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  1. we probably arent taking a goalie i think thats a safe bet

    lundell sounds like something we have....low risk, could be solid.....I think we need a serious impact player

    perfetti, rossi or lapierre sound best to me out of this projected list

  2. 5. Cole Perfetti (5-10, 177), F, Saginaw (OHL) -- A skilled forward with high hockey IQ and competitiveness, Perfetti helped Canada to a second-place finish at the 2019 Hlinka Gretzky Cup with 12 points (eight goals, four assists) in five games.

    6. Yaroslav Askarov (6-3, 176), G, SKA-St. Petersburg (RUS) -- An intimidating presence in net with great athleticism and a quick glove. He led Russia to second place at the 2019 IIHF World Under-18 Championship and to first place at the 2019 Hlinka Gretzky Cup, finishing with a 1.25 goals-against average and .960 save percentage in four games there. 

    7. Jamie Drysdale (5-11, 172), D, Erie (OHL) -- A two-way defenseman capable of driving play with his skating and elite hockey sense. Drysdale had 40 points (seven goals, 33 assists) in 63 games last season to set an Erie record for points by a rookie defenseman.

    8. Anton Lundell (6-1, 185), F, HIFK (FIN) -- A two-way center capable of reading the play well. He had 19 points (nine goals, 10 assists) in 38 games in Liiga, Finland's top professional league, last season.

    9. Marco Rossi (5-9, 183), F, Ottawa (OHL) -- The Austria-born left-handed shot is tough in his own end and possesses a high hockey IQ and good hands. The 18-year-old center is one of the draft's oldest first-year eligible players; he was born eight days after the Sept. 15 cutoff.

    10. Hendrix Lapierre (5-11, 179), F, Chicoutimi (QMJHL) -- The center offers great hockey sense, competitiveness and playmaking qualities. Lapierre may have the highest ceiling of any player projected to go in the first round. He won QMJHL offensive rookie of the year after finishing with 45 points (13 goals, 32 assists) in 48 games last season.

  3. 30 minutes ago, arpem-can said:

     Just one point I'd like to clarify on the Weber/ Subban comparison ….I don't believe it was "a clear loss ' for Montreal  the first 3 years ..Weber played 162 games in the 1st 3yrs  and had 37 goals 54 a for 91 points a .56 ppg clip ...Subban had 35 goals and 95 assists in 211 games a .61 ppg . during that same time frame Subban was a +15 in 211 games while Weber was a plus +27 in 162 games . Also in that time frame Weber had 19 ppg & 14 assists for 33 ppps to Subbans 10 g & 10 assists for 20 ppps in 49 more games . Subban had the luxury of playing on a stacked defense in Nashville and Weber has played a bunch with a rookie in Montreal as the #1 pairing .So that comes to this year which has to be included in the 4- year trade conversation as well and where we see Weber is continuing his .56 career ppg production and Subban is now down to .53 ppg over the course of the trade . To further the comparison Subban over the course of the trade is a minus- 4 and Weber is a plus + 38 . There is a reason NHL players regard Weber highly and not so much Subban . And I was a Subban fan but he's certainly no clear cut winner of this trade even in  the 1st three years .

    not going to disregard these facts, all valid, all true. head to head stat to stat, its been pretty even.

    Here's my take.

    1. I agree with habsalways. if we had to trade him, I wanted 3 assets back like we got with patch. a lateral move for an older guy is a bad trade.

    2. subban went to a cup final. then he won a presidents trophy and had another deep playoff run, within inches of a wcf final the next year. he was nominated for a norris and was a beast in both playoff runs

    3. with the habs , he went to 2 ecf finals and a 2nd round. he was a beast and a major contributor in every playoff run we had which i believe was 3 appearances.

    weber was brought into a team that had just made an ecf that bombed a year later. the thought was, subbans toxic personality was a cause of prolonged losing, and the lateral move would have intagibles like character and leadership that would have prevented such a breakdown from happening again.

    his presence on the team has had no such impact. although he played very well in his one playoff run, it was a short and anticlimactic one. the fact is, we haven't won anything with weber as our star d. yes, nashville has had a way better overall team, but the fact is they did more with subban than they did with weber, and WE did more with subban than we did with weber. is that only on them as individuals? no. but its a fact. that coupled with the norris nomination thrown in there, and I give nashville the big nod as winners of that trade. I would also point out that as bad as he has done this year in NJ, nashville's decision to essentially trade him for duchene has blown up in their faces. They accomplished way more with him in the lineup vs. what they are now which is a bubble team on the outside. 

