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  1. good old cant take a one timeretty. imagine he tried this hard for us all the ftime
  2. oh! i also stood in line at the hall of fame in toronto and got everyones autograph on a team poster. the huet version of team, koivu, higgins , ryder lol...........mostly a bunch of plugs on that edition but it was a cool experience and cool piece of memorabilia
  3. cool topic!!!! I got a roy jersey vintage from the 93 run, with the 75th anniversary patch and everything. my prized posession my wife also landed a signed lafleur jersey at a work auction. both those will be behind glass once i get my house setup
  4. MB wants to make the playoffs. next year will be no different. he needs tatar, he needs petry, fpr that matter if thats the mindset we might as well be hanging onto kovy and scandella. thompson, weise, POSSIBLY weal cousins or kulak are the only thing going anywhere until at LEAST next deadline or if bargain boy gets fired
  5. the big joke is that we just could not possibly afford to move these guys because of our .....obvious...success....at having these two....as our tandem superstar....just exciting playoff runs and individual accolades galore....
  6. i was in ottawa this past saturday for the game, we had the whole section chanting derriere for lafreniere! the funny thing was the ottawa guys were getting into it, the whole overtime was like you guys win! no YOU guys win! and back to the chant hilarious
  7. listen, regardless what happens we are staying the course , i.e mediocrity limbo. if we lose all 4 games and we decide to "be sellers", that means nate thompson for a 4th rounder lol squeak in, just miss, miss by a mile, this team is going to look more or less identical until MB is gone. he wants to shoot for 8th next year same as this year, that means we need tatar and petry, that means they aren't getting traded. weber and price, utterly out of the question so there you go, he might "sell" a plug or two, which means this summer we go to our yearly trip to dollarama and replace them , say a prayer for the kids to step up, pray everyone stays healthy and has career years, and thats the bergeplan until he's no longer employed
  8. we cant trade weber and price, we dont want these kids coming up in a losing culture............. ... ....... ................ ....................................................
  9. i think thats where you put your money for retirement
  10. lol my post is almost polar opposite here i DISlike marc bergevin, which is an enormous understatement, and i thought at the beginning of the season that he would keep his job no matter WHAT happened, which I correctly thought would be exactly what IS happening. I do hold out some hope though, because although I am 100% certain that just missing the playoffs means nothing , there is some % of a chance that if we bomb badly enough he might get canned, and we are doing a decent job of that right now so hopefully we keep it up. Now in the event that we do keep this up and geoff molson experiences a moment of lucidity long enough to do the right thing, I dont know who a candidate would be but I do know what I want, and that is someone young and with a contemporary knowledge of the cap and the sport i.e not a good old boy who thinks whats missing is attitude and character, but someone who is going to assess the team objectively and critically, and start managing our assets properly.
  11. 1. why are you so satisfied with sneaking into the playoffs as if thats a big accomplishment 2. are you equating weber to mcdavid and or draisatl?
  12. this is an exact repeat of the pacioretty situation 1. we are not winning with him right now 2. by the time we might be able to win something his value will be at best not nearly what it is now 3. what we could conceivably get with perceived value peaking would help our team immediately, just like trading pacioretty did. and if we had traded him the year before coming off a big season, what would we have got!? I mean again, use the patches trade as a thought experiment. its not trading weber for some magic beans. imagine its for a guy who can replace him in the lineup, plus a great prospect who could be with the team and doing something significant by next year, plus a good draft pick. price has the NMT but I feel the exact same way about him too
  13. thats the MB kool aid right there currently, if domi were to get back to where he was , that is ONE 70 point player. JK could have a strong 2nd half, being what? 20 pts? suzuki is having a nice little rookie season and certainly looks like he has a high ceiling, but despite being the biggest and quickest and highest impact prospect we have, we are still talking maybe 40-50 pts. poehling I think is still sitting at zero... these kids are not showing indications of being guys who are stepping in and just becoming first liners within 2 years. suzuki looks like he could be a first liner maybe within 2 or 3 years, the others, somewhere down the line. somewhere down the line you want to bank on weber having a career year offensively at 36? petry being resigned to big money? price is gonna be better than ever at 35? the day these kids are running the team and playing the key roles is when we can start taking them seriously, and if that happens while we have the vets that we have thats great, but every indication so far is that those 2 things are not going to line up. so its awesome that you think things will turn around quicker than expected, but I dont think that hope has much basis in reality
  14. that ius exactly the point. we are playing the bridesmaid. the holes are clear. either go for it or accept we cant and trade a weber or a gallagher and get legit multiple pieces. otherwise we are window dressing with almost and maybe. the patches trade should be our template going forward
  15. exactly. until i see a serious commitment to winning i am going to be frustrated. what are we honestly doing
  16. well the implication with what you did say is that if I am so upset by the state of the team that I should pick another team, that i should choose another team to root for, which inplies that I should NOT be upset about the state of the team if I were a real fan. ram is a good poster and a fun guy on the forum. Me to you, lets not beef. I'm just frustrated with the half measures. there are some really fun prospects in this group , and guys like tatar and suzuki and weber are having good years points wise. we have a decent team. that being said, I am tired of decent. I want to win. as I see it, we have some good vets and some good prospects, but by all indication the timelines are not going to match up. put simply, it looks very clear that our 2 generations of talent are not going to line up in terms of competitive impact, and that frustrates me because the ceiling of our success seems to be 8th place forever and ever amen, and its been that way for years. this team is not good enough to win. I want a clear commitment to either win now or win later, not sort of do ok for the time being and see what happens as it ever was.
  17. so it shouldnt bother me that they stink? I should just be happy?
  18. countdown to 6 minutes a night on the 4th line. instantly. lol the end of weal, an established pp specialist?
  19. 1. St. Louis had a legit #1 C, a legit elite level sniper and a legit top 4 headed by a legit #1 D. the crazy thing was them being in last place, not them being a contender. not in any way a comparable situation 2. the time to fire bergevin has come and gone a long long time ago. we are so far off the reservation now I think I see the tin man and the cowardly lion I just don't even know anymore. I'm so tired of these guys depressing me my whole life. Now what, we were close and we had injuries bla bla bla take another year Marc. Ugh
  20. PK will you marry me? Have you seen my stats this year?!? I think we should see other people
  21. lol i was just sitting here going nice pass to lehkonen...botches it nice pass to armia...botches it nice pass to cousins...ok 3rd times a charm
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