I think hes saying essentially what I'm about to say. We just arent being serious. Everything we do is just platitudes, treading water. Since when is "hoping to make the playoffs" an acceptable philosophy. I was listening to the tsn radio guys and someone was saying oh he tried! you gotta admit hes trying! you know what that kind of trying is? when you ask out the girls you like and they say no and you go oh well I tried! I guess Im single forever! not my fault, I asked what else is there to do? You up your game, you get serious when you arent getting what you want. you never trade subban for weber no matter how much of a problem you think he is. thats a loser trade. you being serious? you get prospects and picks, or you keep your legit star, not get an older safer guy who isnt going to make a difference. you find a way to keep radulov. even if you overpay. at least as a fan , I say, well he had to overpay. He's trying to keep this team as stacked as possible. He wants to win now. Thats just two of the bigger examples in recent history but its all we ever hear. Im trying. Its hard. Loser talk. What did we do this offseason, trade shaw (good!) to get cap space (...ok..) to offer sheet aho with a very reasonable deal? and that was all we had planned? oh well I tried. she said no. Incel. Trade shaw as part of a package to get that dman we obviously need. and maybe give up more than you want. because you have to if your serious about winning. Im so jealous of toronto. they needed a top RD. they traded an important player and got one. Im so jealous of the rangers. they had the guts to say not good enough, traded mcdonagh and nash and look at them now. we said ummm well maybe we can kinda do it and kinda did nothing. The only way we win anything is if we luck out completely with these kids like we did with the last 2 trades and they all pan out immediately and fill all the roster holes that need filling. thats not a plan, thats just plain old hoping it all works out somehow. I honestly kinda hope we have a bad year and miss the playoffs comfortably because its the only way we have any kind of chance of moving on from this crap
  2. Whats being reported is they want a 2nd rounder and a B level prospect for gusev. we should be in on that all day
  3. This is exactly why I have such a bad taste in my mouth. Thats what I expected. Thats a move from a GM who is serious about winning and addressing a team need. This Chiarot move is a move by a loser who isnt serious about anything other than window dressing to keep his job
  4. nobody at zero years would have been better than benn or chiarot. keep the space open and work on making a trade.
  5. my friend...I'm here to tell you.....this is it. You now know the roster for opening night. enjoy
  6. This offseason has really bummed me out so far We start by trading shaw and dlo , which I am totally in favour of, to make room for? a big signing? a big trade? no! for making this really stupid offer sheet to Aho for totally reasonable money that they would match easily, and then we address our LD situation by signing yet ANOTHER PLUG This feels so much like the Alzner signing. another "safe" guy who doesn't address the actual needs of the team and is going to be pressed into duty way above his ability stay mediocre bargainbin. hey "at least you tried!!"
  7. the leafs had a glaring need at RD and they traded for tyson barrie rangers traded for trouba we signed yet another plug. Bergevin, I had enough of you 2 years ago. I really, truly hope we don't sneak into a playoff spot because this guy needs to be out of here
  8. 1. We are officially meeting with duchene this week, so I guess we will be offering him something formally 2. friedman has linked us to corey perry, of course 3. marner is actually meeting with other teams, so an offer sheet on him is really not far fetched at all. he recently posted a picture of him and max domi, so from all this i think its safe to conclude hes 100% coming here
  9. refused to even call the guy back. the all class regime
  10. I'd be happy with that and I'd be happy with St. Louis getting a win, they are a classic team who has been good for a long time with a lot of disappointing playoff exits. I'm leaning towards them but happy with either. Boston obviously can die in a fire, and I could care less about carolina
  11. Ive always really like Duchene, but he has a bit of an inconsistent track record as a star player, but personally I'd offer him a generous deal Panarin I would 100% over pay for. those 2 , especially Panarin, are of the elite skill level we simply dont have and have been missing for...most of my life when I think about it LOL we can talk about being a playoff team all we want but until we have at least 1 guy if not 2 or even 3 getting 75 + points we are not winning anything. What I espcecially like about Panarin is he is a righty, and as well as shaw played, thats not a real top 6 winger...and honestly if you want to argue that he is, then we have him on our 3rd line and thats cup contending kind of depth. Skinner is good, but drouin -tatar- byron > shaw-gallagher-armia so Id prefer the help on the right side. Also we would be paying skinner to repeat what hes done once as opposed to paying panarin to do what hes been doing his whole career Other than that Id prefer to see suzuki and poehling playing rather than sign a mid level guy, but to add legit star power , I'm interested
  12. strong commitment to mediocrity
  13. Yup, I would like that to happen as well. As far as Im concerned this drouin experiment is only going to get worse, Id rather max out his return now.
  14. no chance we get hanifin for scraps come on guys Im interested in taking a serious run at duchene and panarin. we lack legit elite level forwards for the last 20 freaking years, we have 2 available this year who are both in their prime so its not like paying for past glory. either of those guys IMO would instantly change the complexion of this team
  15. is there something written into our team code of conduct that we have to sign at least one plug to an unnecessary charity contract per year??