  4. 4 hours ago, habsisme said:

    Things Marc Bergevin has done:

    Turned PK into Weber (no one mentions this anymore for some reason, now that it's clear we won it) Lateral move

    Turned Galchenyuk into Domi Lateral Move

    Turned Pacioretty into Suzuki, Tatar and a pick Plus move

    Got Paul Byron off waivers Depth move

    Picked up Armia by taking on cap space Depth move

    Turned Dale Weise into Danaul and Romanov (pick) Plus move

    Turned a second-round pick into Petry and then extended him to a reasonable amount Plus move

    Signed Gallagher (and Pacioretty) to incredible team-friendly deals

    Just this year, through Kovalchuk and Scandella, he turned a fourth-round pick into a second and a third (with a chance Kovalchuk is coming back)


    What does this guy need to do to earn a little respect?????

    I'm not trading Weber and Price right now. Their elite talents and almost impossible to replace. But because MB won't do that, he sucks!

    Yes, the Alzner deal was a disaster, that whole offseason was just wrong, but everyone is entitled to make a mistake here and there. 

    I don't want to watch a team of nobodies suddenly learn to win after being bottom feeders for 3-4 years. I'm not as optimistic that this will turn us into winners. We have a lot of picks and we need to draft better in the first round, that's on Timmins (though he's great in later rounds). 

    I agree with MB that we need to keep trying to win. If next year is as bad as this year and there are teams willing to trade prospects for some of our expiring contracts, then I'm sure MB will make those moves. 

    Ok, as you can see I have graded the significant moves. 

    1. lateral moves obviously don't improve the team. as much as subban has fallen off a cliff in NJ (funny how we only won after he falls off a cliff, forget that it was a clear loss for the 1st 3 years) and as much as chuck has turned out to be a big nothing burger, the guys we got in, weber and domi, are essentially doing the jobs those guys were doing while they were here. so its a wash

    2. Plus moves.....danault turns out to be a big win, however, he is merely a replacement for what plekanec was, which is an asset we completely mismanaged. so once again, its a wash.

    Despite the fact that I think he totally lucked out and fluked off the pacioretty trade (tatar was a throw in to offset salary, the prospect we actually wanted was cody glass and we could have gotten a bigger return if we had identified the situation properly and prepared it i.e sakic with duchene) , a spade is a spade, its a win. tatar replaced patch production and suzuki looks like he will be a legit top 6 player. petry was also a clear win, great move and signing.

    This leaves us in decent shape. these moves dont drastically improve the team, its largely lateral turnover from the previous edition, however that edition was fairly successful.

    He loses all respect at this point:

    the last time this edition....HIS edition.....made the playoffs, it included radulov, who is a better forward than any forward we currently have, and markov, who was still playing at a very high level.

    He lets them both walk for nothing.........in the process disrespecting markov completely, who is an all time hab hero I might add.......panics, trades markov's replacement for radulov's replacement (drouin) and tries to replace markov with karl alzner. 

    Both moves are monumental failures, and we bomb the season. how this man doers not get fired at that point is just mind boggling, and instead he keeps his job, and gives us a team that is short an $8 million forward and a $5 million defenseman, and tells us with a straight face its a playoff team. It was barely a playoff team with those 2. We rolled over and died unceremoniously in the 1st Rd. 

    This guy is either delusional, or he is putting his ego and job security over the team, or both. It is a complete disrespect to the fanbase, and if he doesn't respect us, we should not respect him, so there you go.

    You want my respect? grow a pair and admit that missing the playoffs 3 years in a row I guess kinda proves that this team isnt good enough, and sacrifice some asset capital to win now, or rebuild it. 

    Im with you ramcharger. Its enough. take your loser talk and your cliches and your half measures and beat it.

  5. 3 minutes ago, habsisme said:

    On point 1, making the playoffs isn't a success but its still better than not. And it provides valuable experience for younger players. 

