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  1. My negative rant for the day!The habs always seem to have trouble or lose to weak teams.I hope for once we can beat the Islanders. This is alarming to me because it shows me we have a team that may have a decent regular season but I cant see them making any noise in the playoffs.If they win tonight I will be slightly more positive.
  2. In most cases thats true,there are always exceptions of course.As a general rule or average over a whole season what hes saying makes sense. I guess what Im saying makes sense if it is broken down on a game by game basis.
  3. I disagree with that but thats ok.Quality shots are much more important then nothing shots from outside the perimeter.But I agree with 1 thing you said puck control is important. Im saying I have seen teams outshoot their opponents but 95-99% percent of the shots were from the outside or really far back and didnt really challenge the goalie at all,and the other team was able to get into the hard to get to spots for good quality scoring chances.So even with less shots almost every shot or a great percentage of them were very difficult for the goalie to save. Thats not to say number of shots do not matter at all,because obviously you dont want a team that gets outshot every game.Thats just to say quality of shots make all the difference in the world.Just to be clear Im not even saying in my example that the team that is outshot is being grossly outshot.No,No.lol.I mean something like lets say 35-23.Not 65-10 or anything.lol.That would be Halak playoff crazy.lol. Anyway Im beating a deadhorse now.I made my point.
  4. I believe shots on goal are a misleading stat sometimes.Some shots are scoring chances and some shots are from way off to the side or way out and anyone can save them.So a lot of times I hear people say after a game how team x outshot team y by a large margin yet still lost the game. Then I find myself telling them I watched the game and even though team x had way more shots,90% of those shots were low quality,and team y had less shots but more quality chances. Of course it doesnt always work out like this but when it does I feel a stat like scoring chances needs to be emphasized more.
  5. I always thought 1 of Carbonneaus biggest downfalls was his mis use of Ryder.Im glad to have him back.Sad to see Cole go.But contract wise it makes sense so overall Im happy with the trade.We get a 3rd round pick as well,Really this is like a tryout for Ryder because if it doesnsnt work out there are so many possibilities now.
  6. The way I see it now is if Price stays healthy they wont need another for 10 years or so.
  7. Bob Gainey was great as a player but why oh why did he get rid of Ryan McDonaugh??? That bothers me so much.It must eat him alive!!
  8. Whats going on with Shane Doan?Does anyone know if he actually even held talks with the habs? Did he go to Montreal?Its been quiet regarding him in the past week.
  9. As the team stands now I actually dont mind these combinations.I think at some point Geoffrion gets in there,I also believe on the D Bouillon gets in there somehow. Im a little curious as to why Subban isnt signed yet. Im not saying he will be traded,but we would definitely get a good return for him.Its interesting to say the least.
  10. Ok I like what Halpern is doing.He definitely doing his job.Who else here is worried that Jeff Halpern leads the team in points?
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