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  1. these guys are not getting it done. add gallagher to that list too. this team is so content to hang around with old familiar faces that have had scraps of success. if there are contending teams out there willing to give us solid packages on any of our "name" players Im all in, and I think thats the midset it is time to start adopting. this isnt working. we have a lack in literally every area. look how happy we are with the return for patches. we now have 2 functioning pieces on the roster, one with untapped upside and potentially even another in the future with that norlinder kid, who by the way is having a very impressive season where hes at. do that with weber, petry, price, gallagher, go right ahead. if those 4 names turn into 8 or 9 names im happy. yes nothing is guaranteed, yes we likely suffer short term, but are we not suffering now? are we not essentially guaranteed not winning now anyway?
  2. thats domi in a nutshell. comes in with speed, makes a nice move, passes into double coverage.
  3. oh here we go, get weal and cousins out there, show them who's boss
  4. lol of course, if they did that you know id be on here losing my mind. I only meant the failure part, i absolutely agree with you that coming 9th again is not gonna be enough to get MB out the door. and because of that I want to bottom out
  5. honestly i would love it. anything that helps the failure be as spectacular as possible
  6. im so happy reality has kicked in. guys i love the habs, ive watched them literally my entire life, i own way too much money worth of jerseys and used tickets to games and on and on. im so tired of this franchise putting out bum teams and telling me its legit. it has to start with a managerial philosophy and bergevin is the epitome of what is wrong iwth this club for decades. i hope we keep this up and bomb hard so a new day can begin
  7. the lack of pp time, which i noted, leads me to believe something is wrong. why would a team so starved as NJ for points not want to utilize this guy as much as possible? and like I said, when he was on, he attempted literally no shots. something is up. that being said, in the game we played them, he could have easily had 2 assists. he sprung hall up the wing and had a beautiful penetrating rush where his pass off went to nothing. nobody at all is getting it done in NJ, and PK still has his skills as an incredible rushing dman who makes a phenomenal first pass out of the xone, but as far as I an tell from watching, he is playing in a lot of discomfort and it is being compounded by a total lack of finish up front
  8. hes killing me in my pool I watched that recent game we played against NJ......he had a couple of good moments but i felt like he didnt play very much....especially all those pp's , he was coming on for the very end, and notably not shooting. I'm really wondering if his neck is chronically messed up, he has not been able to put up points since that last season in nashville when he got injured, and it doesnt make sense because literally a year before the guy gets 60 pts and got nominated for a norris.
  9. athanasiou from detroit was the guy being pitched as a target today on 590 what do you guys think
  10. yeah, blow it up is definitely the wrong way to put it, there really isnt anything to blow up. Let's say I would like to see us be asproactive as possible to get some help in here. i like our supporting cast. if we are going for it lets go for it!
  11. don't get me wrong, I actually really like all of them and I am pretty optimistic about what they will become. my point was that until its tangibly happening its all just hopes and dreams, and what we are at this exact moment is nothing special. Again, I do think they will eventually become our go to players and when that does indeed happen I think we will start looking like a serious contender. My critique was meant for this particular year and where we are KK looked really good against ottawa, and I like him with hudon and armia a million times more than weal and lehks. looking forward to seeing how it looks on saturday
  12. some thoughts. 1. we have a very generous record right now. we have been very lucky this year to gain a lot of the points we have gotten. my best habs buddy says who cares, and if you are looking at making the playoffs as the goal, yes I agree. we are in a good spot for that goal and who cares how we got there. for me , that isnt the goal. I hate this "anything can happen if we can just get in" mentality. I think this is loser talk. Im in toronto and we just won an NBA title because our gm decided that making the playoffs and even winning a couple of rounds....somewhere we are not close to...was not good enough. I agree. I want to win. This team is the definition of mediocrity right now and I have been a fan long enough to see enough bubble teams year after year. Im not interested. I have enjoyed the crazy wins, I will enjoy it if we make the playoffs and watch every game, but these guys aren't winning anything based on what I have seen so far. 2. BUT THE KIDS. yep I am excited about them too. we have some real interesting prospects. howveer lets call it like it is. suzuki has been the best of the bunchbut the returns are pretty pedestrian however encouraging they may be, KK is looking concerningly ineffective, poehling has done nothing, fleury...ok....when one of these guys starts doing what svechnikov or makar or pick a guy is doing, talk to me. will they? maybe. I hope so. as is? meh. 3. its time to start propping domi up WAY more. this was our leading scorer and best center from last year. yes i like that suzuki is getting a look at center but at his expense? i dunno. and aside from that way to much lehkonen and byron and armia and whoever else. part of this is we just dont have many good players but we just lost in OT and 2 shifts in hes not out there. and yes I know drouin is hurt but this feels wrong. we need help up front big time. its getting overshadowed by this obvious hole at LD but to me the hole on RW is just as bad 4. speaking of which, byron and lehkonen, ugh. these are not solutions. ive seen enough. ditto chiarot. and I do not want to see weal and cousins on a 1st wave pp late in a game we are within reach of. its bad enough we dont have much star power, can we at least use what we have when its time to use it? I really think its time for a big shake up. either go for it or go full rebuild. im ok with either. just my opinion
  13. in all seriousness find the youtube clip of commy explaining why he hates babcock. the guy seriously sewered his career out of spite, and I dont have a hard time believing that leaf team is just completely fed up with him. they will improve, but they are still a bunch of pansies lol
  14. so tonight we will see drouin-danault-gallagher...ok..... byron-domi-armia....garbage tatar-suzuki-lehkonen...what? poehling-thompson-cousins and we are still pretending kotkaniemi is injured this team......
  15. they were garbage but im not putting it on them. did we have a scoring chance tonight? jesus did we put 3 passes together at some point??
  16. thanks carey. should have been 6-2/ earned his 10 mill tonight i guess
  17. we absolutely are. last year we had no game breakers like this year but it was a constant press this year....how many times have we gone 10 minutes + without a shot? we keep tying/winning games with broken skate blades and pucks in off peoples rear ends but we look like garbage a LOT
  18. once again we have tied a game we should be losing handily and again, although this is fun as a fan, in all seriousness we could and arguably should be comfortably sub 500. this team does not make me feel optimistic about any serious success, and a big part of me is lamenting that another bubble season gives us another 2 years of bargain boy as GM and no real chance of winning anything in sight.
  19. lol rask just outta there needs a change. feeling super fussy
  20. he understands why you cry... ..but it is something he can never do
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