    On point 2, I actually fully agree. But it takes 2 to tango. Next year we should have a bunch of UFAs if things are as bad as this year, I want to trade as many of them as possible to get young A level prospects

    would I have preferred we make the playoffs, absolutely. I agree, just the experience is great. Its the philosophical approach though. we are playing tampa, who has a juggernaut, and still made 2 significant trades and a d signing to stack up even more. Based on our philosophy, a playoff berth is incredible and proof positive that theres no way we would sacrifice draft picks or anything to add... we dont even make it and its somehow justification to maintain status quo. like i said, loser mentality

  6. To expand on some points being made here:

    1. I have read a lot of stuff online, most recently jack todd to use as an example, citing how we could have made the playoffs if we beat detroit and NJ , basically saying how with those 8 pts we are in the playoffs, therefore talent isn't the issue. 

    I am sorry if I am offending the optimists on this forum, but this is the be all and end all of everything wrong with things right now. So what, squeaking into 8th has become a victory in our world? And then what, we steal a game or 2 off of tampa or washington or whoever and that's a huge success? Do we raise a banner and have a video montage the next year???? I don't have kids yet, but when I do, if they come to me and say hey dad, great news, I studied half the material, if it all goes right I'll be getting a 50%......am I supposed to applaud this type of mentality? this is loser talk. as they say, you shoot for the moon, you land among the stars. Shooting for the middle is a real short step for falling beneath it, and that is exactly what we have done, and are EXPLICITLY doing. UNACCEPTABLE. for shame

    2. as much as the number bear out drafting high, and as much as there are examples of drafting high not panning out like the team thought it would, I say forget all of that. We have the absolute perfect example of where our philosophy should be. We traded pacioretty while he still had value, and we got tatar, suzuki and romanov (correct me if im wrong on romanov) that paid dividends very quickly. this is very self evidently not good enough. we have a great opportunity to trade some vets in very similar deals and get some quick dividends. I adamantly do not think selling off means we suck forever. I think shrewd trades get you upgrades that can start kicking in way quicker than conservative estimates. Its a moot point because I just got told by the guy running things that everything is great as is , but we have proof in the flesh of what I am talking about

  7. 51 minutes ago, ChiLla said:

    So what is he saying? If he doesn't believe in rebuilds, won't sacrifice 1st rounders/prospects to improve the team now, won't trade vets for futures to improve the team down the road, and thinks only spare parts are available on July 1st, what's his plan? Riding it out, hoping for mid-tier draft picks to develop into stars and going for a hockey trade to shake things up once in a while? I totally love the logic behind not wanting to trade unproven assets to acquire impact players because those assets could turn out to be good, yet not wanting to trade impact players for unproven assets because there's no guarantee those assets will ever be good. That's a great strategy to maintain the Status quo for as long as possible. I'm genuinely curious how he intends to get his hands on elite, game-breaking talent. Oh wait, he hasn't managed to do that in 8 years, why would he start thinking about it now.

    Isn't that the best??

    can't risk the future for the present, can't risk the present for the future. Literally telling the fans to their face we are not really trying to win. please, buy a VIP box.


  8. I'm gonna give my breakdown of what we have and what I THINK that THEY think we have


    1st line- Tatar-Danault- Galllagher

    Tatar- I was a fan of his back in detroit. I knew he was going to be good. little digger with nice hands and some finish. is he worth the potentially 7 mil he might potentially want? I dunno. he seems to fit beautifully here. out of all of our 50 ish point undersized forwards, he's my favourite. I don't want to give him 7 mil but maybe he takes less. I think if he has reasonable contract demands he gets extended. He's done nothing but produce here.

    Danault-  If only we gave eller, who i loved, this much of a chance. :( A great 2 way C.  A great 3c on a cup contending team. If KK/suzuki/domi fill his role he's a key member. If we are so in love with this guy we want to give him 6 mil+....I dunno. I am very wary of the managerial over-love this guy gets, in direct contrast to the managerial under-love eller got. You see eller as a key part of a legit cup team as 3c in that 3-4 mill range. anything other than that, bad idea

    Gally-  Get ready to jump all over me. As far as I am concerned, this is our wendel clark. heart and soul of the team.....warrior....plays like a wrecking ball.......average production....playing style that screams diminishing returns on what are not at his best overwhelmingly good. The leafs traded wendel for mats sundin. I'd like to do the same. Under this management, he gets paid like a star for life. Big mistake IMO, I'd trade him asap. I want a sundin

