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  1. Whats with the thread name are we getting as lazy as our D.....
  2. yes.... not the best pitch but it will do...
  3. well at least we pissed off many cow towners with our ole ole ole ole in the concourse on our way
  4. how do we go from mid 30's shots per game to this....
  5. i know its hard to believe but schlemko is even slower in
  6. ok i will be the one in the white habs jersey....look for
  7. could be worse.... im on the lrt to the saddledome only 5km away been stopped due to an accident on the tracks.... been here for 30 min already..... argh.....
  8. #pluglife ... benn..... bring back hal gill please...
  9. if patches played like that every night he'd still be in the CH...
  10. well either he or mr. B were lying to us fans so we should booo one of the two... I will let you choose which
  11. rock on turtle neck....?