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  1. I was all for a change, glad we won. if danault gets 2 assists every night cool. he wont. domi needs better wingers
  2. wow ,of all combinations possible we made the worst ones,nice julien
  3. That was the top 6 I came in to suggest. Although I like the idea of Gallagher playing with domi and drouin- hes the advanced version of shaw, and they had good success- I think tatar has been consistently very good with him all year and I would like to see that winger duo with our best center. The clincher is KK was with drouin all pre season and I liked how that looked as well. Im definitely down to see both combinations over time though
  4. go on youtube and search for the condensed game, its like a 10 minute highlight pack. best thing ever
  5. That was an absolute joke. I'm still in shock. I was thinking the same thing, that has to warrant some kind of reprimand
  6. that isnon the top5 horse ....calls ive ever seen WOW
  7. Im so with you on the Reilly point, I think thats internally far and away our best option. To tie it in, if theres a knock on Weber its his skating and Reilly has the wheels to cover for him and let him hang back. Plus, when he's on his game, like he was last game, he is genuinely impactful and I think being paired with Weber and having him in his ear would be fantastic
  8. What does the panel think about trying to lowball kovalchuk out of LA?
  9. and yet we are going to lose Hudon to waivers because this guy is apparently indispensable
  10. apparently we are wearing our whites at home at the request of carolina's owner!? tell this guy where he can go and how he can get there bergy ! come on man
  11. normally would agree, things being contextually what they were (riding a win streak, trying to hang onto a playoff spot, price being hot, not a back to back on either end) I expected him to start. anyway I think your Lindgren idea trumps everything, I feel like the honeymoon is over for Niemi. every start hes made this year its like guaranteed 2 bad goals at least. as for the PP, what I'm seeing really is we absolutely stink at gaining the zone and getting set up. I dont feel like we are that bad once there, although the results are pretty bad. with your idea drouin could move down to the half wall on the off wing and be a shot option from there...
  12. Sure, its definitely fair to say life is a lot harder playing for the habs brutal d corps. Just to be clear I was speaking about a situation in particular where he occasionally gets torched which happened a handful of times against Minny, where if he gets caught playing high up the ice its over because hes too slow to get back, which has nothing to do with who hes playing with. Anyway a team needs 3 legit skilled dman at minimum to be a cup contender (yeah yeah I know the pens managed) so its very fair to say he could use a lot more help than this biway clearance bin collection
  13. 1. Starting Niemi .....he should never be playing that game. Price is hot , he had a day between and after, 10 mily plays. 2. Not starting Reilly.....its his old team and aside from that, hes a guy who should be playing regularly and working out the kinks in his game with live experience. hes a guy that fits our team identity. instead I gotta look at blenmko out there failing all night 3. Im getting really really tired of seeing shaw and especially agostino on the PP. can we get serious please ? just like earlier in the year with armia. julien and therrien are the same with this , they get some stupid idea about a guy playing in a certain spot and they will just let it fail 10 million times and still never change it.
  14. So I was having similar thoughts to caperns, its been enough time that my rage goggles have come off, and Im willing to give out some credit. This coming the day after Weber got torched multiple times getting caught high up in the play and being too slow to come back haha...but lets lay it out Subban was better than Weber at the time we made the trade, and its not a comparison anymore, hes head and shoulders better at this point, and its not even a debate. That was a stupid trade made for entirely personal reasons, and we lost it. That being said: Weber has 2 elements still to his game which are truly top notch. 1. His perimeter around the net is special. You go in behind our net, or cut in front, or anything in the little circle around the net, you lose and its his puck. 2. that shot is ridiculous, Ive never seen someone blow a knob off a goalie stick. Hes missing the net like crazy right now, but he will get in a groove and start burying a lot of those. Its possibly still the hardest shot in the league
  15. the guys on TSN were discussing Muzzin , and potentially using Mete as the bait. I dunno about Muzzin, but Im open to the idea of using Mete while he has the allure of untapped potential. Honestly the more Ive thought about it ,not only am I open to it, I think its the best thing we can do. I dont think Mete is really going to pan out to be anything special, but right now I think he has some decent value as a desirable asset.