    2nd line- Drouin-Suzuki- Armia

    Drouin-  I really held my tongue about this guy. I remember his WJC and he just looked like a wizard. I thought his ceiling was very high, and I wanted to truly give him a chance to see what he could do here. Being thrown into the 1c role was very unfair, and he's had injury trouble and also flashes and stretches of solid productivity, but you know what, the grace period is over, and for 2 reasons. 1. He just simply has not got it done in any kind of convincing way and 2. not his fault, but breaking down the bergy era, this was just a stupid trade. Bergy screwed up royally and lost us radulov and markov in one fell swoop, and to save face he traded markov's replacement to replace radulov. Not only did it not work out, it left us with 2 holes instead of 1. And now to save face, he can't trade this guy for essentially nothing, which is all he is going to get at this point. He is going to sit there and pray like crazy that this guy can get it together and put up 70 + points and although he absolutely has the skills to do it, I have seen enough to tell you that it ain't gonna happen.  If colorado wants to give us sam girard for him, I take it and run. Galchenyuk all over again

    Suzuki- everyone loves him. he's the real deal. enjoy. Thank god bergy fluked this one off

    Armia-  does things not a lot of guys on the team can do. big body, good on the boards, good enough hands and shot to create and finish. enough to be on the 2nd line? nope. some may be higher on him, I think he's a wicked 4th liner on a cup contending team.  The muckamucks see him as way higher, and are praying to be borne out. hold your breath, I don't see the consistent effectiveness

    3rd line- Byron-Domi- Lehkonen

    Byron- Seeing Byron out there with an A on his jersey epitomizes everything wrong with this team.  Let me be clear...he's been a perfect soldier and had his best years of his life here. Character guy. Once he hit 20 goals, trade bait. Twice? double trade bait. What are we doing.  This is Dale weise 2.0. He is a 4th liner on a real team, and the clock doesn't go backwards. Please trade him this summer. Bergy loves him. He will be back

    Domi- 3c eh....nobody has cracked 70 points since kovalev and in the follow up year there he is. Not 1 freaking shift with our best wingers. brilliant.  That being said, I think he knew that and sulked. is he wrong? no, but..... I dunno. I said in another thread...he's in the black book. He very well might be traded in a classic bergy lateral move based on attitude. Should we trade him? Probably not, his skill level is high, but IMO his imagination over runs his ability. I.E , if he could actually pull off the plays he tries to pull off, he's be a legit A level player. He can't, but he is still a high level B. On this team, keeping this coach, which we will, he will gust and wane and get bums for linemates. If there's a good return I'll take it. He's yet another 50-ish point player that we have too many of, but he's my 2 after tatar. I'd take what I could get from drouin and gally before him and use him higher up, but that's me

    Lehkonen- this guy is like the classic bergy/julien hab. responsible defensivley. scores sometimes. keep him forever. For me, nothing burger. trade bait before he is just in the minors forever

    4th line- well we just traded all those guys. evans got developed properly, go with it. you know our GM is the king of the dollar store so no worries here. If we don't get cousins and weal or whatever back he finds the equivalent


    1st pairing-Chiarot- Weber

    Chiarot- decent I guess. better than benn. way over his head 1st pairing, screw ups galore. we need 2 guys , at least 1, better than him

    Weber- IMO the most overrated big name to ever play here. To be fair, when healthy, has filled the role. decent production, Should be absolutely traded asap. Will be here for life

    2nd pairing-Kulak- Petry

    Kulak- I like him, but way over his head playing 2nd pairing. More a testament to how thin the d is

    Petry- criminally underrated , but not by management. they actually appreciate this guy, and I'm glad we didn't sell him for less than a very good return. Now, was there a very good return, and bergy wanted something ridiculous? probable, in the sake of maintaining the charade. Even still , I'm ok extending him for something reasonable a la my thoughts on tatar

    3rd pairing- Mete- Fleury? Folin? Whatever?

    Mete- Trade bait. undersized, no offence....probably no future here. romanov is coming and scandella might be coming back.

    We dont even really have a guy here. ugh

    G- Price- most overpaid player in hockey, A legit starter, still high level talent, will never be worth 10 mil. trade asap, if even possible. under current mngmt, will never be traded.

    and we have no backup


    the habs!




