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  1. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy how about the terminator drouin
  2. i wish domi was good enough to do the things he tries to do i mean that in a good but sad way
  3. like i was sitting here thinking about a funny way to say we are going to score another garbage goal and it happened before I could do it these crazy comeback games are fun but like we gotta be honest here, I am shocked by how many atrocious/fluke goals we have this year. Like I wouldnt mind losing some of these games and having some luck for later lol
  4. i changed networks for the decision. your welcome guys
  5. like tony marinaro always points out, rask just poops his pants against the habs
  6. Another name from LA going around is toffoli, which is intriguing to me because we have no snipers AND our RW depth is pretty weak If we could swing something for both he and martinez Im interested in dangling mete +
  7. he'll certainly be out there for the next 50 powerplays so he will definitely get a look lol
  8. oh thank god, i thought we might be putting our best wingers with our best centre. lunacy
  9. am i seriously seeing domi out there with drouin and gallagher
  10. I was in the middle of writing "pile on jeff for calling him a plug"
  11. what job is he getting done exactly? he was supposed to replace subban the distraction and get us over the hump with his "intangibles" since the big upgrade we have won exactly 2 playoff games in 3 years and he has quantitatively lost the #1 job to petry. He is so respected and has such a great rep that you never hear anything remotely negative about him, and the narrative of our team is still this "price and weber" window, but the painful truth is he hasn't been a top D in the league for years, his impact on the game isnt particularly significant anymore, and a smart GM would realize the real window is where you max out on the perceived value of a declining asset. the rangers did this with mcdonagh, I wish we would too. BUTTTTT we all know he isnt going anywhere so whatever. he will still have a couple more years of decent production due to his point presence, and as much as I make fun of the magic intangibles, he is a respected vet and thats not a bad thing to have on a young team.
  12. haha let me clairfy a plug to me in 2019 is a guy who is replaceable by another "guy" armia definitely does some things well, i like his puck protection , he does have some hands and he may very well have some untapped offensive potential however, RIGHT NOW hes a 20 point guy and I feel like who cares. ditto weal, thompson, cousins and though I certainly feel like theres more to lehkonen and suzuki, they land there too. we need players to produce. like I said when vegas had so much success and people on here wanted to use that as a rags to riches example.......they had guys produce. they dont need to be name players, they become name players when they produce. right now we got a lot of very middling producers and I think its fair to say Armia lands right there in that assessment
  13. 1st game in the books Impressive: douin and kk- great goal by the kid, drouin was engaged and dealing fleury-looked good and had some shake and bake on that breakway. i like tatar- guys a player. Not Impressive: gallagher-is he injured? sloppy and laborious chiarot- leaves teurevainen for the identical look 2 seconds after losing him the first time armia- on the pp, on the 3 on 3 forever, I really hate when we fall in love with a plug. every damn year weber-can we please stop talking about the "window" we have with him. his window ended a long time ago. non factor. trade asap while his rep is still absurdly high until all the kids are up and contributing we are a bubble team at best. too many plugs, and our good guys dont stack up.
  14. I didnt mind kipper, although I found him a lot more amusing than I did insightful Mac I didnt really like at all. Oh well hopefully its a good new lineup. Im in the van all day these days so I will be listening to whoever it is every day.
  15. No, everyone is sure thats EXACTLY why lol... however, the logic seems to have been that its a wash on the ice, we had been to ECF with PK twice, and the final element missing was grit and character and leadership instead of fancy pants fedoras and spineramas aka being a selfish primadonna as they saw him and hey , look at the results! ....oh wait
  16. My memory may be wrong but I seem to remember that signing coming out of nowhere and everyone going OH GOD NO. I dont see them being similar, gardiner can actually put up points. alzner was a defensive dman who was already going off a cliff in washington. that said anything more than a 2 year deal im not interested he deserved respect the first time his contract ran out. that was one of bargain boys biggest punk low class moments. at this point theres no point, he's finished. yeah he made those streit and plek deals, those were pathetic. def not precedent to do it again
  17. very reasonable take. well said. at the end of the day, we appreciate that trading and drafting and signing free agents is hard...but thats literally what your job is. if its too hard go be a suit model. leafs needed a top rd, they traded a good player and got one so did NYR. so did NJ. The chiarot signing is just like the epitome of the bergevin habs. honestly, even a playoff appearance that ends in a 1st round fizzle out is more than enough reason to move on.
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