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  1. whats up folks mr doom and gloom checking in baloney call 100% however i just watched us , like usual, go through another period generating basically nothing. best chance, lehkonen....so you know thats not going in we wouldnt get so upset about these bad penalties if every goal wasnt a mountain to overcome cool presser by MB, he could pay me 20 bucks to go out there and say it for him at this point. we;ll get there one day marc, keep your job for 20 years
  2. whats honestly crazy though is I watched a lot of nashville when they had their 2 good years with him and he was truly what you projected......he was playing very conservative and responsible hockey for them. he dropped the crazy solo dashes and a lot of the high risk crazy stuff and still managed to put up points. people want to say stuff like oh yeah he was their 3rd best d, but honestly he and josi were equal minutes every night and often he was ahead. he was a huge part of their cup run and their presidents trophy. got nominated for a norris even, which went right under the radar. it really looked like he had figured it out and here we are now. I talked about my health suspicions with him a couple pages back, basically he has not done anything since his return from injury last year.....but I was talking about him with a friend the other day and we were speculating on his headspace.... PK was the most popular player here in a very long time, he had the bell center chanting his name, hes best friends with beliveaus wife, the hospital stuff, just on and on......then he gets traded the way he did, and I am positive that hurt him a lot. then ok, he gets on board in nashville, has some really great success over there, even though its not a love affair like the habs was, and in the end they decide to sacrifice him for duchene essentially, and here he finds himself now playing in the swamp, on a last place team, the general public opinion has flipped and hes a butt of a joke now, considered overrated, has been, never was, etc etc. no more automatic all star team leading the fan voting, no more nothing. how much does any of that factor in? I dunno. only he knows. either way, this drop off is just crazy. we should get him back lol, we could get him for nothing right now
  3. just so we're clear, I'm not disparaging you guys at all, I just have a couple buddies out there and they are true canadian cottage dudes who are definitely NOT eating plant based anything lol
  4. lol....more like they gave that guy a raccoon skewer and edited the audio later
  5. right?/??? like show me some yuppies at yonge and eglington , ok........but beardo from saskatoon??????
  6. i dunno what commercials you guys get on center ice (if you have it) but showing me people from saskatchewan loving plant based burgers makes me want to throw my beer at my tablet
  7. thats the team right there. nice backhand sauce to! nick cousins :S and we dont score. and that will be one gone of the maybe 4 legit scoring chances we will generate maybe we'll bank one in off a skate and start talking about the playoffs
  8. you know its our nets and stuff. if they wont let us play with the puck too we can just turn off the lights and go home
  9. in 17-18 schwartz had 59 points which is better than any year gallagher ever had they are both 50 point forwards and gallagher is a midget weber, yes hes had a big year stats wise this year. you suggesting hes gonna maintain that pace or has he just had some really good luck to start the year? which top d of any team in the league do you think he goes 1 for 1 for? we have played exactly 2 playoff games since hes been on the team in 3 years, what kind of difference is he making?
  10. lol i thought it meant bottom ....or the end.... HOWEVER if thats what it literally means....im doubling down thats perfect
  11. weber hasnt been atop d since 2008 and gallagher is a severely undersized 50 pt player. neither of them match up when playing head to head with any serious contending team. to use st louis as the example gallagher - tarasenko, weber- pieterangelo gallagher and weber compare to schwartz and parayko. its worlds apart price is the one guy on the team who can claim true A level status talent wise , and the truth is he got paid like he is the mcdavid of goalies and he isnt coming through. do i think thats fair? no. i dont think a goalie can affect the game like that, however thats also why i was so against giving him that money. if that was his deal he should have been traded the year before he was up
  12. oh god no. getting rid of mr value village is priority one. thats why i cheer every loss. its gonna take a big fail to get him out of here
  13. those teams had legit star power. we do not. no comparison and im getting so tired of people like julien today bringing up the blues, or for that matter the leafs and their turnaround. this team is completely mediocre. we have a handful of b level "stars" and some interesting prospects, none of whom are in the category of instant difference makers. the future is a long way down the line. If im GM Im shopping everyone. this team is not built for the playoffs even with a little help. we have no top center, no legit sniper, no top pairing guy to round out our d, and our depth is wildly inconsistent. we are like 4 very significant pieces away from being taken seriously. thats not happening overnight. im 100% in on turning the page
  14. petry yes, pacs, although i like tatar and suzuki, imagine it was dunn, thomas and kyrou. he pulled the trigger sooooooooo late it really tells you we could have really cleaned up like sakic did with duchene. massively lucked out with getting tatar as a throw in. that being said, we need to look at that trade and pursue that philosophy. we turned an asset into at least 2, if not 3 down the line. do the same with weber, petry, gallagher, price, literally whoever else has value among our vets. we arent winning anything right now with these guys. do the rebuild properly, ive had enough
  15. oh i know. i had no objection to that then or now. absolutely brilliant
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