  9. 8 hours ago, maas_art said:

    I think a lot of us feel this way & thats sort of the antithesis of being a fan, so it shows what a sad state Habs hockey is in.

    The worst part is that im not convinced MB will lose his job, even if we lose every single game for the rest of the year!

    thats exactly what Im saying, like I can't believe Im sitting here wishing we lose. Its not intentional, I just knew this year unless we absolutely bombed he would not get fired. well we didnt actually do much better and he was up there without a care in the world talking about the core this and building through the draft that, as if it's all going according to plan and I knew this guys job is 100 million % safe. Like I said, my only hope left is that some of these kids just bust right out because otherwise the plan is very clearly to hang onto the decent players we have, which have self evidently showed they just don't have the horses to get over the hump.  

    Basically, we won't sacrifice the future to win now, and we won't sacrifice the chance to win now so we can win later. soooooo....when do we win? we are literally praying for miracles, thats the bergeplan. guys just do better than they have ever done in their career, mid level prospects take huge steps forward, no one gets hurt.....how is this a plan!?

    Im not johnny come lately either, im almost 38 guys lol. The habs have been my team since I was 6 years old. This organization has put me through some hard times, but you know like even bob gainey creating the midget team...he went for it. We even had some playoff runs. This is blatant, in your face shooting for nothing and lying about it. 

    Look, I don't think this team is good as is. but if bergy, in all sincerity, thought it was and made a move or two to go for it, I could respect that. pick a lane. just dont try to tell me a team that has 2 playoff wins in 5 years is just fine and we don't need to do anything one way or the other. you are telling me im an idiot and as a fan I feel completely disrespected

  10. obviously im still on here talking habs with you guys , I'll always follow the team, but I probably watched a single digit amount of games this year and I pay for the stupid streaming service. For the longest time I was going out of my way to see every single game and if I missed it I would watch it back later (since they invented gamecentre live at least)

    To be honest, I found that its gotten to a point where I just want them to lose every single game so bergevin gets fired and they blow this thing up, and that is just too messed up for me.

    We have some decent prospects, and if they can turn into real players I am ready to jump on the bandwagon with both feet, but I am just not excited whatsoever by a handful of B level players and a bunch of plugs, especially when I have this doorknob GM making it worse by telling me this is good and everything is going great, like coming in 8th is our cup. I swear if we squeak in next year we should raise a bergy banner to the rafters. we did it!

    so how long can I wait? I have been waiting since they traded my 2 favourite habs eller and subban, I waited when we punked my 3rd and 4th favourite habs markov and radulov, and after that year we didnt replace them and bombed, I was like oh my god what is going on here and it hasnt been the same since then.

    I'll be on here chopping it up with you guys, I'll be all over who our prospects are, trade ideas, line ideas, I will always be a junkie for this team, but I am at my rock bottom of indifference right now for my life.  So basically the answer is I'll wait forever, but as much as they could have lost me, they already lost me.

  11. 21 hours ago, BigTed3 said:

    After Bergevin's press conference today, it is very clear we will never win anything until he's fired. And the longer we wait, the longer we will go without a Cup. He's too afraid to commit to building a winner. Several members of the press asked him today if he would sacrifice next season in order to be better long-term and he stuttered and stammered and didn't really have an answer. When he was pressed again, he made comments about not wanting to trade players who were still useful for picks or players who weren't proven. He's got zero idea how to build a team. Zero.

    He then talked about how the Habs have to stick with the plan and build their team through the draft. But look at his roster. Danault? Trade acquisition. Tatar? Same. Suzuki? Same. Domi? Here via trade. Drouin too. Weber. Petry. Kulak. Kovalchuk until he left. We've traded for Weise twice. Armia? Trade. Byron? Waivers. Chiarot and Alzner and Lindgren? Free agency. Who are the Habs' draft picks on the current roster? Price. Gallagher. Lehkonen. Mete. 4 guys. And two of them came in drafts from before Bergevin got here. So literally, we have exactly two players on our 23-man roster right now that Bergevin drafted himself, yet he's here preaching about how his mantra is to build the roster through the draft. For a guy who is entering his 9th draft in a few months, with very little success to show for his drafts and very little success to show for his club, he really hasn't followed that mantra very closely. His best/highest picks are mainly gone... Sergachev. Galchenyuk. Scherbak. McCarron. De La Rose. Andrighetto. Maybe there's not much there, but he hasn't been very patient in developing picks or he hasn't put the right people in place to develop them or both.

    Now maybe the drafting in the past few years has been better. Maybe he'll keep more of those guys around. But we're still yet to see that happen. And right now, he hasn't committed to helping the incoming core of draftees. He hasn't helped to surround them with talent that will be hitting prime in 2-3 years with them, when the Kotkaniemi's and Suzuki's and Romanov's and Primeau's might be able to put together a Cup run.

    I'll come back to looking at clubs like Ottawa and Vancouver and New York. Go back 2-3 years ago and ask yourself whether these clubs would be closer or further than the Habs to winning a Cup. As it stands, I think all three clubs are closer, and none of them are particularly close. None of these clubs is likely to win anything in the next 2 years, but Vancouver has built a core around legit stars. Petterson. Hughes. Boeser. Three legit young stars. Ottawa has White and Chabot and Brannstrom and Tkachuk and they're adding a bunch of 1st round picks to that, including two likely top 5-7 picks and a really good shot at Lafreniere. This despite a meddling cheapskate for an owner. Look at New York, who have a star young goalie rising up and who have added tons of 1st round picks and have re-stocked their prospect shelves. And it didn't stop them from signing Panarin, but they managed to re-build everything and sell off all their aging veterans for 1st rounders and good returns. They didn't try to re-build by selling 4th liners for 4th round picks. They sold past-prime top 6 players for 1st rounders. They sold Skjei today for a 1st. The mantra there has been to sell declining assets BEFORE they lose value. And now they're ahead of us. Bergevin meanwhile has shown no clue about buying low and selling high. He's been depreciating his own assets by ripping them in the media and having his coaches bench them or move them to less desirable positions and then selling low. Subban. Galchenyuk. Pacioretty. Plekanec. Andrighetto. And so on. And does anyone get the same feeling it's happening to Domi? If you're planning on moving him, you leave him as a top 6 center and you appreciate his value and you deal him when his value is high. Instead, the Habs moved him to the wing and saw his defensive play drop off and then moved him back as a 3C and now no one knows what he's worth, and maybe his contract battle gets ugly. Seen it already. That's classic Bergevin/Habs. Cause your player's value to plummet then try to get out at the ground floor. If they wanted to move him, they should have moved him when they foresaw moving Suzuki to center. We'll see if Domi stays or goes, but it feels like maybe they're going to move him at the wrong time. Tatar. Petry. Weber. All had moments this season when their values were as high as they've been since they got here. We'll see what their values are when they leave, via trade or the expansion draft or retirement. Drive them into the ground and walk away when they're worth a fraction of what they were... Markov. Emelin. Plekanec. Parenteau. It's a pattern. Bergevin can't sell high because he's so afraid he's giving up something of value, but when the asset depreciates and he's ready to move on, then so have his trade suitors. I just don't see growth from this GM.

    Great post. That press conference, oh my god if I wasn't already at rock bottom with this team, that sure put me there. 

    Let me add a couple of things

    1. you mentioned how he used suzuki....a guy he didnt draft....as an example of how he is building through the draft. the tragically hilarious thing though, is how exactly DID we get him?  The ONE time he did the right thing and moved on from a vet while he still had trade value ( and boy did he ever not want to do it, waited til the absolute last second, and got extremely lucky that not only the prospect he DIDNT want panned out so well, but that the throw in he ALSO DIDNT WANT panned out so well)

    so, yeah marc, look at suzuki! now go do that a good 3 or 4 more times with the many prime candidates on this team? nah. cant jeopardize our run for 8th place next year.

    2. building through the draft...... first of all, what does that even mean. every team drafts every year.....ok anyway....we went and got some draft picks. traded our nobodies for nothing draft picks, but hey lots of draft picks, cause we are building through the draft.  except...he tried to extend every one of those guys!!!!! If he had his first choice, we dont get ANY picks!

    3. amidst his incoherent babbling about the "core" he made a comment about how they need them to do more. oh my god marc, this is the best they can do. So he assembled a bunch of 50 pt players, and he's going to basically come out and say yeah well if they would just get 80 points we would win more. brilliant


    The 590 guys (diplomatically) just trashed him all day today. not one journalist there could defend even one iota of his nonsense. It was nice to hear, because this guy has gotten a very very soft ride in the media IMO, but still , I couldn't help but just feel sick. He is not getting fired, and this is what he is going to do, and I just have no idea when it's going to end. 

    All I can do is pray some of these kids turn out to be absolute studs, because there is not going to be any real success coming to this team through shrewd management

  12. 5 minutes ago, campabee82 said:


    No no I wasn't saying that's what I valued him at. I was saying for MB to move him I could see that being his ask. Personally I think Maas has his value about right but unfortunately we are not MB who said he would hang up if anyone calls about Price or Weber.

    ok, well that I think I agree with you on.

    I think he's doing the same thing with other players too. Like he is so against the realistic rebuild he's gonna go fine, you want my vets? 5 piece package. no? oh well i TRIED but making trades is so HARD!

    oh well we had injuries, next year we could totally almost come 8th, Im really positive on that.

  13. 9 minutes ago, campabee82 said:

    For me it's not about what Price or MB would do but more about what other teams would have to give up to acquire him. Your probably looking at something like Grubeaur + Byram + Bowers + Timmins + 1st or drop Timmins and make it 2 1sts to even get MB's attention. I don't see Sakic or any other GM making that type of trade. It would be the equivalent of what you would have to give up to get McDavid or McKinnon.

    It would have been back when we should have traded him before we gave him a billion dollars forever, and he has been very average since then.

    sakic would be offering grubauer, the 1st and the 3rd best of those 3 prospects. 

    listen, carey is a legit starting goalie and I am in no rush to get him out of town, much like the rangers have hung onto lundqvist (which is now coming to its organic finale)

    fact is, the days of us asking for the world for him are long gone.  I personally think it makes way more sense to max out on the perceived value of weber and gallagher, plus anything else significant anyone wants to give us on drouin or whoever, and let price hang around a couple more years to stabilize the rebuild



  14. On 17/02/2020 at 6:18 PM, campabee82 said:

    No one seems to have a plan for that other than picks and prospects which they believe will make us contenders in 3-5 years we have discussed it at nausium.  I don't see how that will make us better down the road by giving up 2 of our best players with no proven players coming back

    well the thing is traded patch and end up with suzuki, who is already our best freaking player lol

    So when the objection to blowing it up is "well,who is going to play next year", the answer is not just the already adequate "who cares", but further, the prospects we get who would ideally turn into guys you DO know, who are ideally better than what we have a la suzuki

    MB fired and subban back home , for nothing, would be like the end of a disney movie hahahha.....I don't know what happened to him lately , but he is only 2 years removed from a 60 point-norris nominated season. he was fantastic in nashville until he got hurt last year. I bet if he came back here he would kill it, but who could really say. 

    Anyway, we can logic this to death, but MB isnt getting fired, and that means we keep shooting for the middle and pretending to try to win, so enjoy the nate thompson sweepstakes and enjoy the same old same old for next year



  15. Just now, BigTed3 said:

    I asked that already. His answer was that he was hoping they would re-sign after the ED for 5 years each at a hometown discount. My argument is that's not a realistic expectation.

    my bad I guess I skimmed past that .

    yeah , I guess I would have to agree that its not realistic to hope for that. Me personally I would rather have those 2 than Gallagher and Weber, AND the trade return would be way better moving those 2 as well. However MB is not getting fired and he is certainly not moving those guys so my take is the most unrealistic of everyone's :S

  16. 1 minute ago, campabee82 said:

    ***** what MB wants you to believe. How does missing the playoffs for 3 years garuntee you will be contenders for 3 year? Can we say Buffalo, NJ, Edmonton? Hello nothing and I mean nothing is garuntee EVER in hockey

    so then what are you arguing for? genuinely curious, what is your position? you want to re-sign those 2 and keep going for it?

  17. hahaha I told you guys, I know this team. domi is in the black book, mark my words. who knows if there is anything to any of this, but I am really high on dumba. the numbers haven't shown it yet, but that kid has SKILLS. great puck handler, absolute missile of a shot, big hitter....id love to have him. 

    anyway nothing is happening until the summer at the very least, thompson will get traded for a 3rd rounder or whatever, and maybe 1 or 2 of the other plugs if anyone wants them, and that will be it. 


  18. 3 hours ago, jennifer_rocket said:

    TSN has an article up pondering what Kovalchuk could fetch for the Habs before the deadline. Apparently the consensus among GMs is a fourth round draft pick. Maybe a third. If that's the case, I'd just hang onto him for the remainder of the season. I'd want at least a second rounder for him. And if he keeps playing the way he has been, we'd deserve it.

    i dont even want a 2nd. who is giving it to us, some team at the top of the standings...which means its basically a 3rd rounder. forget it.  extend the guy another year, his talent level raises the bar, this was probably the best move we have made in years

  19. 6 hours ago, maas_art said:

    Im the same. We now have 9 games before the trade deadline. If we miraculously win say, 7 of them, im willing to forgo the firesale & see what we can do this year. I think there'd be a sliver of a chance.

    If we lose even 3 or 4 of the next 9 I think its time to call it a season. 

    I also get that.  I think its silly to tank in this day and age because you end up in this rut like Edmonton or Buffalo: even when you finally get the good players you dont have a culture of winning - and of course its impossible to guarantee a lottery win.  That said, we have some assets that will clearly not be in their prime when guys like Suzuki, JK, Caufield, Romanov, Brook, Primeau and others are.   Id consider moving (some of, obviously not all of them):  Weber, Price, Petry, Tatar, Kovalchuk, any of our 4th line guys and ( i know i'll get slack for this but...) even Gallagher if the price was right.

    I do agree with this to a degree.  Most teams have gamebreakers though. Price could still be a gamebreaker (but hasnt played that way consistently for a while) Weber and Kovy also - just too far past their prime.  We have a ton of really good supporting cast members but without that gamebreaker I put us in the the lower end of the scale - although I do believe if we had not had so many injuries we'd be in the playoff picture right now. 

    Does MB have a plan? thats the real question.

    I honestly think he sees our top pairing for the next 5 years as Romanov-Weber.  He doesnt seem to grasp that Weber is already out of his Prime & Romanov has not yet hit his (if he ever does).  He just seems oblivious to timing.

    MB is like a chef who can make beautiful dishes but cant serve them all at once. You get your chicken, then 10 minutes later your potatoes, then 10 minutes later your veg... etc...

    1. season is over.  lets be real. 

    2. I really want to highlight your point about the lack of gamebreakers. this is the main main main thing wrong with this team. we have some potential gamebreaker prospects, but by the time they even get there, if they will even get there, a lot of these guys we like will not be the players they are now to put it in its most positive light

    3. that being said, petry, weber and gallagher are actually my top 3 to move by a mile....and despite petry being the one named the most , really at all, I want weber and gallagher even above him. those 2 have such a high regard league wide that I think the return would be incredible, and I really think THAT would be the true "reset". we can actually get returns on those 2 which would be multiple assets that could help right away/very soon.  couple that with the fact that despite the intangibles bla bla that they bring, they are self evidently not making us win anything right now, and the future is in the future. 

    4. does MB have a plan? he sure does. trot out the exact same discount lineup for fear of doing anything drastically forward thinking, make every excuse under the sun, and  assume we will come close enough to the playoffs that he can continue blowing the same hot air loser talk for another year and just keep kicking the can down the road 


  20. my thoughts:

    kk to the minors-

    its honestly about time. he needs to be there and I do not want to see him back up this year. If we want him to be at LEAST a 2nd line C, he needs to be the go to guy on the farm, play pk. pp, 20 minutes, rack up points, all of that. he isnt accomplishing anything in the NHL right now. would I be down to have him get those kind of opportunities with the big club sure, but he wont. poehling should be right behind him and same for fleury

    making the playoffs-

    its been over for a while now. we are not making the playoffs.

    the bigger picture here is this talk of selling, which is a sad joke because we will be continuing to operate under the illusion that we can maybe squeak in and then anything can happen! thats the bergeplan and as long as he is employed, which he certainly still will be next year, we will be sticking to. that means no one of significance is going anywhere, and we will be playing a full plug roster in a joke of an attempt to make the playoffs/showcase our plugs for potential useless trades.


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